Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Mission #3: Neon Eyes

Just so we're absolutely clear: I feel ridiculous wearing this look, the latest of my Beauty 5 challenge series on the 5 looks I'm scared to wear. I came up with this miniseries as a form of slap to the face, a jump-start out of this beauty rut my makeup's been idling in, a need to stop my love for makeup atrophying. On the way so far, I've tried fuchsia lips and going natural - both easy, trifling little slips of dares which eased me in nicely.

And then I got here and the brakes screeched and I was too scared to even dip my toes in. The first two? Oh, they were easy. The next three on my to-do list, however, are the big guns, and when confronted with them, all I can do is squeak in reponse.

Oh, what's that? The music from The Twilight Zone is beginning to play, softly and eerily. Must be time for Mission #3: Neon Eyes.

As usual, a summary of today's arsenal:

1. MAC Pigment in Vanilla: I choose a soft white-gold pigment to blend into the inner corner and tear duct, for fear of neon orange all over the lid looking like I've contracted some tropical (and decidedly nasty) disease.
2. Sleek i-Divine Acid Palette: I home into the neon orange shade for this look. As a caveat, I normally love Sleek Palettes, however the Acid Palette is chalky, the shadows are not buttery smooth but rock hard to the touch and they are a bitch to blend.
3. Estée Lauder Double Wear Liquid Eyeliner: I forgo my usual Shiseido Fine Eyeliner for this beauty; it's the blackest black and is perfect for the job at hand. I know it won't fade or budge and it makes me feel more human.
4. NARS Multiple Tint Tube in Turks & Caicos: I pick a blush which is offensively neon-looking to match my orange eyes. However, this is a beautiful match as when applied, it tones down to a lovely peachy shade which complements the ocular monstrosity.
5. Beauté Liqui-Gel Stain in Fluoron*: Only the most perfect lipstain known to me and my ever-changing arsenal would fit here - lipstick wasn't right as it felt too much, and nothing else 'spoke' to me. I pick this offensively-coloured lipstain and blend it over my lips to a beautiful flushed pink. Nothing's ever as scary once it's out of the bottle.
And here's what it turned out like:

The only photo I don't actually hate - and no, I couldn't bring myself to dazzle you with a smile...

Another one of the best out of a bad lot - check out the hair. This is comedy gold...

I feel like I'm too early for Halloween, like that person who always jumps out and yells 'SURPRISE!' just a little too early. I feel like a plastic supermarket pumpkin and feel very out of sorts.

Oh well, the kicker is yet to come. As I present my face to Kiwi (does anyone else do that?! I always show Kiwi and he gives the final judgement and if it's bad, I just accuse him of not 'understanding' the brief...), there is a measured pause. Crickets stop cricketing, tumbleweeds stop tumbleweeding and the whole world holds its breath.

'Well,' he intones seriously, 'I like the orange. Looks good.'

Pardon me?

- The Sleek Acid Palette made my job for this challenge unnecessarily difficult; next time I'd go to Barry M or another brand, as the neon orange shadow I used was chalky, impossible to blend and nowhere near the buttery smoothness I'd expect from Sleek.
- The look? It's just not for me - except on fancy-dress occasions, however, I don't actually mind the juxtaposition of my blue eyes and the orange eyeshadow too much at all... I just wouldn't wear it everyday. Or every week. Or month. Maybe once a year? October 31st seems about right...

Comedy photo too good not to share: mid-blink is the most sultry of all.

*Product sent to me as a gift from Coco Beau. I am not being financially compensated to feature it, and I am neither affiliated with Coco Beau nor Beauté.


  1. I love your description: "ocular monstrosity" lol. :) ... Perhaps this is the sort of look that will grow on you after a while?... I can see it coordinating nicely with an all-black outfit! :)

  2. I actually think it looks quite good on you; possibly if anyone's capable of pulling off bright orange eyeshadow, it'd be you :) My man is a fan of brights as well - red nails = boring, indigo blue nails = fun. Man can be interesting at times... All the time :) xxx

  3. Hi Cami - I am a big fan of your blog and have decided to start my own - www.roxanneoak.blogspot.com - it would be awesome if you would check it out.

    Lots of love Natalie xx

  4. @Makeup Magpie Hmm, I'm not sure - I definitely don't hate it as much now I look at the pictures, but I think part of the reason I was so dissatisfied was the terrible eyeshadow! I was not expecting such poor quality from Sleek :(

    @Rocaille Hahaha, they do always say the most interesting things and always completely innocently! I don't hate it as much as I did on the day when I look at the photos, but I truly think my opinion was skewed by the truly awful quality of that Sleek palette - I never would have thought it'd be that bad :( xxx


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