Thursday, 17 February 2011

A few things to love, vol. 1


1. Accessorize Merged Blusher in Starlet: These captured my heart and we've been doing a kind of flirtatious Pasodoble for weeks. Weeks! Aren't they just reminiscent of something quite expensive and quite coveted? These little mineralized interlopers are new players in a seldom tapped market, and Accessorize have actually produced little pots of wonder here in a reiteration of a best-selling MAC classic. The blushes are buttery (in a perfectly I can't believe it's not! way), blend like a charm and as pigmented as their costly counterparts.

Starlet is the shade I homed in on like an only slightly dangerous missile (dangerous purely to cosmetics and my bank balance) and with good reason: it reminded me of MAC's Mineralized Blush in Daft Pink. In reality, it's a cooler, less frosty and more budget-friendly iteration. It applies the same, feels the same and costs a third of the price.

Accessorize Starlet vs. MAC Daft Pink.

2. MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo: A little innocent back-to-MAC excursion ended in a sultry, waspish pout which reminds me simultaneously of both the colour of something deadly, and the colour of Hollywood. It commands attention and respect, and stalks about in spike heels, defiant-eyed and impatient; and this is how I feel when I step out of the house in this lipstick. I walk taller, strut better and feel like a pleasing mixture of 40's housewife-turned-cellblock tango. Pretty, yet dangerous.
3. Black bases with a gold eyeshadow: But sadly it turned out barely there in the photo; the vanishing man. Recipe for smutty, smudgy eyes with a little glimmer: take one black cream shadow/liner and smudge all over the lid in a haphazard fashion. Blend edges, and pat a gold eyeshadow lightly over the top. Easy, as it turns out. Black + gold = a simple and beautiful equation. One day I'll show you with pictures where appropriate, when you're older.


  1. OMG dinosaurs?? Since when did they get added to cami+kiwi! Now that I'm less distracted, I have daft pink too and it's gorgeous.


  2. Are you wearing Ruby Woo in the photo? If so it looks amazing! Mine never looked that good on me! Love the idea of gold on black, I will have to try it. Oh and now I need that blush :P

  3. The Accessorize blusher looks so pretty. I've admired them a few times in Superdrug - pleasantly surprised to hear that it's a good product and not just a pretty face/packaging. x

  4. I have two of the Accessorize blushes but I don't have that one. I shall go buy it immediately :) Think my next B2M will be for Ruby Woo, even if I only wear it to strut up and down my hallway ;)

    Kelly x

  5. okay I've heard enough about the Accessorize blushers now, need to get myself one ASAP!

  6. sigh - love ruby woo, but just couldn't get used to the formula.

    my chum bought lady bug tonight though - lovely, shiny, happy red. I bought snob - only 5 gazillion years late to the mark! ;)

    a x

  7. A friend from the UK just sent me the Starlet blush and I love it! It reminded me of Daft Pink as well but as you said, they are different and I think I actually prefer Starlet for everyday wear just because it's less shimmery. And Ruby Woo looks perfect on you!

  8. Cami, does Starlet compare to MAC's Azalea Blossom?

    I've been on the hunt for a dupe for so long!

  9. It could be Ruby Woo, but it looks like Lady Danger on my computer screen. Very pretty, Cami!

  10. Oooh I must try these smutty smokey eyes that you speak of! :D

  11. Hey there, I think you have a cute blog so I decided to give you an award! please check it out ^^

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo
    *deco mirror giveaway*

  12. I love Ruby Woo - it's my favorite red lipstick! The consistency of mine is questionable though; it's very hard to work with and doesn't apply the easiest. I don't know if I got an old one or if that's just the way it is. How is your tube to work with?

  13. i adore you in ruby woo :)it is all the things you said it is! i always feel like million bucks when i put it on :) you rock girl! :)))

  14. I'm a new follower and love your blog already :) I love the look of the Accessorize blush - i have a bit of a blush obsession right now :S will have to go find it!! Did you get your at Superdrug (i hear they stock it now?) or just in Accessorize?


    Please check out my blog :)

  15. I really want to try the black and gold look! Nice post =)

  16. I missed out on the daft pink blush, I think I'll see if I can pick up the accessorize one! It looks wonderful - Bryden

  17. You have such a gorgeous face! I love your skin and the blush is such a sweet colour

  18. @elle hearts blogs they've always been there - where've you been, lady?! I do love a bit of Daft Pink, but I actually think I like this Accessorize blush more - it's less chunky :) xx

    @Lillian Funny Face Yes, I am - the colour is saturated a little as my face looked grey in the original though - so it's a little brighter than it probably would look normally. It's still a stunning colour though! x

    @LilyLipstick They truly are stunning and an amazing budget buy! I can't believe they're so good, to tell the truth! x

    @Kelly YOU NEED IT. It is so beautiful and smooth to apply and looks lovely on! And you need Ruby Woo too - I can totally see you in it :) xx

  19. @Get Gawjus! YES! Get thee down to a Superdrug and get yourself all of them! I don't hate any one of them - they're all lovely!

    @girlinthecity oohh Ladybug is next on my list - I just love the name, so cute! :)

    @Tiffany Yes, you've hit the nail on the head - it's less chunky and annoying and it's just nicely, finely-milled. Perfect :) x

    @Marie Sadly not at all :( Azalea Blossom is much cooler and more matte, whereas Starlet is ridiculously shimmery in comparison :(

  20. @Rebecca Could just be the saturation - I looked grey in the original so had to edit it a little... But now you've got me needing Lady Danger! I must check it out :)

    @Jadegrrrl Yes! It'd look ace on you <3

    @The Caffeinated Spaz I find it difficult to work with so I don't think it's just your tube... I think in general it's just not an easy lipstick :(

    @marikuska I do! I just want to strut when I wear it :)

  21. @xxShivvyxx I picked it up at Superdrug - hopefully you'll be able to get hold of it without too much trouble - though let me know and I can always grab you a couple if you want some :)

    @Vida You should! There's just something about it which looks lovely, but I can't describe it! :)

    @Bryden and Claire Oh, you definitely should! On balance, I think I prefer the Accessorize blush as it's less chunky and easier to apply without glitter floating around on your face :)

    @Emily Oh, what a lovely comment! You are far too sweet!

  22. Beeeeautiful picture!! Loved this post and just adore the way that you write :) I will definitely continue reading!

  23. @tinabeana12 Thanks so much! What a lovely comment :)

  24. loooove that blush!!

  25. I got one on a haul last week and I LOVE it! Can't believe they are such a bargain price. Great review xx :-)


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