Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Beauty A-Z: D

Did you think I'd forgotten about my epic voyage, Sesame Street-style into the beauty-related alphabet? No. I just couldn't think of anything for the letter D for the longest time (imagine what will happen at Q, X and Z if I'm failing so successfully now?) I won't bore you with snippets of life interludes or pontifications upon life and its meaning... This is a beauty blog, so today, just because, we're actually just going to talk about beauty without my usual fanfare.*

1. My first D is for Diorskin Nude foundation, the one foundation which is never capricious, or never makes me suffer with unpredictable no-I-don't-want-to-blend-today or gonna-cake-your-skin-up mood swings. Thankfully, there's no teenage door-slamming phase from this foundation; it's pretty much foolproof. Apply as much as you want, in as haphazard a fashion as you want; use fingers or brush, or implement of your choice (trowel?) and you pretty much can't streak it or get it wrong. It lasts a decent amount of time and gives your skin a beautifully natural luminescence, just like you've slept on clouds, that you've been drinking your prescribed 8 glasses of water and eating food pooed out by unicorns (as everyone knows that unicorns poo rainbows and love).
2. Dubonnet by MAC was my first ruby-hued lipstick love, the gentle Colin Firth-style one who broke me in to a different set of options; the lipstick I viewed with soft, adoring glances before I became steely-eyed and more courageous with its scarier, tattooed cousins. Dubonnet is the perfect red, for both skin tones. It's more of a sultry red than a screaming pillarbox colour, and it's the perfect tone to just dip your toe in more crimson waters. It's perfectly creamy with a bit of a sheen and wears quite well with an elegant fade. It's the perfect starter for ten.
3. I didn't realise, when I hastily clicked the 'Buy Now!' button on a website, how much a grey cake eyeliner would come to be indispensable. Devout by Illamasqua is a fabulously-formulated product which dries to a medium grey. When wetted, it's creamy and beautiful to apply, and gives my eyes that extra unexpected zing - they look pretty and emphasise their different hues, but you can't tell until you're up close and personal what exactly it is that's making them smoulder.

* Apologies for those who love the splendiferous fanfare of verbosity usually seen in these posts. The management has registered your complaint and will take it under consideration.


  1. I loove the way you write! I want all these products.
    I think I may need treats...I don't know check my last blog post and tell me if I need to treat myself!

  2. Love your posts as always :D and girly you're the one who made me need Dubonnet and I still love it to this day (brings out my inner sex-pot)

  3. @Simone Hahaha, you and I are bad for each other - you make me want everything all the time! x

    @Jade Glad you enjoyed, my love :) Dubonnet is definitely one of my favourite MAC lipsticks - I'm so glad it found me :)


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