Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Beauty Serendipity: Sleek Pout Polish

A couple of weeks ago, I had what can only be described as a serendipitous beauty moment; a happy accident predicated upon both my own chronic forgetfulness and sore, sea-whipped lips caused by an hour or two on the British coastline. Generally speaking, I like to leave the house looking as put-together as I can be: my clothes are ironed and donned following at least half an hour of indecisive dithering (more if I'm having a fat day); my hair is suitably coiffed and fluffed; my liquid eyeliner is flicked and even and there's often a lash of scarlet across my lips.

Although my morning routine may seem lengthy and labour-intensive, I count myself as a lazy girl when it comes to beauty: I never under any circumstances powder my nose, touch up my eyes or trowel anything else onto my face, except for my lips. I make the extra effort in the morning and it makes me feel good about myself; I bounce and strut out of the house, confident in the knowledge that all I need in my makeup bag I carry with me is a lipstick and a lip balm. Sometimes there's a gloss, but I'm fickle about those.

So on one particularly inauspicious day, I was sitting on the train bopping to... oh, I don't know... David Bowie or something, and then, as the train chugged its dull way out of the station, I realised I'd forgotten my precious makeup bag. I had no lipstick, no back-up lipstick; not even a smidge of Carmex.

Being the sensitive sort about the relative pallor of my lips without their swipe of lovely red, I hastened to Superdrug to find something to salvage my now sea-sore lips that had a little bit of colour.

Maybelline left me cold; all the 'do-able' shades were either sold or tampered with, and it was the same with Bourjois. I live in a town where grubby hands like to paw at the cosmetic displays, it seems. Resigning myself to buying a very cheap and nasty lipgloss from a brand whose name I can't even remember, I wandered past the Sleek display (yes, this post does have a point) and stopped because something caught my eye: the Sleek Pout Polish.

Colours appear slightly brighter due to flash :)

I must've been having an off-day because not only did I foolishly select one of the more garish colours in Pink Cadillac, which is a bright fuchsia shade, but I also did not even swatch or road-test this baby before hustling to the check-out. Vaguely curious, but more hungry and disinterested than anything, I opened the little pot and smeared some on without using a mirror because hey, it's a lip balm, I thought, what could possibly go wrong?

Well - nothing. But I wasn't banking on it being as pigmented and lovely as it actually is! Expecting the Pot-to-Lips Pigment Depletion Factor* I was really surprised to discover that the Sleek Pout Polish is pretty decently pigmented, but conversely not nearly as scary on the lips as it appears. The shade Pink Cadillac gives a really soft pink sheen to your lips which looks really prettily feminine teamed with a dewy pink blush like MAC's Posey or Daft Pink.

Pink Cadillac

It's completely non-sticky and just seems to melt onto your lips. The colour doesn't last ages; about 1.5 hours on me if I'm careful, but it feels really moisturising (much more so than the MAC Tinted Lip Conditioners) and has a much creamier, lovelier texture; it doesn't 'sit' on your lips like Vaseline or other lip balms. It works really well layered over lipstick and stops your lips from drying out, too. The scent is sort of a cross between vanilla musk and coconut; completely cloying but not unpleasantly so, and the little slim jar it's packaged in is ideal for throwing in an already over-stuffed makeup bag.

So, anyway, because I'm becoming terminally verbose, I should probably bring this little post to a close... I think I'm in love with these little pots of joy! So much so I bought two more to slather on for lazy days and Sundays and days when I still want to look put-together, but less Femme Fatale. Behold, Electro Peach and Perfect Plum:

Electro Peach and Perfect Plum

'Modelling' Perfect Plum

Both shades are truly lovely, with Perfect Plum coming up as a lovely day-wear red and Electro Peach coming up as a pinky coral. There are currently 4 shades to choose from in this range, the last one being a chocolate shade I definitely couldn't pull off. All in all, however, I think I've found a new love in the place I least expected it.

Has anyone else tried these?

* Usually attributed to products which look stunningly beautiful in the tube and are barely visible upon liberal application.

Friday, 19 February 2010

The Curse of the Bad Face Day

Today I've had a very bad day in the small realm of makeup and cosmetics. It's been one of those siiiiigh days where nothing looks right or feels right or just is right. For my makeup, I was having a small crisis; too many eyeshadows.

First I put on MAC's Smoke & Diamonds with Circa Plum pigment all up in the crease.

NO. I did not feel the love.

