Friday, 28 January 2011

The tale of the Guerlain G Blush and other stories

Sometimes I feel like a product was just meant to be mine, even when it's as gulpably (yep, gulpably!), heart-stoppingly expensive as the one I'm about to show you. Unfortunately for me though, it was not only heart-stoppingly expensive, but also heart-stoppingly beautiful. I mentally rationalised that there were 4 colours and that'd I'd possibly never, ever need another blush ever again! My life would be complete! If there were ever a more compelling case for me actually turning into Gollum cooing over the beauty of the precious, then er... I'd tell you that you were lying to me and that you were wrong - because this simply IS the most compelling case. So I paid for it and scuttled away and got it out on the bus home to admire it, plus the other couple of new shinies I'd acquired in the same trip. Seeing as I never post blog hauls - here's one for today.

1. Guerlain G Blush Serie Noire: I think I love it more than chips and pancakes (probably not Kiwi, but that's a debatable point). It is so beautiful on the cheeks, so smooth to blend, so pigmented and absolutely drool-worthy and delectable. I may never spend over £40 on one purchase ever again without some serious thought - but this one... I don't regret it at all. If Kiwi weren't sharing the bed with me already then this would be sleeping on the right-hand pillow.

I asked it to marry me but it didn't reply :(

2. Sleek Pout Polish in Scandal: It was winking at me from the aisles of Superdrug where I wasn't supposed to be shopping for myself at all. It's a gorgeous bright red which looks much more warm in the pot than on the lips. In reality, it comes up much more cherry-sweet on me. My love for the Pout Polish continues - this one is just perfect.

Awful picture, but beautiful Pout Polish!

3. Sleek Molten Metals: This piqued my curiosity because it was shiny and reminded me of the Illamasqua Liquid Metals I have. In reality, this is creamier, more pigmented and lasts longer before it creases, but I do find it fades quite quickly and requires a little top-up.
4. Stila Eyeshadow in Nanda Devi: Unearthed a little Stila bargain in T.K. Maxx and this was one of the mystery goodies. It's a matte cool brown eyeshadow which is almost purplish. It's definitely a winner.
5. Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz: I think I thought this was going to be similar to my beloved I Get No Kick Kohl liner from MAC - but er... It's an orangey peach colour which I envision will make me look like I am poorly in the eyes. I haven't tried it on the eyes yet because I think I'm too pale for it - I think it's more of a colour for an NC/NW30+ from MAC. It's super-creamy, though - it's just such a shame it's... orange.
6. Stila High Shine Lip Colour in 08 Sonia: WINNER! I couldn't find a swatch of this before I bought it but it turned out to be a sheer berry lipstick and it looks very lovely on. It does have a waxy/playdoh smell to it though, which I don't mind, but in my head I was expecting Stila lipsticks to be scent-free.

ALSO, IMATS: Is anybody going to be at IMATS tomorrow? I'm going to be there behind the FACE atelier booth helping them with their payments. Yep, I'm in your IMATS, takin' your payments. If you spot me, do come up and say hello - I might be red-faced and flapping about like a loon, but I'm still friendly!

ALSO, ECZEMA: I just wanted to thank all of you who took the time to post comments regarding my eczema plea! I'm still reading through (and reading up on) your suggestions and am looking forward to responding to all of you - I can't believe how many of you have problems with eczema! Thank you so much everybody.

And I think that's it! Over and out, and much love.


  1. Hah, how cheeky of Sleek to come up with 'Molten' Metals! Still beautiful though... x

  2. You had me at Pout polish.Again this colour looks so great!Like you've just eaten a bunch of cherries.Or used them to paint your lips with :p
    The molten metals look nice too.Could you do a swatch of them or use them in a look?
    I hope mr.eczema goes away soon.
    Happy weekend!

  3. Ugh! You are still taunting me with those Sleek pout polishes! I need one.

  4. I nearly bought the Sleek Pout Polish yesterday, wish I had now!
    That blusher is so, so pretty although I don't think I could ever spend that much on one piece of make-up without feeling very guilty! x

  5. The Guerlain one sure looks decadent! I'm so attracted to the Sleek Pout Polish (the name is quite to die for, as a matter of fact!) it's got this 'gallivanting about on a glorious Peter Pan day' feel :)

    Hope you enjoy taking people's money! *cackles*


  6. That pout polish looks gorgeous on you!

  7. The Guerlain blush looks AMAZING! I love how it looks on you too. Don't worry, give it some time...maybe it just needs to think a bit more about your proposal before jumping into things ;) x

  8. I've been curious about the Stila sets in TK Maxx for awhile but was put of by not knowing the lip colour shade.

    Hope your skin troubles resolve soon. I don't have eczema but Oilatum works wonders on my dry patches. That's my only contribution I'm afraid!


  9. *Wheee*the blush is gorgeous <3 have a blast at IMATS don't work too hard!

  10. The blush is absolutely beautiful on you! But £40! Yikes :S If it would have been a tenner less, I would have immediately got it :p

  11. That blush looks really nice!

    I was looking at the Sleek scandalous collection online today. I have to have the scandalous blush!

    I really like the Stila High Shine lipsticks - my favourite one is Anna, I really recommend it if you haven't already got it! I got a few back-ups from eBay for as little as £2.99! xxx

  12. Cami, do you ever shop at Love Makeup? They sell quite a lot of Stila in their 'Clearance Outlet' very cheaply.

    I wish I had good advice on treating eczema. I've only ever suffered from allergic eczema on my arms. I hope your skin is improving now.


  13. your eyes!!!! ... are incredible!

  14. @Rocaille very cheeky indeed! They're actually better, which I'm a bit disappointed/happy about depending on whether we're talking the expense of Illamasqua I paid in the first place, or the fact I've found a drugstore dupe... xx

    @Ria I hope you've gone out and bought this one already missy! It has your name all over it! :) xx

    @Jeweled Thumb I bet you get hold of some very soon... :D

  15. @LilyLipstick Oh I do feel guilty, just not regretful! :D xx

    @Ruby Scarlett and it's so you! You of all people should own this what with your various internet handles alluding to the colour red :) xx

    @Lillian Funny Face Thank you love!

  16. @Tiffany It must be thinking an awful long time as I'm still waiting for it to communicate with me! ;)

    @L.F They are completely hit and miss. I tried to google swatches of it beforehand but it was impossible to find them online for some reason. I just took a chance and I was lucky it came out alright :)

    @Get Gawjus Oh but I think the quality is really superior! I wore this to IMATS and it stayed on all day without budging - from 5am to 5pm! That's dedication!

  17. @VainGlorySinner Ooh I've not heard of that one! I'm really impressed with the one I've got so perhaps I'll invest in a few more of these :)

    @Simone I do! I shop there fairly frequently as they're awesome for rare/discontinued MAC products when I feel like getting them :) I'll check out their Stila section, thank you for telling me! It'd never really occurred to me to look! xx

  18. I've been wanting the Sleek Pout Pot in Scandal for God knows how long, so when I finally found myself in Superdrug I had the most difficult task to face: buy Scandal? or buy them ALL!
    Luckily I do have SOME self restraint, but I'll be back. Oh yes, I will be back.

    (that came out like some sort of deranged attempt at a horror novel. I am sorry.)

    Maybe you can have a look at my blog?


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