Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Chanel lipsticks make you sexy.

The Chanel lipsticks came to me quite by accident. For all my elaborately-constructed prose about makeup and one's beauty coffret, I'd somehow managed to bypass owning any Chanel products until an accident one Christmas where I mistakenly bought my mother the same lipstick as the year before. I've owned Chanel foundations before, though, but owning a foundation is simply not in the same league as the flight of frivolity of owning a beautifully-packaged Chanel lipstick, is it? A foundation is just that: a sturdy base built to withstand the elements, but a lipstick from Chanel is something quite different, and something quite special.

She maintains I did it on purpose, in that sort of lo-fi expensively-wrapped schadenfreude way that I'd routinely pull everything from my drawers and cupboards when I was little and then gigglingly drag her by the hand up to my room with the promise that I'd tidied my room up as a surprise, only to push open the door and watch the horror creep in through the early smile lines on her face.

Actually, the first one was an accident, just to clear it up. I did that kind of 'boy' thing of blindly picking something I liked because I thought she would like it. And she does like it, just not two lipsticks' worth. So, I helpfully redistributed it into my own possession, and wore it nonstop for a couple of weeks, and her name is Gabrielle. Gabrielle is an elegant lady with a little shine and a soft, sweet red appeal, like that juicy apple offered to Snow White. She has bite, but she's not so overt.

L-R Dragon and Gabrielle.

The second Chanel I ever had came to me by way of an uncalculated purchase. My Boots Advantage Card points had been teetering, 46 mere points away, from something beautiful and shiny and much-coveted. It was never helpful that I always had Franky flaunting and flirting it and making me feel I couldn't live without it. On the way to a job interview a couple of weeks ago, it started to rain. I was wearing the most hole-ridden pair of flats in the whole world and water came in and it felt like the whole world was against me: rain, a job interview, soggy feet and rapidly curling hair which was recoiling from the deluge and leaving me with disturbing kiss-curls. I'd forgotten my umbrella too.

It was a bad day, but then it got better. Through the purchase of a pointless umbrella (another to add to my stash), my balance heaved itself, puffing, over the finishing line, and I bounced up the stairs to proudly present my card at the Chanel counter and demand my prize: Chanel Dragon. And even though I never got the job (what's one more rejection when you've applied for 15 part-time jobs in retail, after all?), I wore Dragon for the whole week after and walked tall, if slightly bitchily (because red gives you that kind of hair-tossing strut and you want to wear heels). Dragon, to me, is Gabrielle's sister, spiky, bitchy and would stare down a Honey Badger and win.

I'm in Dragon. Honey Badger doesn't stand a chance...

I think you know that with me, it's nearly always the story I have to tell you in a roundabout way, rather than succinctly telling you, 'Here is a product I like. Here is why I like it.' I like the way my little tubes of red have found their way to me by an unconventional route, and even more, how I remember exactly what that strange route was.

Has a beautiful product ever 'found' you in a weird and serendipitous way?


  1. must.get.dragon. MUST! I am in LUST. wow.

  2. Wow, that colour looks amazing on you :O

  3. i LOVE chanel lipsticks the quality is amazing! i have one in captive but this color is gorgeous on you!

  4. Dragon is so beautiful and suits you so well. I think you've made me need this now Cami. I also very much enjoy all your little stories behind products (:

  5. Dragon looks lovely on you! I must admit, I much prefer the tale of the product to the straight-forward approach. ;)

  6. I am saving for a rouge coco lipstick, have wanted one for too long but can't decide between ballet russe or gabrielle..this has swayed me to gabrielle though, it's beautiful on you! I also want to try Mac's Dubonnet after seeing it on you!

  7. @Jeneille You must! If you only ever get one red, make it Dragon. You will not regret it :)

    @Fables in Fashion Thank you sweet :) I think it looks great on a lot of people to be honest, I haven't seen anybody it doesn't look great on yet :)

    @Donna Baby They are absolutely lovely, it's just one of those brands I find horribly difficult to justify buying for myself though - yet I buy NARS with no problems. Silly me!

  8. @Heather Does Makeup Oh it'd be so beautiful on you, you must get it! I'm seeing it now with your lovely skin... :)

    @MrsCassizzleSparkles Well you've come to the right place for round-about approaches and stories galore :)

    @A Certain Vintage Gabrielle is a gorgeous shade, but what else would we expect from a lipstick named after the great lady Chanel herself :)

  9. My favourite Chanel Laque is Phoenix. Such a unique colour!

  10. @Alex I just googled Phoenix, oh my! Beautiful colour! That's one to add to the list :)

    @Dolly Daydream Thanks love :)

  11. Thank You, Cami, for introducing me to this masterpiece video of The Honey Badger. It made not only my day, but a group of my fiends's, too. :)
    Have You checked out Coromandel? It's the wonderful orangey-red one, which I rarely have the occasion to pull off, but love.

  12. i'm going to die wanting Dragon >.>


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