I sighed, reached for the baby wipes and started afresh.

NARS Bellissima Duo with a kick of liquid liner? Sounds promising.

Got this look wrong once twice FIVE TIMES, because apparently I'm incapable of putting on liquid eyeliner.

I went back for more four times and I was rebuffed each time. My makeup was having a field day.

At this point I considered crying. It certainly wouldn't have ruined anything on my face. I might've cried a bit; I was not only having a horrible face day, but a fat day too. Kiwi's tummy rumbled alarmingly as I went in for the sixth and seventh attempts at my makeup and fourth and fifth at my outfit.

The funny thing was, each time I angled my face toward him for approval, he said the same thing: "You look just as nice as yesterday." Frustrating compliments at this point in my full-scale emotional paddy.

In the end I decided on MAC's Amber Lights with blah-blah-blah Brown blended in. My liquid liner was pert and flirty-flicked on one side and virtually horizontal on the other. I was wearing four shades of blush (I can actually name all four shades I was wearing on one sole cheek) as my indecision took hold and I tried to match the tones of my blush with the tones of my eye makeup.

Then... Lipstick? I felt like crying.

In the end, I wore all black (with Converse), and wonky eye makeup. I felt like I was attending some kind of casual funeral (with Converse). I whined endlessly about how hideous I felt, how ugly, how revolting.

And then the waiter brought my food and I forgot about how hideous I looked until 2 hours later when I caught sight of myself in front of a mirror.

The moral of this story? I need to stop freaking out when I accidentally 'lose control' and fail to look attractive. Apparently I look pretty much the same no matter what I slap on my face... So for those days when I feel like the most hideous creation in the world, at least I know I looked the same as yesterday.

Well, I can try.

Dull Complexions with Winter Blues

Recently I've been noticing something about my skin which seems to be mirrored by the rainy greyness we're having in the UK at the moment: my skin looks dull, feels dull and I feel dull as a result; my eye makeup choices have all been boring colours sloppily applied without much thought as I've given up battling the spreading fog invading my complexion. Not only has my skin been subject to its usual mélange of dry patches and oil slicks, but it has also been subjected to the ravages of a cold winter climate: cold outside air and drying central heating.

And there's always my diet... Christmas and beyond never does make for a wonderfully healthy eating régime (and I'm still eating up all of my Christmas chocolate!)

So, my skin has become duller than... [insert clever metaphor here] and I just wanted to share with everyone a few products I've been using to make it brighter and healthier. Obviously, there is no quick-fix solution and I could just apply a luminescent foundation to get that bright, dewy look, but I'm trying to fix my skin from the ground up. Here is my recent skin care army for beating the dull (if you didn't already see it on Youtube, that is!):

  1. NUDE CLEANSING FACIAL OIL: I've been using this religiously since January and have begun to notice a change in my skin which must be down to the Nude philosophy of only using ingredients which your skin can use, like Vitamin E and Omega 3. Since using this cleansing oil, my skin has been much softer and brighter with a lot fewer spots. When I use this, I imagine my skin giving a big happy sigh and curling up like a cat in front of a roaring fire.
  2. NUDE CLARIFYING WATER: This is a newcomer to my beauty regime, but it has already made a huge impression on me, especially with my previous great experience with the Cleansing Facial Oil. This product leaves me skin feeling really clean and refreshed without stripping it of what I'd like to keep on there - natural oils which keep it soft and spot-free. So many toners I've tried which are aimed at oily-combination skin are far too harsh, but Nude have it spot-on with a gentle toner which keeps your skin in balance containing beta hydroxy acid and Birch bark (try saying that after 2 glasses of wine!).
  3. ORIGINS MODERN FRICTION: This face scrub has become one of my favourite weekly treatments to my skin which I'm actively motivated to go through the motions of because I love the effect it has on my skin. I generally use exfoliators because they are a matter of necessity rather than any particular desire, but this is one I really like. Origins say it contains both lemon oil and peppermint to keep your skin perky.
  4. CLARINS BEAUTY FLASH BALM: This is one of those products which has gained cult status in the beauty industry because of its apparent ability to lay the smack-down on fatigued and dull skin. It comes in the form of a peach-coloured lotion and you can use it two ways: as a mask or as a normal lotion. Clarins advise you apply a thin layer to your face without rubbing it in (tricky...) and then apply your makeup immediately after. The result is brighter, dewier skin which just looks more awake and less ravaged. I have no idea how this thing works, but I think it's pretty fabulous - and I will suck up the extra forehead oiliness because I like it so much.
  5. ESTEE LAUDER ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR: Another cult favourite which has received a lot of good press. I really expected this to be an oil-based product when I first acquired it and was surprised (and heartened) to find it was an oil-free serum. It has a light herbal scent and feels refreshing on the skin. For me, the results were not overwhelmingly WOW! at first, but I'm growing to love this little bottle which would not look out of place in an apothecary. It heals your skin overnight, helping over time to fade acne scars, fine lines and improve skin tone. So many people can't be wrong, and I can't help but follow the masses on this one.
  6. HOLLAND & BARRETT GLYCOLIC ACID SKIN RENEWAL CREAM: Completely obscure product with a ridiculous show-pony of a long name which actually works. Applying this to my face, I get a slight tingle, and the slight tingle always makes me feel like it's doing something. Other than waking up with oilier skin and the scent I simply hate, this completes my nightly skin regimen and I've genuinely noticed that I've been waking up with a better, happier skin tone which is brighter and more even.
So, that completes my list. Does anyone else have any fail-safe products or concoctions for sleepy winter skin?

