Monday, 24 January 2011

A minor plea!

Dear lovely-all-of-you,

My previously normally-great skin has developed eczema OF THE FACE, across one cheek and over my eyebrows (seriously - there?! Why specifically there?!)

Whilst I quietly take stock of this comeuppance and plan my next manoeuvre to eradicate this vileness from my face - does anyone have any tips to share with me? Perhaps this is slightly specific - but I hope (wrong phrasing here...) that out of 400 of you that someone will know what to do! I've been slathering on Embryolisse and various medical-smelling creams (Kiwi tells me I smell like hospital and tells me to go away!) - but my face is itchy and scaly and red AND I DON'T LIKE IT!

Regular, more-coherent and less ranty posts to follow!

Much love.

Edit: I forgot to mention I have it on my hands and arms too - so I'm no big stranger to the sore flaky skin, I'm just loath to slather my face in steroid cream, especially since the Diprobase is making me an oil-machine. Doctor shall be assessing tomorrow - but any less 'medical' suggestions are greatly appreciated - and any eczema-friendly foundations also VERY welcome!


  1. I got random eczema near my eye a few months (after never having it on my face before); I tried many "normal" creams but in the end the itching was too much and I went to an NHS walk in centre. They gave me Euvomate cream and it worked brilliantly. If it really is itchy and sore maybe best to get an appointment!

    Hope that helps! :)

  2. Oilatum is a brand made just for people with skin problems like exzma, they have a face repair cream in boots about £7 I have it and its been great at getting rid of red patches. Also hydrocortisone cream or Calendula cream as a more natual treatment. They might not work over night but they will hopefully make a difference to your comfort pretty quick. Hope that helps Rach x

  3. eczema* sorry lazy spelling day!

  4. Oilatum cream works well and does not smell nasty too! You can get it at Boots or from any online pharmacy.

    Hope it helps!


  5. Oh dude... Boo to eczema!
    My brother has had it and used a corticosteroid cream and Benadryl to stop the itching, took a lot of vitamin c supplements (for the immune system to function better) and pepanthol creme (I don't know if it is sold worldwide, but he used it for hydration).
    Best of luck Camiii!

  6. Use a bit of hydrocortisone cream, but be careful as it can thin the skin. I have scary medication from my derm for stuff like that. Lately, I've gotten scaly and patchy around my nose and used the Nutrix Soothing Treatment Cream from Lancome which is awesome. I guess hydrocorisone + super moisturizing cream = skin happiness?

  7. I really have no idea whether you can actually get this product in the UK, I usually buy it from a pharmacy here, the product's called sudocream and eczema is one of the things it's usually prescribed for. It works wonders and it's definitely a multi-use products I use it on pimples, or to calm redness and I love using it after waxing as it calms the skin down. Hope it gets better soon!

    Love your blog!

    Carla xx

  8. I developed weird patches of eczema on my cheeks while I was travelling as my skin got really irritated from sweat and suncream. The only thing that helped was hydrocortisone cream. I don't really like using it on my face as its a steroid cream but it really does clear up eczema like nothing else. x

  9. Use aqueaous (sp?) cream! Comes in a HUGE tub for a couple of pound in pharmacys. Its good because it is the most basic cream out there...I use it all the time on my face...esp when i get little dry patches under my eyes.
    You can also slather it on really thick and leave it on for hours as a treatment.
    Plus because it is such a basic cream you cannot use too much and it wont clog up your skin
    Hope I have helped



  10. I've had severe eczema all of my life that likes to pop up at inconvenient times in any place it likes.

    My dermatologist advised me to do as follows:
    1. Rarely shower (more drying for the skin), always bathe.
    2. When finished bathing do not open the door and allow the heat/moisture to stay in the room. Towel off fully.
    3. IMMEDIATELY following toweling off (keeping the door closed) apply a thick dermatologist approved lotion (he recommended Cetaphil, I don't know if that's available in the UK) EVERYWHERE.

