Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hair + Oil = match made in heaven?!

I rarely blog about hair.

It's mostly because I don't know anything about hair. My hair generally does what it does, and I'm cool with that. We have a tacit understanding: what happens with my hair happens, and we most certainly do not talk about it (unless it's a Really Good Hair Day, in which case we will most certainly congratulate one another and high-five on a most propitious case of working as a team).

So, yesterday, I went to get a haircut, after several days' worth of dithering over salons, special mega-deals and so on.

Finding a hairdresser in London is hard; everything is overpriced - apparently I'm not already paying enough for the privilege of living in the capital. London's hairdressers, it seems, are a greedy-eyed parade of scissor-wielding corporate ventures, something I try to avoid.
It's not that I have anything against a chain salon... Not really. I always find, however, that the price is always unfairly bumped up and you're always 'offered' (I like to think of it as bothered) the new super-duper awesome one-day-only hair treatment. Once you've nixed that suggestion, you're subjected to the hard sell - you definitely 'need' to buy the clarifying shampoo and conditioner, and you should probably use the spray wax as an expensive outro/postlude to your hair routine.

So, yesterday, armed with a 50% off coupon for first-time customers, I made my way (yes, despite the strikes!) to the first chain salon I've been to in years.
The haircut, as it goes, was excellent. I went to Rush in Covent Garden and was introduced to my stylist Sanchia (hardest name to remember ever), a quirky South-African lady who reminded me of a boho pixie; she was sunny and happy and she gave me a great haircut. She didn't even try to sell me anything (well, not really).

Apparently £70's worth of haircut.

At the time of paying, I nearly choked on my complimentary cranberry juice when they asked, without a trace of a smirk, that I hand over £70. That voucher sure came in handy at that point. And I would go back... given an unexpected windfall/lottery win/special occasion/someone else paid.

One lovely thing to come of the haircut, though, was the product she used on my hair. Brace yourselves - it was an oil. AN OIL. She warmed the tiniest amount up in her hands and applied it to the ends of my hair; it smelled delicious so I was naturally curious, and then horrified once I found out what she'd used. My hair is fine, but there's a lot of it, so product build-up is a problem for me; my hair falls flat if someone just talks to me - like it has built itself up to be a letdown every time.

However, this oil... was magic. I have never had softer, shinier locks in my entire life. Ever. She recommended I buy a sample bottle, priced at £5, which she said would last me ages - and advised against buying the huge one.

Image borrowed from Google.

And you know that thing about how when you go into a salon and you come out with a product they used, full of hope that you can get it to make your hair how they made it look with this miracle chemical mixture? It never happens, does it? You spritz and tweak and your hair ends up like an oil slick, or sticking out in funny places...

Well, I used it this morning, expecting the worst, and now my hair is exactly the same as it was styled in the salon: unbelievably soft, shiny and just... lovely.

Apparently the future of hairstyling is Macadamia Oil. Try it and see, it's bloody magic.


  1. haha love your posts! and £70 for a haircut, yikes! They do realize its not gona last a life time. But you hair looks so cute now. The fringe really suits you a lot. and I am so getting that oil from wherever I can find it :)


  2. I liked your haircut better before. :) The haircut looks poofy on the top half of your head now. I think you would look good with shoulder length hair. :D

  3. @Anonymous It's actually MUCH less poofy; a lot of weight was taken out, but it had just been styled prior to this shot. But thanks for your thoughts.

  4. I think that your hair looks fab, so glossy and healthy! xx

  5. I LOVE the new haircut :) And...thanks for the advice on the Macadamia oil. I think I NEED to order one. x

  6. I use a product called Maroconoil on my hair and it's amazing! I bought a bottle from Uppercut hair stylists last November and have not even used quarter of the bottle and i used it all the time throughout the winter and occasionally during the Summer. It's amazing and i can honestly recommend buying it. It doesn't leave my hair at all greasy and keep it's shiny and happy. :)

  7. I really like this new haircut.
    I know what you mean about expensive hairdressers! my hairdresser charged me £90 for highlights! grrrr. haha
    anyway I think it suits you :)
    please check out my blog

  8. @Get Gawjus! Thank you lovely :) The oil truly is amazing - totally revolutionised my hair - it's so soft and amazing even 10 days on! It's supposed to quicken your drying time as well which is always a bonus for me :) x

    @Jo Thanks lovely - I put it down to a good trim of all those split ends and an amazing tiny bottle of oil :) x

    @Noris You seriously do - it's actually incredible. I've used it everyday since buying it and it's truly made my hair so shiny and soft and healthy-looking :) x

  9. @3ate4 Thanks lovely :)

    @stacey I've heard so much about that stuff - I'm definitely going to see if I can get a small bottle from somewhere and see what it does for me :) x

    @Beauty Writes Insane how much we pay for our hair, isn't it?! x


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