Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dear Blogger...

... I have just moved to a new flat with the most tallest Kiwi, and we didn't realise we jointly have so much stuff.

Added to that, we has NO INTERNETS until at least Thursday, so posting should recommence then.

I'd take a picture of the sea of stuff on the floor (we have to literally jump over it as there's so much), but I have no idea where the camera is, much less the clean bra I wanted yesterday.

I shall see all you lovelies on the other side - and hopefully I'll make it out of this pile and to the fridge before I pass out from HUNGER.

Much love.



  1. Aww haha wishing you many happy moments and funtastic times of glee in your new flat! Good luck with unpacking and tidying everything! ;)

  2. Hehe, good luck unpacking it all sweetie, I remember thinking the exact same thing when Colin and I moved in March (thank goodness it was then and not now I'm so much more advanced in my pregnancy!)...I still have one room of 'stuff' left to deal with before the baby arrives! Stuff, I hate to!


  3. Hope it's all going well and you're settling in nicely :)


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