    This has really worked for me, and eczema I've battled most my life has dramatically improved.

    Hope this helps!

  11. Hi Cami,

    I've never left a comment before, but you definitely seem to be in dire need.

    My bf has chronic eczema (and he's difficult to coerce into using product). Somehow, I've managed to get him to use Nivea Essentially Enriched Lotion on his dry patches. It does get rid of scaly dryness and is my favorite body lotion for regular skin anyways-- so we both use it.

    Another product that's worked is Icon Shift Scalp Treatment, mainly because exfoliation is key and this one is soothing. He's used it on his scalp, arms, legs, etc. and dryness is improved.

    I hope these work for you and ease the discomfort a bit until you can get your doctor to prescribe something more specific.


  12. I have the same problem and have found that Oilatum works really well. It's about £7.50 in boots xx

  13. Just to calm it down, put some oats (that you would make porridge with) in a pop sock or section of a pair of tights (yes, I know just how attractive this sounds....) then soak it in water. I put it in the bath if I'm having one. The oatmilk liquid which comes out is really soothing and calms the skin down. wash with it or just dab a bit on. Hope that helps until you find a gentle cream which will sooth it and let the skin heal. Louise xx

  14. I get this in winter too, my eyebrows especially, it drives me insane, I bought some medihoney eczema cream it it really helped to clear it up, goodluck *hugs*

  15. I used to get eczema on my hands really badly and I'd layer them with vaseline then pull on gloves, but I've heard great things about Aquaphor in relation to eczema. Best of luck!

  16. Hi Cami,

    I would avoid any lotions with scents, or that are loaded with crap you don't need (any kind of acid, etc.). The less irritant you can put on the skin, the better.

    Cetaphil is good; they do make a face cream now. I have eczema on my face frequently (nose & chin area) - not severe, but just enough to be annoying. I also have wickedly sensitive skin. Cetaphil is what I use.

    Hope you find something that works!


  17. That's interesting, I just got back from the dermatologist and I've been diagnosed with eczema on my hand too. She prescribed a steroid cream and advised to moisturize it with the thickest creams you can find, like Cetaphil, Neutrogena or even Vaseline. I don't know about using such things on the face though... Ehh. Cold weather.

  18. I get contact dematitis from alot of random things, it pops up now and again and I suffered eczema for years on my shoulders! Aqueous cream is great as it can be used for washing your face as well as a moisturiser. Eumovate cream(it's a lesser strength steroid cream) that can be picked up from Tesco is also really great and from the same family of creams you may get prescribed!

  19. this may sound crazy but my mom has bad eczema and her dermatologist told her to go tanning (along with using cream like Oilatum). She is very fair so she goes in a very low grade tanning bed for a couple of minutes a week and is completely clears it up!
    other people have also told me this has helped them.


  20. Hehe as you know I've had eczema since early childhood. Sleeping with a thick layer of Calendula Oil really helps me. Another thing I like to do is use yoghurt on my face every night. Just use it as you would a face mask. It restores the ph level of your skin and soothes irritation. Especially if you mix it with some good quality honey :)

    I don't know if you have a bath, but buy a big bag of dried chamomile and then soak in the bath :)

    Hope it clears up soon!!

  21. Hii!

    I don't have eczema as such but I definitely get insane dry patches during the winter.

    My favourite is Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream - I slather it on at night and then put a good moisturiser on in the morning and it seems to work!

  22. Hello- I just saw in your new video you mentioned the eczema and I came here to tell you-
    I've had it on my eyelids for most of the winter which really sucks when I want to use eyeshadow.
    The thing that's cured it for me, and this is kind of disgusting, is Emu Oil. Basically the oil from the fat of an emu. :-\
    But it has the closest omegas and fatty acids in it to human skin and works SO well. I'd recommend it for sure. I got mine at the local health food store but you can order it online. I have the brand Jurassic Secret.
    Definitely check it out or at the least look up Emu oil and it's benefits.. it's amazing stuff.