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Subject-change Sunday: Valentine's Day

I just saw something which made me a little queasy on the old Youtube: A girl going through her Valentine's Day haul. Now, whilst I'm completely in the ambivalent sector of the public who really don't give a crap about Valentine's Day, I do respect the desires of everyone else to send heart-adorned cards, chocolates, flowers and all the other miscellanea that shops pounce on the moment we're officially out of the Christmas season and into another. However, even though I'm in a marvellous relationship with a lovely boy, neither one of us can ever get that excited or motivated about St. Valentine's, and I suspect it would be much the case if both of us were single too. For a couple of years, we'd make one another a little handmade gift (no matter how awful it was), and proudly present our awful gifts to one another on February 15th.

Case in point:

Sock dinosaur and bunny.

See also: Mix CDs and Kiwi's famous 'Folder of Love', a manila folder he decorated (himself!) with rhinestones and stickers and then wrote 'Folder of Love' on in Sharpie marker.

So wherever you are this Valentine's Day, I hope you've had a lovely day whether you're lazing around ignoring all the fuss like me, or whether you're icing some heart-shaped cupcakes for your best beloved. This was just a short post to say regardless, enjoy it :)

Friday, 12 February 2010

Beauty A-Z: A

For a little while now, I've been pondering about a Beauty A-Z, a definitive list of my favourite brands, products and beauty tricks I've learned since I got hooked on makeup a couple of years ago. Without making it sound like an episode of Sesame Street (although that would be ridiculously cool in itself), today's letter is A. Do you know how few beauty brands and products are graced with the humble letter A? I certainly didn't as I contemplated this task, as ironically I fell at the first hurdle by taking 3 days to come up with some of my favourite products.

As it stands, I came up with 3, so here is by little list of favourites for the letter A.

  1. Abyssinia by NARS was one of the obvious contenders for this list, an eyeshadow which has become so ubiquitous in my makeup regime that I almost completely forgot about it as having a name beyond 'the perfect neutral eye'. Abyssinia, then, is a beautiful beige creamy shade by NARS which gives your eye just enough pep on its own that no other colours are necessary to make you look bright-eyed and fresh-faced for those days when you just can't be bothered. I never usually stop at one colour and incorporate this into a no-effort neutral smokey eye, and the reason I use it so much is the quality: it's a beautiful soft, satiny texture with no chalkiness whatsoever, making it ideal for everything from lazy days to highlighting.
  2. Aloe Vera Gel is something I've used on and off for years, a natural beauty staple which offers so much value for money with its myriad uses. Personally, I use it to help heal acne breakouts when I get them by applying it liberally over the area so it doesn't dry out and get more sore. It's also amazing for helping with skin conditions like eczema and sunburn as it soothes the itch and soreness without being drying, and it's great for when you shave your legs in a hurry and get razor burn. Many people swear by this as a daily oil-free and oil-controlling moisturiser, a face primer and even a hair styling product. It seems there's not much Aloe Vera can't do, and that alone deserves a mention in my Beauty A-Z.
  3. Advanced Night Repair from Estée Lauder is a product which has gained a fair bit of coverage recently, and has been hailed as a 'miracle night cream'. What sets it apart from the rest, however, is the fact that it's not really even a cream but a light serum which sinks into the skin and feels completely weightless; it's completely add odds with its night cream counterparts. Having used this for a couple of months, I have to say I love it. My skin feels brighter and fresher and my skin tone is more even and healthy-looking.
So that's that for the first Beauty A-Z post. Anyone got any favourite 'A' products to add to this list?

