Thursday, 11 November 2010

Beauty 5: 5 ways to combat dull Winter skin

My skin is subject to some turbulence due to some cold air invading my otherwise usually balmy atmosphere; it seems that I'm always due at least one horrific break-out and attack of the dermatological flatline with the change of the season. It mainly involves dull skin punctuated by the angry, radioactive glow of a brigade of surging pockmarks and dryness, rather than the advert-ready glow of healthy skin and having basked in 12 hours' worth of sleep.

Despite drinking more water and eating more fruit, my skin still feels lacklustre and a C+ "could try harder" student. Whilst I've managed to stop picking at my boils long enough for my face to heal, my skin feels grey, flat and one-dimensional, and I'm trying to remedy that, battling along valiantly with a few products.

It's working, and I feel the need to share. Here are my top 5 products for combatting the dull, rough-hewn skin that Winter is bringing in flurries.

1. Exfoliate: One of the easiest and best and oldest-est ways to happier, flake-free skin. For the face, the Body Shop Facial Buffer is a force unto itself and completely unbeatable. It's cheap, you can use it with your existing chosen face unguents and potions, and er... It's just brilliant. For body, Soap & Glory's Flake Away is a coarse sugary scrub which smells sweet and fruity and leaves a little of its oils on your skin to keep your grey elbows moisturised throughout the day - perfect if you're a chronically-lazy person for moisturising, like me.
2. Consider oil: As a night treatment, I like to use oil to moisturise when my skin feels sore and wind-beaten. My two very favourites are the A'Kin Rosehip oil, sent to me by my almost-favourite Aussie Jade (my actual favourite Australian happens to be Karl Kennedy FYI), and the Nude Replenishing Night Oil. The Rosehip Oil happens to smell... interesting, but is lovely and moisturising and reasonably-priced for brightening up my skin. The Nude Replenishing Night Oil is a more high-end product, but is lovely and light, and sinks in easily for overnight em-plumpening purposes.
3. FACE atelier Ultra Foundation: I can't sing the praises of this foundation enough. It doesn't cling to winter dry patches and glides onto the skin effortlessly for a healthy, dewy-but-not-too-dewy finish which is a perfect usurper of a whole summer of stay-put matte finishes.
4. Cream blush: The emollient nature of the cream blush is perfect for duller, dryer skin seasons, as it lends a little gleam and glow to the skin if you've still not made friends with the bewildering world of highlighters. My pick for the harsher climes is MAC's Blushcreme in Posey - a deep pink of tramping through cold weather, but being rewarded with a mulled wine and a mince pie for your pains. Lovely.
5: Highlight: Oldest trick in the book - but it works. Dior's Amber Diamond, currently the rightful recipient of a huge amount of hype, is a lovely highlighter which is low on too much glitter and just adds a beautiful, soft sheen to catch the fading light on dull days.

So, that wraps up my little list of essentials for faking a little brightness in these colder, darker days.

What are your secrets to brighter skin?


  1. My skin is already dry, and it gets worst in the winter, not to mention that my eczema flares up so I'm left with itchy and red patches of skin. I swear by exfoliation and oil, and I find that bronzer reduces the redness on my face. Thanks for those tips!

  2. Aww Cami <3 lol I can't believe you watch Neighbours XP yeh the rosehip oil smells kinda blegh

    I need to get more into cream blush I've decided, posey good for us pale faces? It looks pretty from the pan :)

    Hey speaking of dior amber diamond I'm giving one away on ze blog ;)

  3. Posey looks amazingly gorgeous, I think it may have to be my first MAC purchase! xo

  4. Where can I buy that face atelier foundation? You've been raving about it so much, I wanna try it ;)

  5. Lovely post, I have to try that Soap & Glory scrub... xxx

  6. HannibalcrossingtheAlps12 November 2010 at 11:09

    I have dry and sensitive skin and the place where I live is extremely cold and dry in winter. I can't live without a good serum, a thick facial cream, a decent foundation and mild exfoliation. EL Advanced Night Repair, Plante System Urgence paraben-free moisturizer (HG), NARS SG or Kanebo Finish Fluid and Origins Night-a-mins cream are the best allies I could find.
    Cream blush is a great idea! I would try Nars Cactus Flower.

  7. I have been wanting to snag the Dior Amber Diamond for a while now; everyone says how beautiful it is. My question is,"Is it REALLY worth the the $50 bucks? Will I get my money's worth?"

  8. I don't particularly have any secrets for brighter skin but I think using an exfoliator once a week can really make a huge difference.

  9. @Gaby You're welcome! I know that most people don't really think of using oil for their beauty routine, especially those with oily skin :) I swear by oils in my skin routine, just not all the time :)

    @Jade Don't you be dissing. Neighbours is the epitome of fine TV. Posey is just fine for us pale girls, you just need to be more careful :)

    @jennie that's a high accolade! I hope you enjoy it :)

    @Justine there's a few places! CocoBeau stock it, as do CultBeauty and White Rabbit Beauty -and I think you might be able to order a sample direct from the FACE atelier website :)

  10. @Rocaille You so do - the scent on it is so delicious and sweet and it's a really fabulous scrub in itself :) xxx

    @Hannibal Oh you are so mean! I swatched Cactus Flower the other day and now I have this irrational need for it, I HAVE to own it! Good shout on the EL serum too, I used to have one of those but I used it all up :(

    @The Beauty Vixen Hmmm... tricky question. Is ANYTHING really worth what we're paying for it these days?! I'd say it's a really lovely product, soft and not too shimmery like some highlighters can be, but you should go and have a swatch of it before you buy. It's a gorgeous product, but it's not strictly necessary in my book :)

    @strawberry fields and vodka it's amazing how it brightens and tautens the skin! I feel so fresh after exfoliating :)

  11. I really love the FACE atelier foundation! Its gorgeous! :)

    Hope youre well dear!




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