Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hey there, beautiful...

Guess what I got today? House of Fraser started sneak-selling these in a covert fashion at the beginning of this week, and as soon as I'd gleaned this little piece of news, I jumped on a train dragging a protesting Kiwi behind me and headed straight to Oxford Circus. I rang up beforehand and a lovely lady stashed me a palette away in a cubby, just so I wouldn't miss out on the one beauty item I've been waiting for for the last 2 months.

And yes, it's beautiful. And if you like your neutrals, you will LOVE this. It's not the haphazard colour splash of the Book of Shadows where there's bound to be at least 4 shades you will never, ever use. I can say with confidence, that this will get obscene amounts of love from me. All the shadows are smooth and buttery and just stunning. I'd give you swatches, but you all know them off by heart from Temptalia by now...

For those of you worrying of boyfriend maltreatment, Kiwi was treated to a flapjack for his pains, and his favourite dinner.


  1. Lovely! I ordered mine last week and am eagerly anticipating its arrival! :)

  2. I love neutrals so I NEED this! Looks so beautiful :) x

  3. Luvverly! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!! I plumped for the new book of shadows ahead of this at the moment (which I do love despite the colour incidentally) I understand that this is permanent...I think it maybe making my christmas list! I figured I prob have enough neutrals to be going on with for the time being, so jumped for the LE one instead. Naked will be mine though...just a little bit later on in the game!! I hope you have fun playing with it...I hope you share your favourite colour combos, for when I do finally get one! xx

  4. want want want. a flapjack would be nice too, please :) x

  5. Oh fuck, i want this so bad. But I am not trekking to oxford circus for it.
    I will have to wait, ohhhhh how i hate waiting.

  6. I'm so jealous! I really, really, REALLY want this palette!!

    Kelly x

  7. *gasp* You lucky girl! What an awesome palette! :D

    They really need to start selling Urban Decay here in Holland :/

  8. Lucky lucky lady! I really really want to get this palette but from buying eyeshadows from urban decay in the past few years I already have like 4 of the shadows in this.... but I WAAAANT IT!!! :( Will see how long my willpower holds out. Happy this is a permanent item so I can be wishy-washy about it :)

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  10. ahhhh i thought long and hard about whether or not to buy this palette, but considering i have a stupid amount of neutral shades anyway the book of shadows won hands down. Looks so very pretty though!!! :(

  11. Hi Cami.

    Just thought I'd let you know that I recieved my package today!

    Thank you!

  12. Oh how i love this palette. I ordered mine online the monday it was released. Im not really much into neutrals but i am into the naked palette alot. It's perfect for anyone's needs.


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