Friday, 22 October 2010

Doe, a deer...

Today I found one of those perfect ways to while away a Friday afternoon after a stressful morning (ha!) trawling London for the perfect products: face-painting!

I've been thinking about this look for Halloween for a while now - and today I finally took the plunge and... painted about half of my face brown. I saw the idea such a long time ago on another blog, and tweaked it around until it suited me - and I plan to do some more tweaking later!

It took me a while to adjust; I looked like I'd been left out in the sun too long, just like the marvellous David Dickinson who permanently seems to live his life in sepia. And, after about 10 baby wipes and thrashing out the details - which still require a little more thrashing - and the donning of some purple antlers (surprisingly hard to find even though we're edging nearer to the C-word (not THAT c-word!) )... I became a deer.

Insert terrible Photobooth candid here.

It's far from perfect - it looks a little ganguro girl chic as the brown face paint was too orangey - and the white looks too stark... But I'm enjoying my current costumey status.

What's your chosen Halloween transformation?


  1. I actually like how this turned out!How about trying a black-ish lipstick?
    I'll be a cat this year!Or a shiny-dark fairy...Depends on my mood :p

  2. I like this, and I don't think I've known anyone to go as a deer before. My friends and I always try to do unique costumes each year, and make them more real looking. So I had to find things I already owned or buy them. I don't like the cheap costumes every store sells usually. I'm going as Joan Holloway-Harris from Mad Men. It's been easier to pull together than I thought, but I still need a pen necklace.

  3. So cute! Really original and I love the purple antlers.
    I have no idea what to do for Halloween this year...last year I did Blair from Gossip Girl which was fun but really easy. Want to be a bit more adventurous this year! x

  4. I'm going to go as a zombieeee (:

  5. Super cute! I think my favourite part is the nose - you did a great job :)

    This year I think I'm going to dress up as a yeti. Bring on the white and gray face paint, hahah.

  6. Love your deer nose :) We still haven't gone any Halloween plans, but we might organize a little party with some girlfriends. I guess I wouldn't like to spend anything on a fancy costume to wear it just once, so I might compensate with some dramatic make-up :)

  7. Hahaha I was about to say, Ganguro Chic Cami ;)

    But it looks really adorable haha!


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