  23. Sorry for your recent unpleasantness! I don't know if you've tried Vitamin E oil yet but you should give it a go. It smells like almonds so it's not nearly as offensive as hospital-y stuff. You can get it on the internet for under $10. The brand I use is Jason I believe. You could also try Eucerine (sp) Calming Cream if you can get it at a drugstore.

  24. Hey! Sorry to hear this!
    I don't know if Avène or Aderma sell in the UK but these are both two french labs who have huge range for eczéma-affected skins.

  25. Have you tried Protopic ointment on your eczema yet? It is a prescription cream that works as well as steroid, but doesn't thin the skin. I understand it is made from chillies, when you apply it, it feels like its burning, but your skin doesn't actually burn! We have to pay for it here in Ireland and it was almost €100, but I am still using the tube I got 3 years ago. Its totally miracle stuff, I had really disgusting patches behind my ear and on the nape of my neck, and they are totally healed. There are 2 strengths, I use the weaker one.
    I have also had great results with Decleor facial oils, I use the rose one. Totally cleared up some scaly patches I had last winter. Mental expensive, but lasts for aages.

  26. Oh Camisausagepoppetchoppers are you still suffering? :( my eye eczema and mouth eczema is truly back on top form today I really need to scratch it! Im trying to refrain. However, I have found that sudocrem cools and helps slightly-aswell as the Hydrocortisone-but that is awfully strong :( I hope yours gets better soon! xxxx

  27. Hi, Cami. I used to have frequently eczema on my body - legs, belly, chest, top of the hand. Visits to lots of doctors and various medication didn't help. Because this is a problem that usually arises due to a lot of anxiety or a lot of dryness. I managed to heal my skin only with crude/pure cold-pressed oils. Almond oil is a great choice because it doesn't smell and it's quickly absorbed. Pure (not processed) Shea butter and pure cocoa butter are excellent for the case! They are thicker, but they don't stain clothes. However, the smell is not very pleasant. I blend vanilla essential oil in, and then they smell yummy. Vanilla is not therapeutic, but very pleasant to smell. You could add theerapeutic essential oils, in the butters (after you melt them in a bain-marie)or in the oil, like lavender, patcouli or frankincense, that are perfect for conditioning skin with eczema. I use them now for everyday pampering and haven't any, for 3 years, but only 2 2-day small-scale occurrences on the body. I use them on the face too, and I stopped being oily - pores have refined (not the essential oils regularly). But I only did that a year ago; I thought my regular-chemical skincare were the best, but this is better. It takes a bit experimenting with natural oils to find what suits you best. I wish you good luck!

  28. @jo Thank you so much for your comment! I've never actually tried Eumovate as I've always been given Betnovate, so I'll look into it as I'm aware it's available over the counter :) x

    @Rachael Thanks for your suggestion! It looks like Oilatum is a popular suggestion so I will pick some up (along with the Aveeno with colloidal oatmeal I've heard of) the next time I'm in Boots! I'm sure it's going to work a treat :) x

    @Get Gawjus! Thanks lady! Oilatum seems to be a popular choice for most so I'm going to go pick some up tomorrow :) x

    @Ria Boo indeed! It's getting better in that it's less itchy and red but it's just so dry that all foundation looks horrible! Pfft... The vitamin C is a great tip - I should definitely get some (preferably the delicious chewy orange ones!) x

  29. @Jeweled Thumb Yep yep! I feel a bit freaked out using that sort of 'big guns' remedy so near my eyes, but sometimes I have no choice :(

    @Carla Oooh good old Sudocrem - the cream of so many uses! I always forget about this one - I'm definitely going to grab one tomorrow! Thanks for your lovely comment :) xx

    @LilyLipstick You're so right! I'm really iffy about using it so close to my eyes but I suppose once in a while won't be so bad :) x

    @Charli Ooh the doctor gave me about a litre of that and I didn't think to use it as a treatment! Fantastic tip, thank you! x

