Sunday, 9 October 2011

Carmine: First box review!

So the first box launched from Carmine, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you on it! Obviously, for me, seeing the finished product after a couple of weeks of being OMGSQUEE! ridiculously excited for the launch was a key element: I wanted to see the final box, presentation and see how people would react to it.

Let's just get one thing excruciatingly clear at this point: I am not being financially compensated to be nice about this box, and the fact that I am a freelance columnist for Carmine has no bearing on my overall opinion! Okay? Good. Let's also make a note: my blog will not be flooded with monthly Carmine posts, as that's not what I'm about (even though I might spam you with links to my column as I'm a bit proud!).

First impressions of...
- The shipping box: Carmine ship their boxes in a tangerine container with prominent branding, though it seemed almost like the shipping box was slightly undersized for the jumbo Carmine box inside!
- The box: Very sleek, very high quality, made of recycled materials. It is bigger and deeper than all the other boxes I've seen. Took me a while to get the lid off! Neon green on the inside, makes a change from all that pink...

- The contents:
Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream: I have eczema on my hands so was interested by this 30ml sample size. The 100ml full-sized version retails for £14.50 and is a multi-award winning product. The reason I was interested is because it's a natural product which will keep my hands moisturised in between slathering them in steroid cream. I like the cream itself very much - it is lightweight and quickly absorbed without being too greasy, but the smell is very much an acquired taste. It smells very strongly of lavender and rosehip, something my mum would love.
Daniel Sandler Eye Delight in Peach: Not a colour I would have picked for myself, but it's a pretty micro-fine loose eyeshadow with a pearlescent sheen. Very pretty and easy to blend.
Trind Nail Repair Natural: A Dutch brand and not one I've ever heard of! This is the only brand I've not yet had time to try out. I'm quite curious to, however, as I do have weak nails (and I'm prone to unconsciously chew on them when I get stressed) and this gets 4 and 5 star reviews on average.
TheBalm Fratboy Blush: EEEE! I was so excited to see this and give it a swatch! I've never tried TheBalm and I was delighted to discover a pinkish peach blush inside. It can go a little powdery on use, but it's very pigmented and smooth and a really flattering colour. I can see Carmine tried to cater to a range of different skin tones with this product, a fact I'm grateful for!
Caudalie Quenching Sorbet-Crème: This smells really great and is extremely lightweight for a moisturiser designed for dehydrated/dry skin. That's not exactly my skin-type, but I can definitely appreciate how quickly it sinks into the skin and it's not a brand I've tried.

The verdict:
I'm actually pretty pleased with the contents of the box this month as it contains a good mix of brands I've not had much experience with. I'm especially excited at the blush, and two makeup items in general, as makeup is more my area than skin care. I'm also pleased to see 3 full-sized items in one box, though I know that this is a perk rather than an ongoing thing.


  1. Wow! Awesome box! Carmine's box really reminds me of the Loose Button Luxe Box we have in Canada - very similar!

    - Candice :)

  2. now you're like Carry Bradshaw, with your own column. So happy for you! ok, it's not about sex as hers, but how satisfying is receiving all this items in just one box???

    (sorry, i'm in the middle of a Sex and the city marathon!)

  3. The Frat Boy packaging is amazing! I really like the colour contrasts of the box too :) x

  4. Oooh, I'm so tempted to sign up, but I'm already signed up to Glossy box & Boudoir Prive. I'm a it scared I'll end up spending what I allow myself to spend on 'me stuf' on sample boxes... Oh the dilema!

    Nice post as usual hun xx :-)

  5. Cant make my mind up on this box! Im already subscribed to Boudoir prive and glossybox and planning to give the feelunique one ago.


  6. @Candice I'm loving the first box, I love the blush especially as it isn't a brand we get that easily here. Blush in general is my most prolific spending area ;)

    @Giò Aww, you're so cute! Unfortunately I don't have her wonderful wardrobe though :)

    @Whimsical Wolf Ohh, Frat Boy is gorgeous in itself, it's not just a lovely box :)

    @CharlieDBeauty Me too! I'm signed up to all of them now - I'll have to make a decision soon ;) xx

    @Zoe I know! I'm signed up to all the boxes now... I'll have to decided eventually :) xx


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