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Focus on Embryolisse: Lait-Crème Concentré

If my skin care routine and I ever made it to the stage of being in some sort of a relationship, we'd be the Facebook equivalent of 'It's Complicated', the woolly, vague masker of all sins. Skin care isn't really my favourite thing to talk about. I buy products, I have no real opinion of them and then I wait for them to run out so I can buy another, similar product (but of course with different promises). Rinse, repeat. I seem to be suffering from what I'd call Cosmetic Fatigue; products I'm bored of don't seem to be running out fast enough so I can move onto the next shinier thing.

So you can see why I'm not the best for talking about skin care, given our past failure to have a meaningful relationship.

Generally what happens is I find what I like, and hang onto it, gripping wildly, until I am unceremoniously dumped by it (probably via Facebook) and it just stops working for me anymore. A shake-up was needed, and I think I have the products in mind.

Embryolisse has been a bit of a buzzword in the beauty community as of late, from makeup artists to beauty addicts, and it's not without reason. Embryolisse, a French pharmacy brand, has been catapulted into the beauty consciousness recently due to their cult Lait-Crème Concentré - touted as a 'miracle cream' which seems to do just about everything minus groom your pet and cook you dinner.

Attention is now falling to the other products by this Parisian brand, to see if they match up to the high standard Embryolisse has set for itself. And having been sent some samples to test from Coco Beau, I've got good news for you: some of them do...
First up in this series - the cream. (I talked far too much to be able to fit all the reviews in one post - can you tell?!)

The Cream: Lait-Crème Concentré - the '24 Hour Miracle Cream.

Image snaffled from cocobeau.co.uk.

Starting with the product which started the furore, then, I actually cracked and bought this one myself after the ravages of a particularly virulent cold left my skin dry and painful, and I fancied treating myself to a fix-it-all.

The product is packaged in a aluminium tube, which feels slightly retro and not altogether to my taste as metal packaging and I have a huge history of it rupturing somewhere in the depths of my handbag and the product exploding everywhere.

The cream itself is a bit of a trompe l'oeil; it seems really rich and thick and full of emulsifiers, but when you begin to rub in the (tiny pea-sized) blob into your face, it immediately begins to melt in effortlessly, much like the name would suggest - a milky-cream. However, whereas others reported it sank in very quickly for them, this actually takes longer than my usual moisturiser to sink in, but seeing as I, with my stubborn combination skin, am not Embryolisse's target audience, then I can understand.

Their target audience, then, is those with dry skin and it seems to be working very well for them, given the floods of positive reviews. For me, I have to agree. Although my skin took a little while to adjust to such a hydrating cream and rebuked me laughingly with about a week's worth of oily skin, I persevered and was pretty amazed by this moisturiser.

My skin after having adjusted to prolonged daily use is softer, plumper and more radiant, and it's actually less oily than before - meaning it was most likely chronically dehydrated and that the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré has redressed the balance. All my winter dry bits have vanished completely, and better still, they didn't reappear part-way through the day in flaky, nasty, very visible patches through my fading foundation. The moisture was truly locked in with barbed wire, patrol dogs and very high walls.

Anyway - what about the 'miracle' epithet often descriptively afforded to this product? Well, it's a product of many uses: a moisturiser, a primer, a cleanser and post-shave soother. Have I tested it in all of these contexts?

Er, no. However, seeing as I moisturise in the morning and then apply foundation, I can vouch for the primer aspect: foundations which are more difficult to blend, such as the Bourjois Bio-Detox, or MAC's Pro Longwear, glide on effortlessly - so much so that I've been forced to reverse my previously negative opinions of the Bio-Detox foundation because of the way my skin has been transformed by this product.

As a cleanser, I liked it, but infinitely preferred it as a moisturiser - 'cold cream' cleansers are not my favourite way to go, but this will work nicely if that's your favourite way to go, especially with a muslin cloth to exfoliate.

In terms of ingredients, there's quite a lot of interest too; it contains shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera and soy protein and is formulated specifically to minimise the likelihood of allergic reactions. More scientifically, it contains something called SymDiol 68T - sounds a bit scary, but actually it's there because it is a great moisturiser with the added benefits of anti-oxidant properties.

