Thursday, 13 October 2011

The curious condition of only being able to wear red lipstick.

There must be something about my face which makes hairdressers mention cutting in a full fringe within five minutes of sitting in me in the chair and being swept into the robe. I really don't get it, usually I feel like my face is big enough already, and my nose is long enough without a full fringe to make it stand out and give me that medieval monk look.

Every so often, however, I manage to let myself get talked into it, because I'm impressionable in the face of blind enthusiasm and mildly scared when they start to wave the razor-sharp scissors around in excitement. This time was one of those rare moments where I just meekly sat down in the chair and said 'just make it better'. This is usually a phrase I use in utter coiffure desperation, when I am mere seconds away from hacking at my hair with kitchen scissors, laughing maniacally all the while in that kind of pupils fully dilated and eyes rolling in my head kind of way. In my weak state of total agreement, he also decided to dye it a reddish-brown, and told me my hair lacked style all over and that he would snip this, that and the other.

I agreed, not really knowing what it was going to look like.

Admit it, this photo reminds you of the creepy twin girls in The Shining.


As he dried it, my blood ran cold. I've spent the last two days getting used to my new look, and now I'm really starting to love it (plus, it looks great with my awesome wooly kitty hat!), but it's a bit weird, because I've reached two decisions on the full fringe:

1. I feel a bit like a doll. Or like I'm channeling some serious Japanese street fashion in the Lolita trend. I asked for the fringe to be blended out so I could put it up without feeling bald at the sides of my head, but now I feel decidedly Lolita when I look the the mirror.
2. The only appropriate lipstick I can wear is red/red-related colours. Subtle won't cut it. This look needs power lips.

So now I'm stuck at this cosmetic impasse, and keep feeling that wearing a lip other than red would be unfaithful.

Well, that's no bad thing.


  1. This post really made me giggle, i hate robotic writers and your style is fun!I like the fringe :) xx




    I love your new fringe so much! SO MUCH!

    But yes on the lips - it definitely calls for a full-on lip colour. It's so very modelish! Like you should be on the pages of a magazine or something, rather than in a box on the internet.

    *rambles rambles rambles*

    I love it!

  3. You look stunning in those photos! Love the new hair.

  4. LOVE it!!!OMG! Beautiful Cami!

  5. That actually looks absolutely completely STUNNING! That second pic is just wow, you look like the prettiest china doll ever!!

  6. You look great! :) And the colour is amazing, exactly the colour I'm trying to achieve.
    Just watching your videos :)

  7. I love the full fringe on you. It looks amazing with red lips and there's definitely nothing bad about only being able to wear strong lip colours. I've given up on neutrals and tend to wear either a bright red lipstick or just skip lipstick altogether. x

  8. I think the fringe suits you. You look adorable. :)


  9. Love the hair!! A bit of shape always does the world of good, I hate when I get that shapeless lank look. I cant rock a full fringe... I simply dont have enough hair, but you rock it with your red/bright lip. Stunning!

  10. Oooh I love your new hair!
    I hate getting my hair cut - I feel as if I end up spending a lot of money on a hair cut which doesn't make me look or feel any different!

  11. Hi Cami, your hair looks really nice. Sometimes you just have to put your faith in a hairdresser and trust that they won't make you look like a knob or else you'll never go back there again!

    I had my hair dyed plum recently and I now cannot wear corals of any kind and have to be careful with reds so I feel your 'pain'. What a perfect excuse to shop up a cosmetic storm though

  12. You look absolutely STUNNING with a fringe. You've always looked stunning, but this really suits your facial shape.

    It's always difficult to get used to new hair, but it suits you beautifully so I'm sure it won't take long :)

    ♥ Jessica

  13. He *did* make it better. It's beautiful!

    And I have to ask... what blush is this you are wearing? Lovely.

  14. I love the entire look!!! Gorgeous!! I cant pull off bangs, my cheeks are 2 big!

  15. Love your new hair. You always look good in a red lip :-) xx

  16. ah i absolutley love your fringe, i would love to get this cut into my hair but everyone keeps trying to put me off it saying i'll regret it, so love hearing some positive things about the full fringe! You look gorgeous, very doll like

  17. That fringe is gorgeous I knew it would suit you! The red lips look awesome too :) xx

  18. Your lips looks very attractive with the lipstick. I like the lipstick color very much.

  19. Love the lip colour! it looks gorgeous on you


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