Monday, 29 November 2010

iPulse, my bad genetic make-up and the elegant Blogger Event

A little while ago now I was privileged enough to be invited to My First Blogger Event, hosted by iPulse at the elegant Mayfair Hotel in London. I have to admit, for much of the event, I was suffering from an inferiority complex - so many illustrious denizens of the Big Bad Beauty Blogging world who routinely perch atop their soapboxes to deliver wonderfully-composed beauty tidbits, and then little old me?

Thankfully, none of them were scary - I got to meet the lovely Jen of Mizzworthy fame, and the equally lovely Sarah of I Heart Cosmetics.

The whole point of the event, because I'm not very good at getting to the point myself, was a round table event where we were invited to grill the CEO Scott Wotherspoon and his tribe on concerns, problems and general questions about the current iPulse device.

I felt spoiled; champagne, nibbly canapés and fish and chips! In a cone! An evening spent in good company, food and a good chinwag about beauty and all things hair removal... And Mr. Wotherspoon was surprisingly knowledgeable considering he was surrounded by a room of not only the more hirsute of the female population, but most likely his most discerning critics too.

In true 'me' style, I actually managed to leave all of my carefully-scribed notes from the Question Time style affair right where I wrote them... On the table. But, I do remember a few little tidbits of information for those of you who own an iPulse, or are thinking of owning one:

1. Fake tan matters: If you tan or fake tan, the iPulse is not going to be as effective as it would be with natural skin. You shouldn't use the iPulse after exposure to sun anyway, but even if you've fake-tanned, you need to scrub it off and treat your pasty skin as it is.

2. Facial hair is special: Facial hair is a different kind of hair to that on the rest of your body, and even if you're pale-skinned and dark-haired like me, it'll take much longer to treat and may not go away completely. It may be more of a maintenance job rather than a Bye Bye Beardy one.

3. Weekly treatments: The thing about the iPulse as opposed to treatments in a salon is that you do the iPulse treatment weekly, whereas a salon treatment is performed on a monthly basis. The reason you can only have a salon-style treatment once a month is to allow for skin repair - however, this doesn't make the iPulse any less powerful or effective as you're doing it 4 times a month rather than one and it all works out the same overall.

4. Unibrow: Bad news for those of us wanting to treat our eyebrows and rid ourselves of tweezers forever: it's not a good idea to treat your eyebrows at all. Remember how you once accidentally plucked an eyebrow hair out and it looked really obvious and it never really grew back and you had a gap there forever? The iPulse will do that, but 10 times over - you may well end up with only half an eyebrow. Not a good look. The light is not unsafe to the eyes, though.

5. Slather on that gel: The gel provided is dual-purpose in that it acts as both a skin cooler for your comfort and it also focuses the light to where it needs to get to. Without it, your treatments will be both more painful and less effective.

So, how did I get on? Well, in the interests of beauty, I've shaved various parts of myself including my arm and my face and have been lucky enough to get pretty good results. My legs (as a result of a combination of salon laser treatments 5 years ago and the iPulse) are patchy and bald and take much less upkeep. My bikini line is receding in terror and my underarms too.

It is a time-consuming treatment, however, which does take a lot longer than it estimates on the site and this, for me, is the reason I am not as diligent as I should be about going through those all-important hair-zapping machinations. After the event, I've been more motivated to keep up the treatment, and while I will say that it hasn't obliterated all hair everywhere within the 12 week time-frame and declared all-out war on those follicles, it's definitely working, and I'm definitely a much improved model from my starting genetic makeup (thanks, Dad!)

So, I put it to you: Any questions?

Much love.


  1. Hi Cami. Thank you so much for all this info. You've helped me make my mind up and I'm off to buy the iPulse Plus this weekend. I just wanted to know, when you say it's more time-consuming than the site estimates, how long are we talking? Thanks. x

  2. @Claire Hi, thanks for your recent comments over on here :) As for the time-frame, it depends really on the individual. If your hair is quite fine, then it won't happen as quickly as it would in areas where the hair is coarser. As for the time-consuming nature - I mean in both senses of the treatment - it can take longer than the 12 weeks - and the individual treatments themselves can take quite a while to complete (a couple of hours) depending on how much of your body you're treating at once...

    If you examine the blurb from iPulse, they promise permanent hair *reduction* in 12 weeks rather than removal. If you're diligent and do the treatment each week, it shouldn't take an overly long time to complete - but I can't give you an exact number! You'll definitely start getting balder, but it might take a little while longer than they estimate. Let me know if you've any more questions :)

  3. Thank you for replying so quickly. :) I will definitely get back to you if I think of anything else. I'm getting excited now and can't wait to buy it! Btw, I can completely empathise when you say, 'thanks Dad'. ;-D Thanks again. x


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