Did you know I could talk this long about a face cream? I didn't either. Suffice to say, though - this face cream has completely changed my skin and my skin care routine - my skin is hydrated and rebalanced and I seem to be beating the notorious (and loathed) winter dullness. Foundation is no longer sticking to dry bits (because there aren't any), my skin is smooth and glowing and happy - basically this is a dream come true for my skin. It is light on the scent - sort of a very clean, light floral and nothing too strong or distinctive. I say: yes please, and lashings of it.

I purchased the 75ml size from Coco Beau here for £16.


  1. Does this have a scent? I'm currently using a fabulous rich cream that smells of lemons and I'm not sure I want to change but now I am very tempted (if I can get a hold of this anyway).

    Ignore this comment if you covered the scent and I missed it.

  2. @Jeweled Thumb damn, I thought I'd mentioned it! This also happens in real life where I'll think I've said something to Kiwi and realise I haven't, it was in my head the whole time. It is a very light, clean floral scent - nothing really strong or really distinctive. :)

  3. You my friend are tempting me to buy things again.Love the review and I might be getting this when my Korres one finishes.

  4. Sounds like I need to get this. Right now my skin is like a shrivelled old piece of leather that's been left out in the sun for about a week and then baked in a hot oven for a further 24 hours. *trots off to CocoBeau*

  5. Does it contain any petrochemicals (like mineral oil or paraffin) or silicones? I'm very tempted... I've also found that when switching to a heavier cream, oily or combination skin first seems to reject all the extra moisture and just shines like a discoball, but after some time, it actually becomes less oily, softer and more plump. Thumbs up for thicker formulas!

  6. @Ria Maybe I should start these posts with a disclaimer specifically for you :D x

    @konni Ooh I hope you enjoy it and it makes your skin happy! It definitely has mine! :)

  7. @Rocaille See, this is the tricky thing. I was going to comment on this in the post - but as all the information wasn't available to me, I opted not to. In the ingredients list is listed paraffinum liquidum, which most people know to be mineral oil. It's listed under the product on their website.

    However, and here's where it gets confusing - EnKoreMakeup wrote to them to ask about the mineral oil in their product and they said they didn't use mineral oil in it... So now I don't know what to think - but as it's still included in the ingredients list, I'd have to say yes.

    As for the silicones - I can't see any in the ingredients list - I was looking for dimethicone and methicone and haven't found any, so it seems to be good on that front.

    Mineral oils aren't the thing to fuss me as I've never had a negative reaction from a product containing them - do you have a bad reaction to them? :) x

  8. great. I'm sold. one more thing on my coco beau wishlist.
    damnit cami! I am sending you my bill :P

    oh and I've just read your youtube message :) THANK YOU!


    (aka zickzackhosenkack .. god I hate my youtube nick)

  9. BTW - us in other countries can buy this on amazon for only $28 USD with free shipping. I always seem to forget amazon marketplace exists. I think I'm going to try it. I love that it is in a tube (so many rich creams are in a pot).

  10. Hi there, I didn;t experience any breaking out when using this product. But my skin is quite robust to be honest. What I didn’t like about it was that I found it to be quite greasy and sat on top of my skin, despite using small amounts and massaging it into the skin. I found that it made a great hand cream though!
    Thanks – I’ve had a request to do an updated skincare vid so watch out for that : D

  11. This sounds amazing. I have combination skin so I wonder how well it work on my skin. I try to stay way from anything super rich since I don't usually get any dry patches. This sounds amazing tho. Tempted to try it.

  12. I have been eye-ing this cream for a while. Your post definitely made me want to try it even more.
    Please go check out my blog, I started it not long ago.

  13. I really love this as i mentioned on your video :) I can really see a difference when i dont use it of a night- my face feels dryer and less plump, think ive just started an expensive addiction, but its so worth it! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on other products in their range!

  14. @Shea Butter You could always try to get hold of a sample and go from there :)

    @Kerry! I let my mum try it at Christmas and now she's requested a tube too! It really does feel like my skin is sighing in relief when I use it at the moment. I've got a sample of their lotion version of this to try so I'm interested to see how they compare :)

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  16. It is a fabulous product and a cult favourite with makeup artists http://williamspromakeup.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/battle-of-balms-clarins-beauty-flash.html


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