Friday, 14 October 2011

Carmine Flash Sale.

First off: my first article on Carmine launched! It was on Daniel Sandler's Eye Delights, which are little pots of loose pigments, and which actually started a bit of an obsession with Daniel Sandler cosmetics in general (may or may not have "accidentally" clicked purchase on a couple of Watercolour Blushes...) I'm pretty psyched (that is so 90's to say that!) to see my first article go live, so if you want a look, click here.

So, I have a last piece of Carmine-related news for you to end your week on: Carmine have decided to extend the offer of a flash sale to everyone for the next 72 hours (instead of the original 50 people stipulated), so to those of you who couldn't decide, or needed a little nudge, you have until 15:15 on Monday to purchase your box with my discount code linked below (while stocks last, of course!)

Just to let you guys know, I'm under no obligation to post this up, or indeed, post about Carmine at all: although I am lucky enough to be collaborating with them (I do feel so lucky after all!), this blog is not a platform by which I intend to advertise everything and anything Carmine. It may feel to a few of you that all I've posted about recently is this new venture - but that's because it's just launched, and I want everyone to be as excited as I am - I mean, have you seen the first box yet? IT HAS A BLUSH IN IT.

The code will entitle you to 50% off your first box (+ £2.75 shipping and handling), and after that it automatically convert to the £10 monthly subscription after the first month - which of course, you can cancel any time you want to.

So here we go: click here to go through to Carmine on the following link to be taken straight to my personal discount code for you guys - it should be pretty self-explanatory.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody.


  1. Hello Camille! I am also starting a Daniel Sandler addiction. I have a watercolour blush in Cherub, and it is the most delicate pink flush on fair skin. At first, the very liquidy texture seems difficult to handle, but you quickly get to know how to use it. Eventually, the texture is the most natural I have ever experienced: far more than powder or even cream blush. It is as if the skin were flushing from within! Hope you enjoy it too! xxx

  2. @Del I love them! I bought Cherub, and also a new limited edition one called Pop and they are all I've worn. I'm completely in love with them, there is no product like them! xxx

  3. ciao bella! may i ask you if carmine ships internationally, belgium in particular?
    i love to watch your videos and to read your blog, and am VERY tempted by those Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes! I even watched him on a video on YouTube since you had said he's such a nice person, and i have to say he does seems pretty cool!
    baci! lucia x


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