Monday, 6 May 2013

The shopping edit: May.

It's May bank holiday weekend while I'm writing this and we're sitting in our blankets with the heating on after a rainy, blustery day spent trawling shops and purchasing fudge, accidental beauty products and other nutritionally-devoid items most of which I have already eaten (hey, it's diet cheat day). It's really cold, and I'm feeling a bit whiney about it. I haven't done one of these little shopping edits in a while, because to be frank, I've been dirt poor. Not nibbling at crusts poor, or any kind of poor that would make you think I'm anything other than a hugely privileged young lady, but times have been hard. Thankfully I'm finally starting to come out of that eternal winter and allowing myself a few little treats here and there for the first time since January, and it's nice to really have to be very choosy about what I spend my hard-earned money on, because I can't just buy whatever the hell I feel like anymore.

As I'm now one of those engaged ladies that proudly sports a diamond (yes, a REAL one from actual Tiffany's) and I've got wedding saving on the brain, beauty indulgence has taken a definite back seat as I readjust to saving for the most expensive thing Kiwi and I will ever do in one go. Ever. Isn't that a bit frightening? Gulp. I'm just watching as our little pot of money increases to being able to afford an amazing holiday in Florida and Disneyworld - and that just barely pays for the photographer and my dress. Not that I'm ever complaining - I'm horrendously, vomit-makingly happy right now.

As usual, if you click the image of the product you're interested in, you will be taken to a website you can buy it at and read more.  None of my links are sneaky affiliate links or sponsored and I don't make anything from you clicking, so click away without fear!

1. Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Canvas.

I bought my first Opaque Rouge about a month ago and was so floored that I need another. I think out of the current range, this is the only other shade I really need or want at the moment - a nice rosy neutral pink that will give me a fresh, youthful face for summer. These babies wear like iron and don't dry your lips out as badly as other stains can, plus are paraben and apparently gluten free (haha, what?! I know). These are possibly one of my favourite finds of recent times, because they really put in the hours without budging.  Trust me on these, they are WONDERFUL.

2. Jouer Matte Moisture Tint.

I've been waiting for this forever and I really hope it's as good as I want it to be. I'm coming to the end of my MAC Studio Moisture Tint, which now makes me greasy and slightly yellow like I'm an extra in The Simpsons, so I'm really looking forward to trying a new product in time for summer. Seeing as NARS only just recently expanded their shade line, they missed out on my money for their tinted moisturiser, and I plumped for Jouer in shade porcelain instead.

3. Jouer Tint in Peony.

A bit of an impulse purchase, this is a lip and cheek tint from Jouer that looks to be similar to my beloved Becca Lip and Cheek Crèmes that I always whip out around summer time (other people whip out much more unmentionable things the moment the sun comes out), because I love the convenience and lightness of these kinds of products. I couldn't resist this cool pink flush for my lips and cheeks this summer, and I'm really excited for this one.

4. DJV Beautenizer Volume Lash mascara.

Disappointment du jour. I just think this is not as good as I wanted or expected it to be, and I'll tell you everything in a review a little bit later. It doesn't give me enough volume and is really easy to mess up on application as it just gobs onto the lashes. It's nice and black and stays all day without smudging, but I am left sad and volume-less with this one.

As I'm just getting into the swing of allowing myself a few beauty treats without major self-flagellation or fear of my bank account going so far into minus numbers that it becomes a mathematical puzzle, I think I went for products I was really interested in, rather than things I needed.  I wanted a little variety.

What's your eye on this month?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hayches Clive Pouch, a little giveaway... And the sad story of what's in my handbag.

I'm not even going to start this post telling you where I've been or how I got here.  It's been a somnambulistic journey and my eyes are barely open.  Enough about that boring claptrap though, I come to you today with a question (and a promise that I will be posting once a week from now on, because that's the best promise I can currently manage).  Have you ever wondered what's in my handbag?


Well, you're in for a treat.  Here it is in all its glory…


  • 2 mittens.  For the SAME HAND. Different ones.  I am clearly incompetent.
  • A lint roller.  Doesn't everyone keep one of these in their handbag? Not to mention, it doesn't have a cover on it so it just collected all my things in my handbag like a badly-made multi-use tool (including keys, a pack of tissues and some paracetamol)
  • 2 biros.  Neither work.
  • A chewed up drinking straw. This was clearly planted by my cats, who are obsessed with the mystical bendy powers of the straw.
  • A loyalty card for afternoon tea. Don't tell my gym coach. (5 stamps to gooo!)
  • 9 (!!!) lipsticks.  7 pictured, found an extra two later.
The point is, I have 9 lipsticks in my handbag, because I'm nothing if not a woman who likes a lot of choice.  A LOT (hence why when we order Chinese food I order about 5 dishes).  The point is, I'm supposedly an adult, and my handbag is totally full of junk, and I'm one of those people that loves to compartmentalise.

Hayches, a little London-based company, contacted me a little while ago, because I'd had some of their beautiful suede pouches pinned forever.  I saw a review a really long time ago, and had been pining over these beautiful suede pouches on their website for about…a year.  That's a lot of pining.  I chose to review the Clive pouch in pale grey, because it looked so simple and classically elegant that I just couldn't not.  I already know that next time I'll be going back in for the black, and also a bigger one (to keep ALL the things in).  I am so messy, but there's something satisfying in compartmentalising my mess into smaller, more manageable messes.

Hayches Clive pouch in pale grey
The Clive pouch is a gorgeous little soft suede pouch to keep emergency things in in a classy and elegant manner (like tampons, because you never know when you're going to pull one out of your bag while rummaging for something else… we've all been there).  It has a silk lining with a print that reminds me of a beautiful Liberty print scarf I once had, and it's soft and pliable and well-made.  

The zipper is brass and chunky, and it's the simplicity of detail that had me at hello with this little pouch.  It's perfect for keeping iPhones, all the lipsticks you have in your handbag, your Oyster card, and those little bits and pieces that don't have a place but always end up getting lost and then you panic (mine is keys).  The thing that blew me away with this little pouch is the quality - the suede is so soft and pliable and smooth feeling, and it's finished beautifully with the detail of the silk lining adding to the understated elegance.  I'd like to point out at this juncture that I'm slightly worried I'm going to ruin it, because it's too pretty for me.

Detail shot - inside label and lining.

The thing that drew me in about Hayches was the simple, understated design of the products on their website, because they are exactly something I'd pick for myself in terms of my own personal style.  I class myself as  'boring', usually, and 'plain' swiftly after.  I usually mean 'classic' - and that's exactly what these pouches are.  They retail for £23 on with free UK shipping...

BUT! There's a little bit more.

Hayches are offering 12% discount and free shipping on the website with the code 'Camiloveskiwi' for the next 10 days...

And! You can win either an iPhone or Blackberry sleeve of your choice by commenting on this post.  Hop on over to the Hayches website to see what sleeves they have to offer, then comment back here with your choice.  The lucky winner will be picked by random drawing in 7 days time, and the giveaway is open internationally!

(Just so you know, I'm logging IPs, so I'll know if you cheat!) 

Good luck!


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