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Review: Beauté Liqui-Gel Stain in Flouron

I'd never say I was a connoisseur of the lipstain, but I'm definitely not flying blind with this next review. All I know is what I do like, and what I don't - and I am definitely, irrevocably in the camp of people who hate BeneTint (we have a support group on Thursdays at 9!) It leaks in my handbag, it gives me unblendable warpaint streaks and is quite clearly surfing on a wave of cult status without having done anything to gain it.

So you can imagine my delight when I received a lipstain in a formulation I'd never come across before: the gel. After I'd stashed it in my handbag for a week with no leaking, I was already impressed. I applied it leisurely without feeling like hesitating a millisecond would make me look like I'd rouged my cheeks in the dark and painted a scarlet bullseye in the centre of my cheek. The name of my new favourite stain, then, is Beauté's Liqui-Gel Stain in Flouron,* and I'll admit, if it were a party guest, it'd be the annoyingly brash friend-of-a-friend who nobody will admit to inviting, and who will walk around clutching two beers and laughing at their own jokes.

Once you get to know them, though, it's truly a beautiful relationship.

Beauté Liqui-Gel Stain in Flouron - check out that colour!

THE PACKAGING of the Beauté Liqui-Gel Stain is simple, understated and chic, and incorporates a fairly stout lucite tube with a doe-foot applicator for easy application, which works well with the gel texture as it does not drip from the applicator like some stains can.

APPLICATION of this retina-scarring wonder, as I have said, is easy-peasy. As with all stains, you do need to blend it quite swifly, but you're not going to experience the stupidly fast-forwarded time constraints like from a more liquid formula. I choose to blend with my fingers (which obviously end up a little pinkened from this process), though using a dense flat-topped brush on the cheeks works well too. It's pretty easy to apply, though I'd suggest application on a cheek-by-cheek basis (which sounds a bit rude, but it's not!) and apply a dot and gradually build the colour.

One coat of this product gets you the perfect just-smooched look and a beautifully-flushed cheek which is a great afternoon pick-me-up when your blush has already begun to fade. Two coats (you thrill-seeker you!) will deepen and brighten the beautiful pink shade for a bit more of a pow! kind of feel. This product works well for layering due to its fabulous formula, which doesn't sink into fine lines and disperses evenly over lips and cheeks.

Flouron on the lips!

Cheek shot (this is the dewiest you'll ever see me, eek!)

HOWEVER, less is more with this product: the formula is both extremely pigmented and longwearing, so take it slow and build up gently. Flushed cheeks may be in, but the pantomime season isn't quite here yet. On my first go, I'll admit, I was over-enthusiastic and misjudged the liqui-gel's pigmentation completely. Kiwi didn't even falter on that one and sent me scurrying back to the bedroom with a sharp 'What have you done to your face?!'

LONGEVITY is good with this product and I get at least 6 hours' of wear with this on my lips, both eating and drinking (but not all at once...), and I get longer wear on the cheeks. It fades well without creating that nasty tidemark some lip products can bring about and is definitely less drying than other stain products.

Things you may need to know about this product is that I did detect a light scent of roses with an added floral undertone. This is very likely due to the fancy ingredients: Essential Rose Extract and Orchid Extract OS. The former is added for anti-viral and moisturising properties whereas the latter is rich in minerals which occur naturally in the skin.

Putting it in direct competition with BeneFit's offering, it is priced at £23.50, and for me, this delivers where BeneTint fails to: it's more practically-packaged, blends more easily and lasts longer. It's underrated and overshadowed by BeneFit's cult product, but overshadows it effortlessly in terms of quality.

It is available in three other colours and you can investigate it further here. I can tell you now that I'll certainly be investigating the other shades soon. Simply perfect.

* This was sent to me as a gift by Coco Beau. I am not being financially compensated for this review, nor do I have an affiliation with Coco Beau or Beauté. All opinions are most definitely my own.


  1. I've been debating ordering this on and off for about a year but your lovely pictures and review is really pushing me to get it! If only I didn't have to save up for the Mac Tartan Tale collection! Thanks so much for the review!

  2. Oooo me likey :) Might have to treat myself ;)

    Kelly x

  3. I didn't know about liquigel stains.Sounds pretty good.I think I'll give it a shot.Does it have any taste?I mean sweet/bitter(hellooo benetint) etc?
    Thanks for the review!

  4. goodness!
    that is one mighty blog!
    totally. impressed!

  5. I just came across your site, and it's cute! (:

    Great review hun!

    You have a new follower!

  6. Really love the little dino hiding being the lip gloss.

    Fab blog, cute dino!

    That is all <3

  7. @Hebridean Sprite well, it'll still be around after MAC's Tartan Tale, so you could always get it later :) I'm still not swayed by A Tartan Tale myself, I can't quite figure out why :(

    @Kelly You should :) It's a really lovely product - I've not really seen a gel lipstain before :)

    @Ria It has a light taste on envelopes which you can only taste if you give them a good lick ;) Otherwise, it goes away pretty quickly :)

  8. @lauren carney what a lovely comment! Thank you :)

    @Keisha YAY! Thank you so much for your comment and for following :)

    @Temporary:Secretary Thank you lovely <3 Sometimes I like to juzz the images up a little :) (how do you even spell that word, anyway?!)


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