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Focus on Embryolisse: Cleansing Water Lotion Micellaire

I feel like the first time I tried this product that there was a sense of doom about it, in a 'it's not you, it's me' kind of way, with the cinematic-style public break-up where it starts to rain as the defeated party despondently trudges away, then gets splashed by the tidal wave from an oncoming bus. Or something along those lines.

Traditional forms of makeup remover and I don't get on; there never appears to be a place in my life for endless amounts of cotton pads and the patience required to remove my makeup in this manner. I like it quick and dirty with baby wipes, followed by an oil cleanser - so you see, I was a little nonplussed by the intrusion of a new pretender into my usual routine.

The thing is that after an initial half-hearted couple of uses, it so happened one night, at 3 a.m. on New Year's Day to be precise, that I was ever-so-slightly too inebriated tired to wash my face. I was grabbing some kip on the floor of a very masculine friend's flat, and it was LATE, so I grabbed the tiny sample bottle of this product and got to work. I went to sleep with the squeaky-clean face I'm used to with all traces of slap removed and was quietly impressed.

And that's the point where we gave our relationship another shot, and the point at which I come to write my review on the Embryolisse Cleansing Water, the Lotion Micellaire.

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This product is a clear liquid which comes with yet more of the 'everything-but-the-kitchen-sink' claims I so often find with products these days. The Lotion Micellaire is a lightweight, gentle formula which claims to remove even the more grabby water-resistant products from your face quickly and effectively without the need for rinsing.

Does it deliver? You betcha. In the true style of the quality I've come to expect from Embryolisse, this product is unpretentious in both packaging and claims, and states exactly what it's supposed to do for you. After having swiped my face with a baby wipe, I used this to remove the hidden nasties that still remained on my face; the gel eyeliner smears, the long-wear lipstick and, perhaps most impressively, the long-wear foundation I'd slapped on liberally 8 hours prior.

It was a minor revelation for me, and perhaps I was the best type of person to try it: lazy, stubborn and a staunch dissenter from the cotton pad and cleanser movement. My face was squeaky clean (no exaggeration: it actually squeaked a little!), felt smooth and soothed, did not feel tight and did not sting around the sensitive eye area, which is the problem which had prompted my defection to baby wipes in the first place.

It almost felt like I'd naughtily skipped a step in my usual routine as I wouldn't have felt the need to follow up using a toner as my skin felt almost as refreshed as it would have had I washed it.

Embryolisse do not test on animals and this product is both paraben-free and free of preservatives. It contains 'micelles' which are (without getting too sciencey on you) spherical molecule formations which, when applied to the skin and then removed again, split open and grab the non-water products from the face for gentle and easy product removal, instead of smearing them around the face for a while. See this source for a much better explanation.


It also contains witch-hazel, chamomile, glycerin and cornflower - and no alcohol that I can see.

All in all, I'm glad I gave this another chance, and I'm glad I was impressed as I was. It's an unpretentious product which delivers on its claims and delivers well. My skin was smooth, soft and completely clean with no stinging anywhere, including the eyes. I didn't need to rub hard, only gently swipe, and although I'm not sure if I'm a convert to this whole new routine quite yet (breaking myself in gently), I can definitely see a rosy future for the two of us after the bathroom detox has run its course, particularly because the no-rinse method is very appealing to the lazy girl that I am. The Embryolisse machine rolls on delivering quality products yet again.

If you're looking for an exemplary makeup remover and are a devotee to the traditional method - then this is for you. It's bloody excellent.

You can check it out here at Coco Beau, and it's £17.

* Disclosure FTW! I received a small sample of this product for review. All opinions stated here are my own and I am not being financially compensated for a positive review - I just believe in being honest!


  1. This sounds really good! I like the fact it has some extra stuff in it too and works well for you too without stinging! I wish I could try it but it sounds like it's a UK only product. I may have to look into it when I can justify purchases again after my Peacocky Mac haul.... *shifty eyes* Great review!

  2. @Krista You should be able to get it without *too* much trouble - it's actually French and is just starting to make a bit of a splash in the market as people are realising how damn good these products are! I know how you feel about MAC Peacocky... I'm planning some damage on that one :(

  3. this sounds ingenious! I love to indulge in a cleansing routine coz its so relaxing imo. Gota try out a sample :)


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