Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cami, Becca and the unavoidable love story.

Occasionally I hit this bumbling rut with words where I'm clearly at a loss to say anything of use, just because I love to write, and unless I have something to say in a suitably overly-complex and verbose way (I'd hesitate to say 'eloquent' or 'whimsical' as those sound far too complimentary), then I don't actually want to say anything.

So, I found a perfect product from a new brand and I'm completely in love, because I'm struggling to find the appropriate words to describe and quantify my love for it. There seems to be this void in syntax and vocabulary to describe the perfection that is Becca's Lip and Cheek Crème in Tuberose.

It might look little, but in the pot there is some definite punch hidden beneath its sweetly coral contents. It's a pigmented creamy product, which blends easily without being sticky or greasy. On the lips, it's beautiful, particularly if you coordinate it with the same on the cheeks for a perfect Spring flush, although it can be a little drying. I love it so much it spends its days being transferred from dresser to handbag and back again; it never, ever ends up being put away. I ordered some more Becca products straight off the bat... I'm sensing a dangerous affair.

The thing is, it was a throwaway purchase whilst buying another coveted item (which, incidentally, I'm still eyeing suspiciously while using this second-choice one with complete aplomb), and I didn't really expect to dreamily envision candlelit dinners and a photo album filled with snaps of us enjoying ice creams in matching sweaters. Sorry Guerlain Blush G - I think it would be better for both of us if we were just friends for now...

Becca Lip and Cheek Crème in Tuberose on cheeks and lips.

Same again, in different lighting with a touch of saturation to show the colour.


  1. Stop tempting me Cami!!! You are evil :p

  2. The word 'evil' seems to be in use far too often today... But yes, it looks gorgeous on you and I'm dying to try some Becca products - so many brands, so little time... (or money) x

  3. I adore the way you write, makes everything seem even more beautiful.
    Haven't checked out tuberose yet, though I want to now.
    Thanks for the great write up!

    emmabovary xx

  4. This looks like such a pretty colour for spring. Love your writing, your posts always put a smile on my face :) x

  5. oh goddd as if i wasn't already tempted enough by becca you go and make this post?! you look absolutely beautiful. what else did you buy?x

  6. @L.F I may be, but this is one of those few times I've been so amazed by a product it really makes me wonder why I keep spending all my money on MAC's CRAP release after release when I could've had something beautiful like this!

    @Rocaille I saturated the picture a little today as it didn't look accurate, but seriously - I am so in love with Becca right now. It makes me wonder why I spend money on new MAC releases when such a simple product makes me so pleased! x

    @emmabovary Oh thank you for the sweet comment! You really should check this product out - it's so wonderful and I've used it pretty much everyday for a week without taking a breath yet!

  7. @LilyLipstick thank you lovely, such a sweet comment. It's why I post so seldom - because if I can't say something I'm happy with in terms of how I've written it, then I won't post! I'm incapable of planning ahead, too :( x

    @Klee Ooh I bought 1 more Cheek and Lip Crème - I can't quite remember the shade (but I hope it's pretty!) and I bought a cream blush too (which can also be used on the lips) so it's not like the products are that different really! I had them sent to the wrong house - my old address though - so I'm waiting on tenterhooks to get them redirected, which is difficult as nobody knew where the parcel was! I won't believe it til I've got the box in my hands! x

  8. Oh that looks so beautiful on you! I've been dying to try these but they just got rid of the Becca counter here in Dublin ): I may have to purchase online!


  9. Lovely color! As far as I know, Becca isn't available in Canada, tho! Too bad - would love to try a cream blush after hearing your glowing review!

    -Candice :)

  10. I adore everything Becca at the moment. Their cream blushes are great, as are their eye tints, shadows, primers and sheer lip tints... And now you have convinced me that I need Tuberose in my life :) Please post a review when you receive your other Becca products!

    Anna x

  11. thats a lovely colour, it really suits your skin tone :)

  12. This looks lovely on you and the shade seems just right x

  13. I need this. NEEED IEEEET.

  14. You are my new FAVORITE youtuber and blogger, yahoo! Love it all!

  15. @Heather Oh you really should! I can't imagine a person Tuberose wouldn't suit! I am still so in love with it :)

    @The Caffeinated Spaz I hope you manage to get hold of it - it's such a stunningly lovely colour and formulation.

    @Anna I'd really love to try their shimmery highlighter thing, and their beach tints! My wishlist is the longest in the world... xx

  16. @sophie foster I think it'd suit everyone to be honest - my absolute favourite find of forever I think xx

    @frilly-lace-knickers Thanks lovely - I think I'll be loving this product for days to come x

    @deniz YES. YOU BLOODY DO. Maybe we should go to Covent Garden or Fenwick at the meet-up and hit that lovely counter up... x

  17. @EmmeFatale Thank you so much - what a lovely comment indeed :)

  18. I love your eyeliner in this pic!! Looks so good!!

  19. love this simple makeup, the cat eyeliner suits your big blue eyes beautifully :)) love your blog! come check out mine!!



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