Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sugarpill, and the field trip away from monochrome

Much like the famed canine buddies of Pavlov, I respond to certain stimuli, although I am fortunately much more housebroken in my daily life than I suspect the dogs were. Equally fortunately, I don't usually start drooling at the merest tinkle of a bell, but I do often get the glazed look of longing when I spot a particularly coveted makeup item, or feel compelled to hit refresh repeatedly on the MAC website when a new collection releases, even when I don't want anything, just to check what's selling out.

Pretty colours and shiny things bring out the worst in me - a double-edged sword of WANT cut with a silvered blade of 'but I don't even wear colour'. I think twice about my purchase and usually reluctantly put my beaten debit card, sighing and huffing and talking myself down all the way.

However, when I saw an FOTD on Lillian's blog a very long while ago, I was powerless to resist and the WANT train hit me full-smack in the face. I simply had to have.

The product which prompted it all was Sugarpill's Chromalust Loose Eyeshadow in Royal Sugar, and it is the colour dreams are made of. The notion of blue eyeshadow actually strikes fear into my heart usually, but we (the blue and I) reconciled our differences of 80's blue eyeshadow up to the eyebrows and offensive pink lipstick and shoulder-pads and I clicked 'order'.

4 weeks of waiting followed as the Royal Mail lost my package and took 2 weeks sending it back. Fed up with waiting, I attempted to place a new order and Paypal limited my account for reasons spurious and apparently routine. Despondent and fearing my colourful dreams were not to be, I was nonetheless itching to get my order, so I ordered elsewhere, and then somehow 3 other Sugarpill shades fell into my basket.


However, what I'm trying to say here, in a roundabout fashion (because it wouldn't be me if I weren't roundabout), is that Sugarpill is fully responsible for reawakening that childish SQUEE! emotion in me, that excitement I lost when unboxing a new product for the first time. I want more and I want to put them all over my face and be colourful and shiny and bright and look like a rainbow threw up on me. Even if they scare me a little.

Enough of the syntax and pontification though - you have to see these swatches. I was so amazed by these new jars of shiny that I wanted to go back to MAC with all of my pigments and demand a refund for their having been so dull all this time.

I suck at swatches, as always: 1. Darling (teal with teal shimmer); 2. Royal Sugar (royal blue with silver shimmer); 3. Paperdoll (lilac with magenta shimmer) and 4. Stella (black with multicoloured shimmer).

I've got my Gollum face well and truly on - that face of selfish wanting - I want MORE MORE MORE of Sugarpill and LESS LESS LESS of MAC. Oh, how I wish I'd discovered it sooner - it's like finally finding the big X on the treasure map, and it was right in front of your nose the whole time.

A few things I've noted while using this and enacting my first wide-eyed foray into what feels like Dorothy's Oz:
- These are ridiculously pigmented and can stain - the only thing which got this off my hands and arm after swatching was oil.
- They throw up quite a lot of dust - they are more finely-milled than MAC and require a more sticky base, such as Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy (which I don't own, but can justify now!)
- Using them wet with water, especially for concentrated areas (liquid liner) can mean the shadow cracks on the eyelid as the pigment is much more loose and finely-milled than a MAC pigment, so try MAC's various mixing mediums.

Have you ever tried Sugarpill?


  1. HOLY SMOKES...Now that's color. Have fun with it.


  2. *wants* :D makes *gollum eyes*

  3. Shinyyyyyyyyyy!!!
    I'd wear the black as an eyeliner over the purple one.It'd make my eyes stand out like BOOM!or sth. Now I'll have to get these.Poor poor Santa :p
    Thanks for swatching girl!


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