Monday, 8 February 2010

What I'm using right now!

Poached this tag; I just really felt like doing something quick and light-hearted tonight. Plus, I'm really nosy and love reading these on other blogs :)

Shampoo: L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Light
Conditioner: As above but in a conditioner form
Styling Products: Tresemmé Heat Protecting Spray, Aveda Volumizing Tonic, Osis Dust-It
Shower Gel: I don't do shower gel, so my soap is Sexy Peel by Lush
Body Moisturiser: Palmers Cocoa Butter
Deodorant: Sure Aerosol in Aloe Vera
Face Wash: Biotherm Biopur
Cleanser: Baby wipes and Nude Cleansing Oil
Exfoliator: MAC Volcanic Ash Scrub
Primer: I don't use a face primer as it makes me oilier than a deep fat fryer
Foundation Brush: Sonia Kashuk Flat-top Synthetic buffer brush
Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow
Concealer: E.L.F. Under eye concealer and Bobbi Brown for blemishes
Powder: Laura Mercier Mineral Powder and Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder
Blusher: Shu Uemura in P Peach 47
Bronzer: NARS Laguna
Highlighter: MAC Pigment in Vanilla
Eyeshadow Base: MAC Paintpot in Painterly
Eyeshadows: NARS Duo in Bellissima; NARS Eyeshadow in Cordura; MAC Eyeshadows in Vex, Femme-Fi, Typographic
Eyeliner: Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion; MAC Powerpoint Pencil in Grey Utility for the waterline
Mascara: Max Factor 2000 Calorie
Lipstick: MAC's Dubonnet
Lipgloss: Illamasqua's Intense Lipgloss in Besotted
Nail Colour: Ciaté for Asos in Mary-Kate

I don't know why I like reading these posts so much - I must be the nosiest person ever...

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Subject-change Sunday: A little bit of indie shopping

Sometimes I feel like I get so caught up in beauty that I need a little respite in other types of frivolity, or something completely unrelated. So, I'm making Sunday a day to talk about something a little different, a day where I can talk about myself, the things that have been bothering me, a completely trivial outpouring of thoughts. Whatever it may be, if you're only here for the beauty then feel free to skip over.

Like many women, I love to shop and all too often fall for the pricey allure of pretty things made by huge corporations who turn cheap fabrics and labour into diaphanous tops and dresses to be coveted. However, sometimes I like to shop off the highstreet, where the competition for the last size 10 for the latest must-have is a little less crowded and infinitely more fun if you're into the whole window shopping thing. I think that 'indie shopping', so it is termed, immediately connotes one of those 'holier-than-thou' attitudes, like it's the smug hybrid car owner of the shopping world, which is probably an attitude carried over and perpetuated from the music genre of the same name, which often comes across as the epitome of smuggery.

Nevertheless, I don't really see shopping indie in the sense of 'my purse is more indie and original than yours'; in fact I see it as a really friendly community where sellers are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you get exceptional goods. And there are some amazingly talented people out there with lovely products which are overshadowed by the current highstreet brands. What is sad, though, is that the majority of these little quirky brands are situated in the U.S., and sometimes the shipping prices and possibly customs charges are just a little too high. However, today I'm going to share with you a few of my favourite little indie buys and/or companies, and show you their wares.

One of the first companies I want to tell you about is Mogo Goods, a company whose mantra is 'modern goods from scratch'. They stock a variety of kitschy-cute little products, but the real star of their shop is something I've ordered time and time again and I love the little pop of colour and fun it adds into the otherwise dark recesses of my handbag.

It is the UFO snap wallet, which has evolved from a small dynasty of similar-but-much-smaller products, the first being the 'snap case', which was smaller than a credit card. This is the perfect purse for me to keep all my cards, change and various detritus (plectrums, photos of Kiwi, a silver loveheart...) and I've re-ordered this more than a few times. That's not to say it doesn't last a long time, but once it got a bit grubby in my bag, so I tried to clean it with a toothbrush and some gentle washing detergent... Which ruined the whole thing :( The fabric is custom-made by Mogo and they have a few other prints, such as a foosball theme and one featuring balloon dogs :)

A company which had been on the periphery of my consciousness until recently are Box and Flea, who are a duo with a small and sweet line of bandanas and bags. I'd been eyeing up one of their products for a long time until Kiwi surprised me with their Swallow Bandana for my birthday in the colour coal. This little company say their ethos is to make a product which will become someone's favourite, a treasure for years to come, and the little bandana I own is testament to the passion they have for their work. I'm excited to see what comes next from this store.

