Sunday, 24 October 2010

FOTD #6: A fairy tale in miniature

Once upon a time there was a girl who already had found her prince, but still wanted to go to the ball anyway; she was prone to such flights of whimsy. She already had the dress, and the pumpkin coach was ready and waiting, yoked to six stamping horses in shining bridles. The perfect lipstick, however, was yet to be had.

Hopefully, and one might add, somewhat belatedly, she placed an order at MAC Cosmetics online, having located that one shade to make her eyes sparkle and her smile more talkative.

As with all fairy tales, there's a always a point at which something starts to go wrong. For Sleeping Beauty, it was that innocuous-seeming spindle. For Snow White, it was the apple (and perhaps, we could argue, greed to eat said apple). This girl's problem - or should we say venomous villain - came in the form of an email and the words 'Out of Stock'.

Thankfully, a solution came in the form of a Liverpudlian Fairy Godmother - because every good fairy tale has one. She said 'Ey up, chuck?' and waved her magic wand... And then there it was, the lipstick to complete the girl's outfit from a lovely Northern benefactor.

So the girl went to the ball and had a super time, yadda yadda, and all that stuff about happy endings, but what we're all dying to know is not the prince's shoe size and precisely how many types of vol-au-vent there were, but the name of the lipstick.

It's Toxic Tale and I've forced it to suit me - I almost feel like it makes my eyes shine more green - and it definitely makes my pout shout-out-loud bright. I love it, officially and truly. I guess stubbornly never listening to anyone's recommendations of what cosmetic colour palette I should sport is paying off - because if I had, I definitely wouldn't be wearing this.

The official facial expression for the phrase 'hmm...'

Staring off into the middle distance is in vogue right now.

Products used:

- Bourjois Bio-Detox Foundation
- NARS Blush in Orgasm
- Dior Amber Diamond

- Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion
- Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara
- MAC Greasepaint Stick in French Quarter

- MAC Lipstick in Toxic Tale

Happy Sunday to all of you - mine has been spent eating cake with custard and drinking tea. Nom...


  1. Really cute, I loved how you made the post a story as well as including the info! Love the new header by the way! :D (And thanks for following my blog, I literally jumped for joy when I saw you're picture. I admire you quite a bit so I was pleased my blog was worthy of note. *hugs*) Keep up the awesome work :D

  2. Love your writing, always makes me smile! The lipstick looks gorgeous on you. x

  3. I feel quite joyous at being known as a fairy godmother!How festive!haha I may start wearing said outfit..! xx

  4. Sounds like a good Sunday then :)
    The Toxic Tale looks like your fairytale lipstick indeed!Love your blush as well!

  5. @Hebridean Sprite The lovely Deniz made my new header for me - she's so lovely. I've put a link in the left-hand side of my page for people to click on, she's so talented! You're welcome about my following your blog - and you don't need to do any of that jumping for joy - I'm following it on your own merit, I love your blog! :)

    @strawberry fields and vodka thank you lovely :) I'm just off to reply to your email - just to let you know I got it :)

    @LilyLipstick Thank you my love to both of those things :) x

  6. @scouselovesmakeup My Liverpudlian benefactor :) You are the best <3 I think you would look resplendent in a fairy godmother outfit! xx

    @Ria It was a lovely Sunday - but sadly the joy couldn't last... It was my last fling before I went on my diet :(

    @Michelle Thank you love!


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