Thursday, 14 October 2010

Flash Review: Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki

Also known by its alter-ego code-name the 197, the Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki is perhaps the jewel in Sigma's admittedly lacklustre and precariously-placed crown. I'm not a huge fan of Sigma's products - an opinion, I'm ashamed to say, formed mainly through hearsay - but when there are so many overwhelmingly bad reviews by the more discerning makeup addicts out there regarding Sigma's less-than-exacting attitude towards quality control, I can't honestly say it's a company where I'd like to spend my money (phew, long sentence!)

However, the Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki is definitely one of their products which bucks the overall negative trend and is easily my first port of call for swift no-effort foundation blending. It's worth the $16 price tag, but I couldn't say I'd pay any more for it unless Sigma seriously up their game and attention to detail. Here's an easy-to-swallow flash review in your 5-a-day-sized portion.

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1. Quality control: Sadly, the first thing I noticed about this whilst unpacking it was the lack of attention to detail - there were bristles of different lengths sticking out and I had to trim the brush myself. The brush felt rushed and unfinished and there was a definite lack of care in the manufacture.
2. Tap, Twist, Snap: Despite my grumbles, this brush truly does make makeup application a snap and my foundation is always perfectly blended in seconds due to the dense bristles and long handle, which is perfectly ergonomically-designed.
3. Get a handle on this: Speaking of handles, the long handle on this brush makes it a perfect candidate for applying foundation as it offers just the right amount of manual control, and is therefore easier to use than a traditional short-handled kabuki. The handle feels sturdy, is well-glued into place and fits the contours of my tiny mitts nicely.
4. The soft parade: While I wouldn't say this is the softest brush to grace my face, it is still sift and the bristles have just the right amount of give either way without being harsh on my skin.
5. Don't shed a tear: Despite my initial gripe about the shoddy workmanship of this brush, no bristles have actually been shed, nor has any dye run. Given that even my MAC brushes have shed (don't even talk to me about the 187), I was impressed despite my negative first impression.

The Conclusion:
This brush is both an excellent starting and ending point for the Sigma brush range if you'd like to see the very best of their capabilities. Although the bristles stained indelibly from the first use, it's a great everyday staple which doesn't set you back a fortune.

What do you think about Sigma brushes? Have you tried the Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki?

Much love x


  1. Being someone who bought all my own sigma brushes ...yes all of them and formed my own opinion, I love their brushes and this one is my favourite by far.

  2. Is the entirety of the brush synthetic or only the top? I'm having trouble finding a purely synthetic flat top brush. (I don't like the idea of using animal hair) Thanks for the review!

  3. I have this brush and love it but yeh I bought the eye set and they're pretty crap, I use them but they don't deserve the hype.

  4. @Hebridean Sprite:

    Haven't tried the Sigma one but Everyday Minerals' flat top kabuki is my favorite:

  5. @Justine That's fair enough! I've seen so much negative press about them including a girl I talk to on Twitter whose brushes just plain fell apart and the bristles came out in clumps! It seems that they have good and bad batches - though I do love this brush.

    @Hebridean Sprite It seems that it's all synthetic - I'm pretty sure it is!

    @Jade Thanks for the tip :) There are so many bad review that it makes me not want to try - and I could be wrong - but I'm happy with my MAC brushes and they're not falling apart yet.


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