Sunday, 27 January 2013

Video: Beauty Favourites of 2012

If you don't already watch my Youtube channel, which is the reason I got started on all this wonderfully verbose musing on this here blog, then here's a little video of my beauty favourites of 2012, which took a lot of over-thinking, crossing out and then re-drafting in order to make my final shortlist.

I felt like a crotchety, bored old lady this year with beauty, to be honest.  I tend to love a lot of things all at once, but they were all things I'd already mentioned and loved before.  There's no need to rehash an old flame, is there?  So these were those 10 elusive perfect products of the year of 2012.  Settle in, get a cup of something (I won't judge if it's whisky), and enjoy.


  1. Syrup looks lovely on you. I loved MACs Dare You this year xx

  2. YAY! I loved this video...and added a few more things to my wishlist. You are such an enabler, Cami!

  3. Love the brushes and the foundation


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  6. The lipstick are so beautiful!



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