Sunday, 31 October 2010

Recent Ins and Outs

I feel like I've not had time to breathe recently - Kiwi's not had to go in to work due to it being half-term, so he's off enjoying a nice holiday like the rest of his kiddies... This leads to constant 'what are you going to feed me today?' whines and big, sad bottom lips when I tell him it's something low-fat with no actual food content.

I miss my old hair - can haz haircut? Internets, tell me the answer!

I've not actually been able to walk properly most of this week. I decided to do the operation: lose the blubber again, and as a result have been hula-hooping and Shredding with the Supreme Evil Overlord Jillian Michaels. I try to exercise in the morning so she gets the brunt of my rage and my soul feels cleansed... Anyway, I overdid it a lot somewhat and could only walk at a snail's pace - and a robotic snail at that, which prompted Kiwi to keep hustling me to 'HURRY UUUUUP!' I never want to get old - because overdoing it on a workout made me feel like I was trapped in a lead suit, and I imagine that's how the older and wiser feel!

So, anyway - enough of the pointless rambling. Here's a little Sunday afternoon Ins and Outs for you, to show you what I've been enjoying, what I haven't, and er... what I'm on the fence about!

- Hula-hooping: This is genuinely my most favourite form of exercise apart from dance, mainly because it involves dance, and singing and jiggling around like an absolute prat to all of my favourite tunes. Yesterday I did the Time Warp whilst maintaining perfect airspeed velocity rotation speed - and the best thing was that Kiwi didn't even raise an eyebrow and retained complete composure at the sight of me shaking my booty-thang in my delightful sportswear.
- Statement lips: MAC's Toxic Tale, Lustering and Violetta, NARS Red Lizard, vampy shades and anything else which nears the day-glo paradox is my thing right now. It's low-key showing off one's plumage without too much commitment.
- Ebony/chocolate hair: I fell out of the phase of dying my hair black with a violet undertone and went for something a little more grown-up: I dyed it a beautiful deep-brown (the deepest, darkest one before you hit black) and it looks beautifully shiny, glossy and in keeping with the season.
- Inglot: I LOVE YOU, INGLOT! Your buttery shadows seduce me and your blushes and your lipsticks and and and... This is a not-so covert attempt to get them to GET THEIR SHOP ONLINE DAMNIT.

- Bourjois Bio-Detox Foundation: I'm still not sure. I think it's the colour being too yellow-toned - some days I can pull it off, and some days it makes me look like an extra from The Simpsons, which is NOT cool. It wears well and has a matte finish, but a peculiar smell. Hmm... This is a head-scratcher of an enigma.

- MAC: Again, MAC are on my naughty step, because of the absolute atrocities committed with their newest collection. I felt like I needed eye bleach the first time I saw the packaging, and the products look absolutely terrible. Thank you so much for releasing a crap collection, MAC, because now I actually save some money for something useful... like that eye bleach.
- Long hair: I had a comment on my YouTube channel on a very old video way back when I had awesome short hair. I miss it; long hair makes me feel more 'classic' and I can wear less makeup, but short hair makes me feel spunky and more interesting. I'm so bored of trying to grow my hair - can I cut it all off yet?

And Happy Halloween! I don't 'do' Halloween - but I did do a video tutorial of the neatened-up and straightened-out deer look I posted last week!


  1. lol I wasn't a fan of tartan tale either... I liked the peach blush, but it was sooo light(and I am pale), it was verging on yellow, so I passed and not planning on getting anything.

  2. Short! I do like it how it is now though, but I do love it short. you could always get clip ins or something.

    I'm also quite underwhelmed by tartan tale, I want some of the dazzleglass cremes (the bright pink and purple one) and courting lilac lipstick but I'm quite unimpressed by the rest, oh! and the pigments, but that is it for me.

  3. Hula hooping sounds like a really fun way to work out. I do the Shred (well, endure it) and while it does the job its definitely not fun!
    I love short hair - if you're brave enough to go for the chop and know it suits you then do it! x

  4. I need to get back on the shred!!! Yeh tartan tale is kinda crap, though I think I do want one of the lip packages mmm

  5. I really love you in the pixie-ish short haircut you had back in a day...lovely.But then again,you really wold look lovely in anything bacause of the shape of your face...As to the colour,my hair is that deep brown colour too after years of dying it black with a hint of blue-you really cant go any blacker than that-and I absolutely love it so I can relate :)What brand of a hair dye are you using?

  6. @Justine It releases here this Thursday I think - and I'll be in London, but I really don't think I'll trek up to the counter to check it out. I just genuinely don't want any of it!

    @Simone You'll totally have to fight the Kiwisaur - he's all feather-ruffled about the fact that I desperately want to change my hair. I think my parents would never forgive me... Not an excuse, but my mum can be scary! Tartan Tale totally bores me... I want a couple of pigments but I'm not sure if I want them *enough* to trek up and get them in person...

    @LilyLipstick My current routine is down a coffee and a banana, wait half an hour and then do 30 mins hooping with a weighted hoop to my favourite cheesy tunes I'd never listen to under any other circumstances (The Twist and the Time Warp for example!). After that, a quick slug of water and onto the Shred. I only tolerate the Shred after by compartmentalising it into part 1, 2 and 3. I'm bloody-minded and refuse to quit :( I'm determined to get the weight off though, so I've gotta be strong, ugggh. x

  7. @Jadegrrrl I don't think I want anything - I might check out the pigments, but I don't know really... Nothing excites me, and the packaging is just awful.

    @marikuska I'm using a Garnier Nutrisse one - I can't remember the shade but it's just the last browny colour before black! I feel like short hair makes my features pop out more, whereas long hair makes my face look a bit longer and not as defined... Oh I don't know!

  8. haha AMEN to the tartan tale collection. HIDEOUSNESSSSSS WHY MAC WHY. Honestly. Such a terrible terrible job with that!

    And you are one of the few people who REALLY REALLY pulls off cute pixie cuts. I had an unfortunate incident in the past while I was obsessed with Audrey Hepburn and decided to give short hair a try. Didn't work out. :P

  9. I think theres smething about short cant hide behind your long locks...i think you look even better with really short pixie than the one you miss so much that goes slightly longer to your cheeks...decisions decisions,right? :)))

  10. Hi Cami, I like your hair in that screen grab but then I prefer flicky hair rather than sleek. It will always grow back if you cut it and then change your mind again. I always find a new hair cut invigorating but then maybe I'm weird.

    I'm passing on Tartan Tale completely. I've hauled quite big lately and with Xmas fast approaching I need to start spending more money on other people instead of myself. Plus Tartan Tale is completely uninspiring - it's like MAC 101 and I think I'm beyond that now.

    Can I make a quick comment on the new blog layout please? Feel free to ignore if you wish but I find the grey text on white background quite hard to read. Can the text be darker? Love the new header though - will have to check out Deniz



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