Wednesday, 28 July 2010

FOTD #5: Captain Peacock McSparkles

It's all Kiwi's fault on the title of this FOTD, really, as when I presented my makeup for inspection, he looked a little surprised. 'It's very sparkly,' he opined slowly, before adding, 'you look like Captain Peacock McSparkles.'

And thus, the title for this post was born, all from the less-cosmetically-inclined machinations of Kiwi's brain.

It's a slightly different look to my normal FOTDs I post on here, mainly because it involves the colour green. I'm not usually a fan of green eyeshadow on my eyes (but by no means as much as I loathe blue eyeshadows on myself), but there's something about the shade Morning Moss in the Bee-Luscious Garden Girl palette I have which immediately makes me pounce on it and shoehorn it into every look. It's kind of got this dragonfly quality; a diaphanous, delicately hazy sheen which is quite soft and pretty worn over a pale base. Wear it over a black base, however, and the shadow transforms into something more audacious, a shimmering emerald green which is not dissimilar to the green shade in the E.L.F Eye Transformer Palette.

Ever the intrepid adventurer, I teamed it with yet another green by the name of Envy, a teal by the name of Washed Denim and my very favourite purple, Neo-Plum. The teal was a later addition when I found that spring green and bluey purples blend to form a muddy mess, so I added the teal to aid the transition. My makeup did end up feeling a little celestial and whimsical in the end, but I think I'm sold on the green.

It could change though - I'm a capricious young thing.

As for the Garden Girl Palette itself, though (which I reviewed here), I do have one thing to add: the people at Coco Beau have been rather lovely and given me a 10% off discount code for you guys. So, for all of you who loved the palette but were a little unsure, now's your chance! It won't be around forever, but if you type in 'camiloveskiwi' in the box at the checkout on the Coco Beau website, you will receive 10% off the product. Hope that helps someone :)

This was a bitch to photograph. Click here for a larger version.

My camera skills are lacking today.

Products used:

- Usual Suspects (NARS Sheer Glow and Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder)
- Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer
- MAC Summer Rose Beauty Powder

- MAC Paintpot in Bare Study
- Bee-Luscious Garden Girl Palette*, shades Morning Moss (pale, multidimensional green), Envy (spring green), Washed Denim (teal) and Neo-Plum (medium-dark purple)
- Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara

- MAC Lipstick in Violetta as a light stain
- MAC Superglass in Fab Frenzy



* Bee-Luscious palette sent for purposes of review. No financial compensation gained from this :)


  1. @missmascara1983 Thank you :) I was so sad this didn't photograph as beautifully as it looked in real life though - it just looks wishy-washy, but I seriously took about 40 photos and this was the best. But you've reminded me! I need to go reply to your email :) x

  2. Beautiful! And i love the name Miss McSparkles!

  3. @Lillian Aw, thanks you :) I always bow down to your epic creativity though when it comes to makeup. Loved your elementals look :D


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