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JolieBox June - Anniversary edition!

Despite myself, and swearing off beauty boxes for good, I was pretty impressed with this month's JolieBox offering. JolieBox are trialling their new customisation, which has been something other boxes have offered in the past (Carmine), and that some boxes said they'd offer and made you fill out a questionnaire, but then sent you random unequal samples that were unsuitable (guess who?! You have three guesses and the first two don't count).

It feels a bit weird to be reviewing a beauty box, to be honest. I unsubscribed from all of them, and was pretty unimpressed with their product selection, repeated brands and customer service. In the past few months they've definitely been a persona non grata on this blog, and I even took to Twitter to bemoan the boring monthly deluge on the blogs, where there's the predictable beauty box review each month.  That's not a comment on the bloggers doing them, by the way. The beauty box brands need to mix it up a bit.
I was kind of surprised to be asked to review a beauty box on this blog, since my many and various rantings and disavowal of all things monthly and box-shaped (oh, apart from periods, since I can't avoid those buggers) have often meant that beauty boxes don't er... seem to like me (what can I say, I speak my mind).  I accepted, however, on the basis of curiosity, for one.  And to see how this customisation thing panned out.

Actually, I found JolieBox's packaging to be ridiculously cute, and it was designed by Mzelle Fraise.  It was a pleasant surprise - and it sounds shallow to praise the packaging, but I thought it was sweet and lovely.

The products, then:

Yon-Ka Crème Protectrice Vitalisante in Pamplemousse.

This was the customised product, and weighs in at 50ml.  I have oily skin so I opted for this one, and I actually really like this (colour me surprised on this one, I'm snooty about moisturiser).  It's hydrating and sinks in fairly quickly, making a nice base for makeup, however it does deliver a huge whack on the scent - which depends on whether you like grapefruit or not.  Pleasantly surprised.

L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream.

Um... two moisturisers? I feel like the balance in this box is off.  It's a decent-sized sample of 15ml, and is hydrating without being greasy - but I prefer the other cream and feel like another skin care product could have been included (toner/serum/whatever) which wouldn't have given the box that hint of déjà-vu.

Institut Esthederm UV inCellium Spray.

I'm nonplussed by this.  It's fine if you want a tan, I guess.  It's a product which is supposed to increase/enhance the skin's protection against the sun (although you still need a good sun cream). I'm not a person who actually goes in the sun, though - and the size leaves me feeling like I wouldn't see the benefit of it because I wouldn't get many uses.

Elysambre lipstick.

This is a natural brand and not one I'd heard of.  I LOVE this lipstick, however, I'm wary.  I know some people got a heinous gilded beige colour reminiscent of that dark part of the 90's and shoulder-pads, so it's all to do with the luck of the draw.  Mine is pigmented and a lovely dark berry colour and I actually cooed and put it on straight away.

JolieBox nail file.

What...I kind of stared at this and shrugged a bit. It's like a cheap throw-in for me.  I mean, I can use it, but there's nothing exciting about it, at all.  I can take or leave it given I really enjoyed (most of) the products, however.


For my first beauty box in MONTHS, I'm subtly impressed. I think though, on balance, I like the box/packaging more than the actual contents.  I do applaud JolieBox's attempts to customise (yaaay!), although the balance of the box was off, especially with 2 moisturisers and 3 skin care products in total.  I feel like the makeup included was a bit 'luck of the draw' too, so you could end up with something heinous.  Overall, though - for the first box in a very long time, I quite liked it.

Would I resubscribe? Hmm. Still musing on that.

If you want to try out the birthday box, JolieBox have left their subscriptions open here until the end of this week.


  1. This box will be my first Joliebox. I think if they had exchanged one of the moisturisers for something different it would be a super duper box.
    Great review, great blog.
    Love, Pins

    1. I think so too! I don't mind that there's lots of skin care, but two creams unbalanced the contents for me :) Still, it was a pretty good one, considering I really don't like beauty boxes!

  2. While I do see your point that the contents of this box seem a bit unbalanced, I'd prefer to receive a beauty box with more skincare products than, say, yet another random shower gel, a lousy perfume sample or a hand cream! Great review, Cami ;)

    1. oh yes, totally! I'm not a fan of shower gels or perfume samples, so I'm grateful on that basis it isn't either of those! I do feel like they could have made it more 'complete' in terms of a different skin care product though, but beggars can't be choosers ;)

  3. I ordered my first Jolie box just in time for the June birthday box after being really disappointed with my Glossybox. I'm looking forward to it, hope it arrives soon!
    And yes I agree they need to make the boxes a lot more interesting after reading many blog reviews of the monthly boxes- the bloggers sound bored and uninspired!
    Daniella x

    1. oh I hope you like this one! I think the monthly reviews are boring anyway - I feel like there's too much blanket coverage on the blogs from bloggers who get it for free! x

  4. I really can't wait to receive mine, as after this month I will have to unsubscribe for a while due to cash! Every one else's that I've seen has looked lovely! xo

    1. ooh did you get yours in the end? It was a pretty nice box, I thought :) x

  5. I agree that the beauty boxes are tricky to get right and it is boring to read 'amazing' 'so cute' reviews from bloggers that get them all for free. However, as a paying customer I just got my Amarya box.....and I am completely over the moon with this month. They included a full size Inika Mineral Eye Shadow in Peach Fetish (I don't like mineral shadows normally but this one is seriously gorgeous) and 2 trial sizes of Ren products I've been drying to try. This is by far the best box scheme for me!.


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