Another little venture which has caught my attention has to be the fashion exploits of Effie's Heart, who are doing beautiful things with fabric and ruffles in a way which inspires me to want to dress differently and live in a different era. Their taste in fabric, colour and design is just lovely and they have an eye for little details which make their products stand out, but not too loudly. My favourite thing about Effie's Heart is that they are unashamedly retro and build upon vintage stylings to create items which are incredibly unique. One of my favourite things I've seen from them are their riding tights, but I wouldn't say no to one of their beautiful dresses.

Etsy, of course, has always been the Queen Bee of indie shopping, almost a friendlier eBay with much nicer sellers and fewer people leaving gratuitous negatives when their item doesn't arrive one day after they've ordered it. I've always had an awesome experience with all the sellers on there who will often design you a product from scratch if you ask. Etsy is one of those sites, however, where sometimes you have to trawl through a lot of... let's say crap... to find something awesome. With an ever-expanding user-base, there's a lot to see and not all of it's good. They're a friendly bunch though, so I'll share with you my favourite picks:
  • For quite some time I've been admiring these lovely Baby Pussy Willow Earrings, which have obviously been crafted by a very talented individual with a lot more lovely items to coo over in their shop.
  • I've also been eyeing up this Cat Ear Beanie, which, despite the terrible mannequin head which features largely in the picture, looks cozy and cute without being too twee and Hello Kitty-ish for my pink-avoiding tastes.
  • And finally, if you've got a little kitty-cat who is a bit of a stoner, then Maisonwares has got the most amazing catnip toy for your pointy-eared friend: it's a catnip toy in the shape of a moustache! Whose cat wouldn't want one?! (My little cat decimated this in a matter of hours). Maisonwares are currently re-vamping their web store, however, so sit tight on this one.

1: UFO Snap Wallet, $35, Mogo Goods
2: Swallow Bandanna, $35, Box and Flea
3: Riding Tights, $36, Effie's Heart
4: Baby Pussy Willow Earrings, $17.50, Starrydesigns @ Etsy
5: Cat Beanie Hat, $30, Pixiebell @ Etsy
6: Mustache Catnip Toy, $3, Maisonwares @ Etsy

Another one of my favourite little sites to browse is Of Cabbages and Kings, which holds within a miscellany of quirky and cute products ranging from hair slides to egg cups. They have a simply beautiful selection of necklaces (some rather pricey!), but all very classy and understated items with a whimsical twist. For me, there are a few stand-out items that I just adore:

All Of Cabbages and Kings.

So there we are. A few of my favourite picks from independent online sellers who really pack a punch. I hope you all enjoyed :)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Current Covets

Like most girls with a bit of a passion for makeup, I've got a list as long as my boyfriend's arm of things I would like to get my grubby little mitts on - in fact there are so many that I've given up keeping neatly-handwritten lists and clippings from magazines, and have instead stashed all my beauty desires in a text file on my computer. What with coming into Spring, my beauty and style tastes are on the change; my personal style is becoming softer and more feminine with lace detailing and twee little sweaters which I would never have dreamed of wearing 6 months ago making it into my wardrobe.

As for beauty, I'm starting to see a fairly comprehensive pattern forming; the need for beautiful, porcelain skin with a lovely dewy tinge, soft and sweet eye makeup, less austere liquid liner (that'll be a challenge), gentle peachy-pink blushes and no harsh red lips. Although, in an ideal world, I'd love to give up my liquid liner and newly-found red lips, I have to admit this is going to be a challenge; I love the vintage pin-up look, but the fact is that there will come a time when I will need to wean myself off it in favour of new climes.

A thing I've been wanting for ages is a product from Pure Luxe Cosmetics ever since I saw a video on Filthy Gorgeous Makeup. Unfortunately there are no pictures for this one, but it's called a Flash Cube and I want one in the colour Mai Tai, a gorgeous coral-orange glitter with gold flecks which would be perfect for a party eye going into Spring.

