Thursday, 22 March 2012

An old love: NARS Orgasm

In all my blush adventures, I'd quite forgotten about the very first proper high-end blush I ever bought, a little souvenir of that first proper Real Grown-Up Makeup purchase.  I did not part with that £20.50 as easily as I do now.

I kind of want to tell NARS Orgasm to cover itself up, just look at its underwear in plain sight!
Actually, I'd gone in to get Deep Throat, because I'd heard it was lovelier.  I remember saying to the woman, 'I wanted to get Deep Throat, I hear it's really popular', and her responding with 'Oh, I think you mean Orgasm',* and before I knew it I was clutching the iconic yellow Selfridges bag £20 lighter with a blush I hadn't even asked for.

I kind of didn't want it at first.  There was something of a phantom of the blush I'd actually gone to buy lurking around it, plus the packaging was so sleek and grown-up, and I kind of didn't want to get my smudgy, greedy fingers all over it. 

And then I used it everyday for almost ever, actually.  I used it until I could see the silver pan glinting and used it for anything from a trip to the shops to a graduation.  And then suddenly, as my love for makeup took over full force, it was forgotten, stashed away and pushed aside as I dabbled with most of the MAC counter at one time or another.

That's kind of how it stayed until recently.  Deniz reminded me I even had it.  It was a bit dusty and sad-looking, all its packaging all battered and worn.  Probably how it should be, anyway.  For about two weeks I wore it straight, and the one day when I didn't wear it felt sort of wrong, and I looked forward to being able to wear it tomorrow.

That NARS flush thing that you do...
There's just something so easy and no fuss about it that I like.  Perfect with neutrals, perfect with red lips and it's a kind of easygoing blush.  If it were a Barbie doll, it'd be Skipper: old faithful, never lets you down, easy peasy lemon squeezy (though I'm not saying Skipper was easy in that sense.  That'd just be mean, I wouldn't want to ruin the girl's reputation…).  And that is how I feel about Orgasm.  No mess, no fuss, just a golden sheeny coral which requires no forethought.  It's not that special or unique, it just kind of is - and with a name like that, very unashamedly so.

* On a side note, welcome to those who got here by searching for porn on Google, sorry that you won't find questionable material concealed within, however much you look.

Have you found an old favourite recently?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Illamasqua SS12 Human Fundamentalism.

Just today, I was invited to the launch of the new Illamasqua SS12 collection Human Fundamentalism, an explosion of different textures, colours and something whirling and unexpected about it.

As a collection, it's a maelstrom: teals, yellows, creams, powders, shimmers and mattes, and it focuses primarily on the condition of being human.  Human Fundamentalism is Illamasqua's Spring celebration of being, to quote David Horne, Director of Product Development, fundamentally human.  The main ethos for Human Fundamentalism is being unapologetically who you are, rather than what society mandates you should be, and that everyone is different and beautiful.

As a marker of their commitment to pursuing your alter-ego, Illamasqua has produced a dizzying whirligig of contrasting colours and inversions of the classic colour palette, where red lipstick becomes teal, colours usually opposite one another on the colour wheel are paired off, and textures go from matte to cream to shimmer in one sole palette.

Neutral lovers will be happy to see a beautiful neutral palette with the perfect set of 4 colours to highlight and define the eye, and lovers of brights will be well-pleased by the extremely yellow… er, yellow in the Fundamental  palette.   The eyeshadow singles veer from acid green to a more sober praline/warm brown, featuring a lilac, stark white and a teal.  For those tied to the black liquid cat-eye (me!), Illamasqua have created a Precision Ink in Scribe, a startling white to counteract the contagion of black liquid eyeliner.

Fundamental palette swatches: Hype (bold yellow), Liquid Metal in Surge (molten pewter), Cream Pigment in Bedaub (mint green) and Inception (rich violet).

Neutral palette swatches: Stealth (creamy buttermilk), Vintage (antique gold), Wolf (rich chocolate brown) and Obsidian (rich black).

For me, my picks were clear: I loved the nail polishes and was immediately drawn to them despite not really being a nail polish lover at all.  If you forced me to choose, I'd choose Nomad, a bright jade polish - and I'm currently wearing a bright teal eyeshadow (my cherry has been popped!) and kind of loving it, which proves Illamasqua's point, really, about this whole beauty thing.

Nail polishes in Nomad (bright jade) and Stance (fuchsia violet).

Single eyeshadow swatches: Sex (pure white), Cancan (bright lilac purple), Vernau (yellow ochre), Pivot (yellow green) and Burst (blue green).

 My favourite thing about Illamasqua as a brand is their intelligence, and their well-considered thought processes. Their collections may not be everyone's cup of tea in terms of colour, but you can guarantee they are going to tell you an amazing story, whatever happens.  But then again, why would you want to be everyone's cup of tea, when you can try wearing a teal lipstick?

Blurriest swatch ever: Lipstick in Apocalips (bright teal) and Box (rich red).

The new collection is available for pre-sale tomorrow (7th March), and available from 14th online and stores.


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