Thursday, 24 March 2011


It's been a while - don't I always start with such a crawlingly stupid disclaimer? You all know I've not blogged in such a long time so stating the obvious to excuse my absence seems futile. I wish I had more time for writing at the moment, but all my energy is diverted to that doctorate thing that I do; I absolutely adore learning so I don't begrudge being pulled away from one passion to another, but I hate to play ostrich by sticking my head in the sand and uttering those words 'I don't have the time', when so many people hold down full-time jobs and actually post things with substance and wit! (longest sentence ever). So I'm going to do a little 'Stuff From All Over' type of post, to let you know of things I'm excited about, or enjoying, or hating, or anything! YEAH!

1. 500/5,000!

Confetti! Balloons! Those party blower things! I reached 500 followers on this little blog here, and 5,000 on my YouTube! That is amazing - I am so ridiculously grateful and made up! My little blog is sailing its tiny skiff into the blogging ocean and butting hulls with all the others.

2. Suqqu!

People keep talking about Suqqu and its infamous eyebrow pen-thing. So I got one from Dolly Leo Apothecary (which is a little gold mine of lovely things, and the only place I could find this particular product online). I'm still getting used to it; I ordered the colour mistakenly labelled 'Green' (lost in translation?) It's more of a coolish brown kind of colour. Hmm.

3. Becca!

Finally, a brand I'm ridiculously excited about! I ordered a Lip and Cheek Crème in the colour Tuberose, despite the lukewarm reviews from Temptalia. I. LOVE. IT. It makes me squee and come over all giddy - a product which is light enough for my pale cheeks but dark enough to give my lips a pinch of colour? I can chuck this in my handbag because the packaging is lovely and little, and the product worn both on the cheeks and lips at once creates this beautiful 'put together' naturally pretty kind of look. I now want to try pretty much everything else from Becca ever.

4. Spring is sprung, the grass is riz... I wonder where the birdies is?

Lighter hues for a lighter season. The daffodils in my (minimal) front garden are blooming in full force, and today I saw my first wasp. It's too early for wasps, but the point stands - the world is waking up, and my makeup is going with it. My choices for spring have gravitated (SHOCK! HORROR! DRAMATIC CHORUS!) to pastel hues: Something Special Cremeblend Blush from MAC, Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coral Reef, Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Dab... Everything is a pale, pastel wonderland. I'm still adjusting...

How are all you lovelies? I can't believe it's nearly April already...




  1. Yay congrats on reaching 500(0)! Dying to try out that Suqqu eyebrow pen, looks lovely!


  2. Congrats on both your YT and the fabulous blog! I'm loving Coral Reef too, but trying to use up something not that great atm...

    PS. Jaskinia!!!

  3. *eeep* congrats on all the follows!!!

    Becca is gorgeous, love their cheek/lip stain <3

    Oooh-ahh loooove pastels can't wait to see your pretty pastely fotd pics and vids!


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