Wednesday, 12 January 2011

It's always embarrassing...

... When you try to update your blog with a reason to why you've just disappeared off the face of the Earth for so long, and then accidentally hit return and manage to post a blank post with the title 'It's always embarrassing...'

But seriously. I fell off the side of the planet for a bit and had no time to blog. And now I do! And I reached 400 followers in that little gap! That's pretty amazing, thank you so much to everyone.

As to why I fell off the internet/planet/etc? I had an essay... OF DOOM. It was an essay I put off writing for a whole month and a half, because I am unable to simply sit down and do as I'm told - oh no - I have to wait until the last possible moment festering my brain away on playing computer games, and then (and only then) I PANIC and then I write and write and write and cry a bit and write and write until my under-eye circles turn black and I start ranting to Kiwi incoherently about arguments in my essay and why they're right/wrong/missing.


BUT! I came through, and that glorious day when I submitted it via email (JOY), I got a MAC parcel to enjoy, and lo, I did sit and watch Series 3 of True Blood over again and perv on the tasty Alexander SkarsgÄrd.

SO... I have a meeting with a scary professor who will tell me my grammar is poor (probably is!) and that my writing style is too STYLISH for the confines of writing a PhD. My other professor, the crazy one, told me to stick to my guns and not let myself become homogenised by the academia machine.

My writing does not wants to be confined! It wants to be FREE! You shall not prevail, Professor Mc. Boringpants.

Er. Normal beauty-related whatsit returning on Friday, when I can take pictures and blog to my heart's content!



  1. Go crazy prof!
    And Goooo Camieeeee!
    Congrats on finishing the essay.Can't wait to see what your Friday post will be!

  2. Haha, well, always remember, no writer has become famous for writeing like everyone else! ;)

  3. I'm currently in that serious procrastination stage - my dissertation is going nowhere fast!
    Well done for getting yours in! xx

  4. @Ria It'll be a BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA I believe. I will be generally full of goodwill and joy because you can't be sad on your birthday :) x

    @Lisa True that! The thing is, if I'm going to write a useful piece of research that people are going to want to read, I don't want to bore them til they die of said bored! x

    @Georgina Luckily this wasn't my actual thesis; it was just a chapter of it... But I was stressed enough this time so imagine how bad I'll be in 2 years when I hand in the whole novel-length thing for real! x

  5. Gosh. Well done. I would love to know more about your thesis, if you don't mind. I'm in the last six months of my PhD and I also have a scary professor.

  6. @Simone Oh, it was only a chapter - I'm just excellent at procrastination, so I'm very worried about how I'll be when I actually come to write it up! My thesis, as it is at the moment, is about the representation of Madrid in literature; how Madrid is seen through fiction and other texts. Basically, Madrid in the 1600s was a constructed/fraudulent city because the King chose to put his court there, rather than the King choosing a city because it was great already... So I'm looking at what people thought of it and how it became spatialised under those terms.

    What's your thesis on, if you don't mind my asking? :)

  7. Love those crazy profs :) I'm passing a lecture at one of those old amazing guys, not by actually attending the lectures and taking an exam, but proofreading his chapter on Polish dictionaries for some Oxford University Press publication. Yesss!

    Unfortunately, my MA tutor is all like: "Ok, so how many pages is that part? When do you want to me to proofread it for?". He's actually less excited for my thesis than me, and that's something ;) x

  8. A chapter is a great effort, I think.

    Your thesis sounds remarkably interesting. I will find some reading material on the subject.

    The discipline of my thesis is the acoustics of speech. It's a combination of Physics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Statistics and Computer Science. I hasten to add that I am interested in both the Arts and the Sciences.

    As for procrastination, I usually find breaking up the task into small tasks helps, as does leaving a task midway so that I can easily start working again the next day.


  9. ooh, True Blood, sigh :) happy times!

    I actually sat and watched Season 2 in one day and Season 3 the next over Christmas - was glued to the chair and eyes drooping, but the lovely boys made it worthy (Bill, omnomnom) .. kinda strange finish to Season 3 though? hmm..

    anyhoos - happy new year - good luck with the profs! x

  10. As an English major in the US I entirely feel your pain. The machine that is academia in today's world does have a tendency for homogenizing even while it pushes you to be individual for purposes of recognition. You can do it!!


  11. @Almudena As a side-note, the comment thread here will be deleted in a few hours' time - so if you did not sign up to email updates and did not check back - then you may email me and I will redact what I said here. I'm going to delete them for a couple of reasons - the main one being that the body of my research is not something I would like publicised at present, and the other being that the discussion is inappropriate for this platform.

  12. Sorry, Cami, I didn't mean to do anything inappropriate or disrespectful by asking about your research.

  13. @Simone Please don't apologise Simone - it was nothing to do with you and your curious questions. I welcome questions - I just do not welcome certain other commenters on my blog using this piece of webspace as a soapbox to tell me my thesis is not viable - which is a judgement they formed based on my 3 lines of text describing it to you!

    Your comment was not at all inappropriate - I do not mind discussing briefly what I'm up to (and feel free to email me if you're wanting more detail), it's just that another commenter used the comments here to argue about it - and that's what was inappropriate! I messaged you on Youtube to check you weren't feeling like it was your fault though - it was nothing to do with you that got me riled :)


  14. Thank you for the reassurance, Cami, and your taking the trouble to send me a private message too.


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