Sunday, 12 June 2011

FOTD #7: The one where the story's more important

Have you ever seen that scene in Scrubs, where Turk attempts to sneak in from a night out, and in his attempts to not wake Carla up he straps pillows to his feet?


Allow me to educate you:

It has been a little quiet around here recently, and here I am, attempting to sneak quietly back in, but I've been caught with one leg halfway through an open window, or tripping over the vacuum cleaner with high heels in hand while groping my way blindly through the house. If you're wondering about the vacuum cleaner thing - it sounds like exactly something I'd do when trying to sneak into the house due to Kiwi's negligence.

We have an agreement: I hoover, and Kiwi wrestles the thing back into its Harry Potter-sized bijoux cupboard-under-the-stairs (in a flat which actually has no stairs, but that is its name nonetheless, because what else do you call it?). So anyway - I probably would trip over the hoover, and last week, I went headlong over the iron which Kiwi had thoughtfully left for me as a dangerous gift in the middle of the floor.

...I like to think in these moments that he's only concerned for my fitness and mental alertness by doing such things.

So, anyway - a face of the day. Yesterday we went to Birmingham to see a man (Kiwi's cousin) about a car... Which is now ours. YAY. On the way home, the CD player broke. I bought 3 Glamour magazines and helpfully redistributed them (sans freebies) among passengers of the 12:03 train to Birmingham New Street. And then we celebrated having a new car by driving to the supermarket like the excited boring adults that we are, and we bought heavy things we'd never normally be able to carry the 20 minute walk home.

But - about the makeup. I rediscovered a little item long ago purchased, a Superslick liquid eyeliner by MAC in Marked for Glamour, a beautiful mid-grey with a soft pearly sheen. And well - I bought it, and rarely wore it. I love grey, because it's not black. It allows for this beautiful softness, but still with the definition and coquettish flicks I'm addicted to. Blush wasn't a hard one: pink and matte, maybe a slight sheen, but I veered away from my usual suspect in favour of another product I rarely use. And then for the lips? A new product I happened to have a sample of, a teeny-tiny sneak peek of something very special: FACE atelier Façade lip and cheek stain. It's a velvety siliconey smoothy dreamy thing to apply and lasts amazingly and and and... I want to tell you everything I love about it (having owned the sample pot precisely 4 days) but that's for another day.

I hate these pictures, but I had a story to tell today.

Now Playing: something ridiculously hip, indie and cool...

Posing live from the train to London Bridge.

Products used:

- Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation
- MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
- Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder
- MAC Briar Rose Beauty Powder

- MAC Paintpot in Painterly
- MAC Superslick liquid liner in Marked for Glamour
- Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara

- FACE atelier Façade in Chameleon (available at Coco Beau).


  1. Lovely photos and your writing is wonderful. x

  2. You look gorgeous as always my friend. And yaaaaay for sneaking back in. And yaaaay for the car!

  3. You look so lovely. I love the Briar Rose!~

  4. Gorgeous as always, but I think I do like the story the best :) x

  5. This makes me smile...

    I remember when we bought our first car - incidentally, also from a cousin - and our first port of call was the supermarket to buy enough mineral water to equip a nuclear bunker.

    The new Face Atelier stuff looks beautiful.

    Sarah x

  6. Oh please, Ms. No Artistic Vision? I am head over heels for what you've done for the "products used" shots - very artsy and effective, if I may say so!

    Can't wait to hear more about Façade - it looks really beautiful on you.

  7. I actually read all your posts!!! I a new subscribers and wanted to let you know that I enjoy your videos as much as I enjoy your writing ....can't wait til your next post :)

  8. Beautiful FOTD, beautiful writing. Thanks for the post :)

  9. @Simone Thanks lovely :) x

    @Ria Hopefully the floorboards didn't creak and I made it in home and dry ;) x

    @Yami Thank you :) :)

    @Rocaille Thank you my love. I can never quite write a blog post without telling my life story. x

  10. @Style Souk Thank you Sarah! We ended up with a huge bottle of lemonade (for delicious cocktails!) and some multipacks of Coke on sale... We're so so boring x

    @Rae OH psh. You have all the artistic skillz :) I can't wait to swatch and review Façade, I need to do it soon before I use them all up! x

    @DaisyJuku Thank you so much for subscribing and reading my little corner of the internet - I'm so happy you are enjoying my musings! x

    @gillian Thank you lovely, glad you enjoyed :) x

  11. I have never heard of FACE atelier Façade. It looks nice. Are you going to review it?

  12. you are so pretty, and i adore your blog. so many videos and prod. reviews... i really need all the tips i can get--i suck at beauty products. inspired, and am following. hoping to stay connected... cheers!


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