Saturday, 1 January 2011

RAAAAAR Happy New Year!

Hello my loves, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year from where I left off, and I hope that you have all managed to slowly shuffle off your leaden suits of over-indulgence and you're facing the new year fresh-faced and hopeful (or at least just not seriously injured as a result of silly antics from last night...)

My Christmas went a little something like this:

Pretty low-key - mussels on Christmas Eve (as usual!), Champagne, smoked salmon and scrambled egg for a Christmassy breakfast, general lounging, the annual board game and a cat very high on catnip - but overall it was nice and good to be home!

As for New Year, well it wouldn't be appropriate to not post a little resolution or two - only beauty-related ones though as I'm so stubborn that putting limits and promises on my daily life only make me resolved to rebel against them. So, for beauty-related resolutions:
- USE ALL THE THINGS: A simple one to start, but there needs to be some karmic balance in my bathroom. I have 6 bottles of abandoned shampoo and conditioner, 3 languishing face washes, numerous creams, lotions and potions, unused gift-with-purchase crap and general bunkum in my bathroom. I get BORED with using the same thing all the time and if something is anything less than amazing, it gathers dust while I continue the search. This year is about the minimalist approach: use all the crap I hate/don't use and replenish with only the things I know, want and love: 1 perfect set of shampoo and conditioner, 1 perfect face wash, 1 perfect scrub, 1 perfect moisturiser. I have the products in mind already - they lie just beyond my reach because of the Bathroom Detox (of doom).
- STOP PICKING: I am chronically unable to not pick at my face; I see an imperfection and it needs squeezing/poking/removing forthwith. It has to stop.
- STOP BITING: I bite my nails (I know, disgusting) only when I'm really stressed or studying. And it's only a recent habit I've re-established; I hadn't done it since childhood before this year. I must need copious relaxation therapies (hint, Kiwi - massages and pampering please - but by a professional please!) - and it seems like a nice way to boot a horrible habit!

As for Christmas presents - I got a couple of goodies: Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau de Parfum (I ask for it every year!), some driving lessons...

And as for the 'turkey' presents: A pair of rubber gloves (they're really good, shouted mum enthusiastically whilst unwittingly pidgeon-holing me into a feminine drudge-tastic stereotype).

Any turkey presents for you guys this year?




  1. Happy New Year, Cami!!

    I bite my nails too, so I'll think I'll join you in that resolution :P

  2. I completely agree about the Bathroom Detox- it's on my list too. And I'm a Picker too :( I'm always saying I need to stop as I'm trashing my skin but I just can't! Good luck with your resolutions in 2011! x

  3. LOVED your xmas video :D

    My new years resolutions are to save money, stay healthy and happy and not put on more than 15kg with this pregnancy :D

  4. Ugh I pick too! I'm better when I'm wearing makeup though so my goal is to wear a full (ish) face of makeup everyday in 2011!

  5. I like your new year's resolutions! They actually sound like ones you can keep, rather than the usual 'stop eating junk food, lose Xlbs, do more exercise' that last for a week and then you find yourself in front of the TV with a takeaway. Mine is definitely stop biting my nails.

    Every single year, without fail, I get a turkey present from an old family friend. And it's always a pair of pyjamas four sizes too big. I think your rubber gloves definitely top mine though, part of a devious plot to get you to do more washing up?

  6. I loved your video. I'm afraid I need to make the first two resolutions too.

    Regarding nail biting, a few people I know found spending an enormous amount of money on manicures was sufficient reason to stop biting, but I'm sure you've heard that before.

    My turkey present was from my partner's mother. She gave me a dish cloth with tractors on it!



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