From NARS I've been desperate for one of their lip lacquers. I've only ever owned one lip lacquer from NARS before - Eros - and completely loved the formulation. They are are a richly-pigmented thick lipgloss and although their price-tag is a little steep, the little pot lasts ages and you can just have a lovely light sheen on your lips, or build up the colour for a lovely pout. Having worked as a waitress too, this product really stood up to 10-hour shifts and unrelentingly busy Saturdays. I'm not especially wild about the need for a lip brush with this product, but I'll cope. And the colour I'm so desperate to own? It's Capucine, a beautiful tangerine shade with gold shimmer.

I've been getting a little bored with my bronzer from NARS recently and feel like my life may not be complete without Chanel Bronze Universel, which is a cream-based bronzer. It looks like a beautiful product to use, and will be ideal for swapping the powdery look of Winter makeup for the dewier complexion Spring is set to bring. The price-tag with this one is a little steep, but I can't wait to try this product on my skin.

Of course, we all know that 'beauty is only skin deep' as that mantra goes, and I've found a couple of skin products I'd love to try to keep my skin healthy and fresh-looking throughout the months of Spring. The first one I'd like to try is something called Environ B-Active Sebuspot, which was touted in a magazine I read recently as being a really great product for healing acne and reducing the redness. Retailing at only £15, it's a pretty affordably-priced product which claims to deliver really excellent results.

Another thing I've been more... well... curious about is the Tejaswini Clear Skin Capsules, which apparently are a product models swear by to keep their skin spot-free and fresh as a daisy. I'm not really one to play around with dietary supplements, but beauty journalists from Cosmopolitan to The Sunday Times are name-dropping this everywhere. It's an Ayurvedic blend of 10 different herbs which are supposed to help purify your blood and release toxins, thus helping you stop getting spots. I'd love to give it a try, but I'm definitely going to be reading up on this one.

Current beauty must-haves, anyone?

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Thoughts on... E.L.F. Mineral Lipstick

A little while ago (I'm pretty sure I started my last post with exactly the same phrase!) I placed an order with Eyes Lips Face, or E.L.F., for short. I threw a couple of things into my shopping basket on there without thinking particularly hard about what I was buying; I mainly just picked a few things I fancied along with the other things I'd particularly been wanting to try. When the order arrived, I didn't have any real preconceptions or prior product knowledge to work on. In all truth, I wasn't even particularly excited, though I was a bit curious. Drugstore makeup is one of those areas which is a bit new and uncharted for me; sure I've tried and used my fair share of it, but I've always tended to stick to the brands I know and like, such as Barry M, and have rarely broached the ever-expanding chasm into the realm of the unknown brand.

E.L.F. is one such brand I'd never tried, and I'd never tried them because I perhaps got a little too caught up in enjoying my new-found love for shiny, expensive brands like MAC and NARS. It was never really a case of 'snobbery' with me, I've found, but simply the fact that I loved the brands I was really into, and especially with the high turnover of new products from MAC, I never felt I needed to go elsewhere.

So, my first real foray into the world of drugstore and more purse-friendly priced makeup has ended in a real success story, so successful, in fact, that I'm devoting a whole post to one sole product: the mineral lipstick line by E.L.F.

Having never really tried drugstore lipstick before, I hummed and hawwed about picking a shade. Anyone who has ever shopped MAC's website knows full well to take their swatches with a pinch of salt, so I picked a fairly easy wearable shade which I knew wouldn't go horribly wrong if it strayed too far from the swatch on the website. The shade I ordered was Ripe Rose, and it's a beautiful dusky, rosy pink which is excellent for the daytime. The colour, as it stands was pretty similar to the swatch on the website - darker than I was expecting, but still very lovely. In a way, it reminds me of that plump, healthy colour I've always wanted my lips to be, because sadly my lips are rather pale.

Please excuse the sloppy application :)

The texture and wear on this lipstick are fantastic, too. It's a really creamy kind of lipstick and reminds me of a cross between a Lustre and an Amplified Creme, if we're talking finishes from MAC.

And why?

The pigmentation of this lipstick is really excellent, and much better than I was expecting, and it's really creamy exactly like an Amplified Creme. However, it also gives a little bit of a glossy look to the lips, just like a Lustre finish.
So, there we have it. I've survived my first proper foray into the unknown and come out much more educated than I could have possibly imagined! I'm definitely going to be buying some more, too... I've got my eye on Cool Coral, Barely Bitten, Cheerful Cherry and
Royal Red.

Anyone else tried any of these?


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