  30. @Jessica Oh no, poor you! Cetaphil is sort-of available in the UK - not very widely but I should be able to get it online or in London :) Thanks for the tips - the one about 'bathing' in the bathroom steam is a really good practical idea I'd have never have thought of! Thank you! x

    @Amy Oh brilliant - although I hope your boyfriend feels better soon! I've not heard of the second treatment so I shall have to have a thorough google - especially as a gentle exfoliant seems like it would be perfect :) x

    @Emma Another vote for Oilatum! To Boots I go to pick up this miracle cream :) x

    @Louise I've heard of this! A lot of treatments contain colloidal oatmeal which is supposed to be amazing for eczema and the oatmeal bath is supposed to be fantastic! I don't usually bother with baths (can't stand getting wrinkly fingers and toes, haha) but I may need to make an exception :) xx

  31. @Jade I've heard really great things about manuka honey and skincare so I'll be having a little research about that cream! Thanks Jade <3

    @Krista See that would be an amazing idea in practice but I'm one of those people who throws the covers off while sleeping and I seem to superheat horribly! I should try it during the day instead! x

    @Candice I keep hearing good things about this mysterious Cetaphil so I think it's going to have to become part of my routine soon! I'm pretty vigilant about avoiding scents as I figure anything that doesn't actively improve a product doesn't need to be there, so thanks for reminding me to keep that up :)

    @Monika I'm sure human beings are the weakest species - we don't do well under any circumstances! I've just been slathering myself in much of the thickest ointments ever and hoping for the best! xx

  32. @JewlieMcK Oh, I hadn't thought to use it as a facewash! What a brilliant idea, thank you! :)

    @Emilie No, that doesn't sound crazy at all - it sounds like it makes sense! I might talk about it with my doctor, thanks for the tip :)

    @Suzy Oh wow, great! I love holistic/more natural remedies! I'm a massive believer in the honey method, but hadn't thought to mix it with yogurt! I'm looking into Calendula oil now too, thank you so much for your comment Suzy :)

    @DelorisPea I've heard so much about that product but always managed to walk past it! I must get myself a small sample pot to see how I like it :)

  33. @Merveilleux Oh wow - that sounds very... interesting! Does it smell at all?

    @BealeCheeks Ooh I have, but not recently! I'm using Rosehip Oil at the moment, but I shall go pick some Vitamin E oil up as if nothing else my hair will love it :)

    @TheFlatErica I've not seen Aderma yet but I've seen Avène. I've never been that impressed with Avène if the truth be told, but I've never tried their lines for eczema, only for oily skin so I shall check that out next time I'm in Boots!

    @Elaine H Thanks for the product recommendations! I've never heard of this mysterious chilli cream - it sounds like a winner! I'm going to have a little research about it. I've not had any experience with Decleor, but perhaps now is the time to educate myself!

  34. @Maquillage hello my love. Not suffering as much but still annoyed by the fact that I've got a scaly face, though it does not sound as awful as having it on the eyelids, you poor thing! xxxxx

    @Asuka Fabulous advice, thank you for taking the time to write it all in a comment! I've been looking for pure shea butter for a while as I love the way it melts into the skin and smells delicious! I'm currently experimenting with Rosehip oil, but I'd never thought of Almond oil! Thanks for the advice!

  35. My mom swears by unscented shea butter for her eczema treatment.

    I get flairs very rarely and use Lush's Dream Cream. The owner of the company had the cream developed for his child (who has severe eczema).

  36. The emu oil has no scent. It's great stuff!

  37. Hi Cami,

    I love your blog and your videos!

    I have suffered from eczema all my life, and I totally validate all the advice you've already received.

    However, I'd love to recommend Dr. Haushka's Rose Day Cream--its cleared up my impossible eczema (on my eyelid--eww).

    Try and get a sample at a local stockist!


  38. I absolutely love Embryolisse. i live in france so here, you can find it at almost every drugstore for 19 euros; ive used it and its hands down THE BEST!

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