Thursday, 24 March 2011


It's been a while - don't I always start with such a crawlingly stupid disclaimer? You all know I've not blogged in such a long time so stating the obvious to excuse my absence seems futile. I wish I had more time for writing at the moment, but all my energy is diverted to that doctorate thing that I do; I absolutely adore learning so I don't begrudge being pulled away from one passion to another, but I hate to play ostrich by sticking my head in the sand and uttering those words 'I don't have the time', when so many people hold down full-time jobs and actually post things with substance and wit! (longest sentence ever). So I'm going to do a little 'Stuff From All Over' type of post, to let you know of things I'm excited about, or enjoying, or hating, or anything! YEAH!

1. 500/5,000!

Confetti! Balloons! Those party blower things! I reached 500 followers on this little blog here, and 5,000 on my YouTube! That is amazing - I am so ridiculously grateful and made up! My little blog is sailing its tiny skiff into the blogging ocean and butting hulls with all the others.

2. Suqqu!

People keep talking about Suqqu and its infamous eyebrow pen-thing. So I got one from Dolly Leo Apothecary (which is a little gold mine of lovely things, and the only place I could find this particular product online). I'm still getting used to it; I ordered the colour mistakenly labelled 'Green' (lost in translation?) It's more of a coolish brown kind of colour. Hmm.

3. Becca!

Finally, a brand I'm ridiculously excited about! I ordered a Lip and Cheek Crème in the colour Tuberose, despite the lukewarm reviews from Temptalia. I. LOVE. IT. It makes me squee and come over all giddy - a product which is light enough for my pale cheeks but dark enough to give my lips a pinch of colour? I can chuck this in my handbag because the packaging is lovely and little, and the product worn both on the cheeks and lips at once creates this beautiful 'put together' naturally pretty kind of look. I now want to try pretty much everything else from Becca ever.

4. Spring is sprung, the grass is riz... I wonder where the birdies is?

Lighter hues for a lighter season. The daffodils in my (minimal) front garden are blooming in full force, and today I saw my first wasp. It's too early for wasps, but the point stands - the world is waking up, and my makeup is going with it. My choices for spring have gravitated (SHOCK! HORROR! DRAMATIC CHORUS!) to pastel hues: Something Special Cremeblend Blush from MAC, Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coral Reef, Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Dab... Everything is a pale, pastel wonderland. I'm still adjusting...

How are all you lovelies? I can't believe it's nearly April already...



Thursday, 3 March 2011

Focus on Embryolisse: Exfoliating Care Cream

Two weeks just crept their way by in that kind of sneaky, 'shit, is it 10pm already?!' kind of way where you spend ages getting very little done - which is pretty much a mainstay of my life. Have you seen my flat? It looks like a bomb exploded. Usually when I've got lots of work to do (huge, colossal amounts in the physical sense too - I have to take a running leap over my piles of books to get to my beloved sofa), the flat is clean and tidy and everything is in its place, because I'm not only excellent at procrastination, but I'm also excellent at offsetting or repurposing the energy I should be using into doing something else... Like a backwards rocket, or something - I accomplish stuff, but the wrong kinds of stuff.

That's why, when I have lots of work, I tend to get loads of blogging done... Apart from recently, apparently.

So I return from obscurity with an Embryolisse review, because it's frankly an awesome product (and I've had the samples such a long time that they're foaming at the mouth for their spotlight) and I dare you not to agree with me (even if you've not even heard of it or ever tried it before). Today's review is going to be on Embryolisse's Exfoliating Care Cream - even though the phrase 'dead skin' FREAKS ME THE HELL OUT.

Image snaffled from Coco Beau.

The Exfoliating Care Cream is a creamy, white, cream with gently exfoliating micro-beads to exfoliate, refine and clean your face without drying it out.

I'm going to hold my hands up and say this is quite honestly the best facial scrub I've ever used - but please do bear in mind that I could possibly have the worst taste in facial scrubs ever, making this look good by comparison (but I really don't think it's that...) From the very first use of this product, I felt like it 'got' me - that's quite a claim for something which isn't yet evolved enough to have successfully developed DNA, but it's true nonetheless.

What I mean by that is that going back to other scrubs felt pointless and WRONG after using this one - especially when we come to the sticky question of 'micro-beads'. I currently own at least 2 (and a half!) scrubs in my bathroom, all of which also make similar claims to 'micro-bead-dom' (yeah... sorry), but in comparison to the Exfoliating Care Cream, they might as well be the size of a beach ball.

The micro-beads in the Embryolisse product are interesting (at least, to me) because they're so much smaller and finer - they almost remind me of really, really fine sand, but not as frighteningly abrasive. The result is a thorough and gentle scrub with none of those rough-feeling plastic beads being rubbed vigorously over your delicate facial skin.

In short: it's an incredibly satisfying scrub to use and you need oh-so-little to cleanse your face. It attacks the flaky nasties and leaves skin squeaky-clean without drying it.

It's paraben-free, and I couldn't find any mineral oils. It contains beeswax and vitamins A (for controlling acne and skin disorders), E (for antioxidants and to regulate vitamin A) and F (which I had to Google, but it's essentially omega fatty acids). It does contain perfume, however - it's the same perfume of all other Embryolisse products I've tried - a subtle clean and soapy scent.

It's essentially a beautifully rich cream with a slightly 'grainy' texture which leaves skin supple and descaled and I can't recommend it enough; I think it would work for all skin types too, as it exfoliated Kiwi's dry, scaly skin without making his face feel tight. There's only actually one reason in the whole wide world why I don't quite own it yet, and that's because I already own 2.5 scrubs to use up in the spirit of my Bathroom Detox. This is top of my list for the day I finish those scrubs - seriously why do they take so long to finish?! I want this one now, but my love and I must be parted a while longer...

The Embryolisse Exfoliating Care Cream is available from Coco Beau here.

DISCLOSURE FTW! A small sample of this product was provided to me for review from the ever-lovely Ria at Coco Beau. My reviews are always completely honest - but I kind of wish I had never found out about this product as I'm hooked and I know it'll be worth every penny when I finally make it mine.


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