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Review: Bee-Luscious Garden Girl Palette

You may have seen in recent posts that I've been including the ominous (ever-so-useful) FTC-approved disclaimer in reference to a certain palette provided to me for review by the company Coco Beau Cosmetics. It all started when I was contacted by Ria on behalf of Coco Beau, who offered me the chance to be on the list to review some products in the future. So, here we are. An unexpected box appeared on my doorstep, all pretty in light blue tissue paper. I really tried not to rip it open, but it's a little difficult when you're wide-eyed and caught wriggling in your own excitement.

So, this is what was in my little package, the Bee-Luscious Garden Girl palette. It's a palette comprising of a mixture of eye, lip and cheek products in, with a mixture of mineral and regular formulations and a variety of finishes. It is currently retailing here for £67.50.

Now, I'll admit, I balked. £67.50 sounds an awful lot of money to spend on just one thing, however, that was until I had done the maths:

Using MAC eyeshadow pans as a comparison (which I'll explain in a minute), the eyeshadows in the Bee-Luscious pan are exactly the same size in diameter. I'm willing to go out on a limb and guess that they both contain the same amount of product - 1.5g - as 26mm eyeshadow pans tend to be of the same ilk.

1 x MAC Pro Palette Refill Pan = £9.
16 x MAC Pro Palette Refill Pan = £144

And why am I comparing the eyeshadows in the Bee-Luscious palette to those of MAC?

... Because they are actually on a par in terms of quality.

I'll leave you poised and tantalised until I come to that part of the review, though...


I have to admit that the packaging is a little low-key and Coastal Scents-y than what I would have expected from such an expensive product, especially given the quality of the products inside. However, in terms of actual contents, I'm surprised it's not much larger - there are 16 eyeshadows, 4 blushes and 2 lip products. It's pretty compact, and it's functional, however, I am worried about the sticky lip products in a more open palette such as this, as mine have attracted a little dust already.


My favourite shades.

Within the palette, there are a few different shadow finishes:
Polychromatic: My favourite. Soft, really pigmented, vibrant and easy to blend. Metallic and pearlescent. Similar to the Starflash formula, and also similar to Veluxe Pearl from MAC.
Mineral: Soft, pigmented and smooth to apply with a bit of shimmer. Very similar in formulation to the Polychromatic, except of course, they're mineral.
Mineral matte: Very smooth and pigmented with a matte finish (obviously!), but not chalky.
Dimensional: My least favourite, but the most interesting-looking. Matte-feel shades which are extremely pigmented with glitter.
Sheer Satin: Similar to Polychromatic, but sheerer and less pigmented with a pearlescent quality. Most similar to a MAC Satin finish.

All in all, I'm really impressed with all the shadows bar the Dimensional shades, as the glitter does not translate onto the eye unless you really press it with a brush, or use it with some kind of mixing medium. That's not to say the colours aren't gorgeous, but the glitter disappearance plus the difficulty in blending these shades leaves me feeling sad and glitter-free. The other eyeshadows are all fantastic - soft and smooth application with vivid colour pay-off and real lasting power. I'm shocked to find a dupe for MAC Pro's Platinum pigment in the mix in the form of Bullet, a liquidy metallic shade which is perfect with all the purples and teals in the palette.


Wearing Coral Sun Mineral Blush

I love the blushes in this palette, although I was unsure about the lightest shade and what it was there for at first. The two more coral-toned shades are very similar to NARS Orgasm, but are softer and more pigmented. I'm not saying they're exact matches, but they're both coral tones shot through with gold which look beautiful on.

The only colour which gave me a bit of a comic question-mark above my head was the lightest blush shade in Natural Beauty - but when I applied it, I realised its function: to look natural. Box ticked. However, although this blush suits my fair skin, it may look ashy on darker skin tones. All blushes wore very well and were soft and pigmented, with the more Orgasm-like shades actually better than the real thing, as I didn't have to struggle to get a decent amount of product.


Left: My best Kate Winslet face...

Originally when I saw the colours for the lip products, I was a little skeptical; the fuchsia looked lovely, but I'm still reconciling my differences with it, and bubblegum pink has always been a no for me. However, the lipsticks themselves are decently pigmented in that they're easy to wear sheerly and build up, and work well when layered one over the other. They last a decent amount of time and aren't too drying - I even grow to like the bubblegum pink shade.

I've had a singularly lovely experience with this company, who dealt with my emails of oohing and aahing and general questions about the product in a breezy and personable nature - so friendly and a pleasure to deal with.

The experience with Coco Beau Cosmetics has been second-to-none, and I feel privileged to have been asked to review something by such a friendly, lovely company. Although I am not a huge fan of the packaging, which doesn't have the luxe factor I'd like from a £70 palette, it is functional and contains a lot for something so slimline. My only concern is the lip products, which seem to be attracting the eyeshadow fall-outs at an alarming speed - but the palette feels 'complete' in its selection of products and it comprises of eye, lip and cheek products. I was floored by the quality of the products in this palette, however, and can say with every confidence that nobody could be disappointed with this, unless you like unpigmented chalkiness from your makeup.

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up - good job Bee-Luscious and Coco Beau - and thank you!

* I was sent this product for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and I received no monetary compensation for writing this review.


  1. This palette looks realy nice. I know you love deeper shades in lipsticks, but I think the bubblegum pink looks great on you. xx

  2. thanks for the review !

    the colors seem great but it's a bit too expensive for me ;-(

    + i don't like much the palettes that combine eyeshadows and lipstick, as you said "it becomes dusty"

    i hope you'll post a lot of FOTD using this palette :)

  3. Oh I am tempted to buy this - however for nearly £70 I am not convinced by the packaging, like you say very coastal scents-ish.

    But your mathemathical analysis is swaying me slightly! and the pics of the blushs..very pretty.

    Fee x

  4. Thanks for the review it was really in-depth.

    You have also won an award Cami!

  5. Hi Cami! Great review and love the K. Winslet look on you! Is this product available in the States?

  6. Great review! It all looks very nice, the lipstick especially (and wow you do look a lot like Kate Winslet when you do that face!) but god the price! The mac comparison makes a lot of sense, but i would only ever be able to afford to buy one at a time so while the price builds up to a lot more i can't afford to pay the £67.50 all in one go.

  7. Love the review Cami! @Lola I just ordered the Garden Girl Palette, and they do ship to the states too. I found this review really inspiring and think these will be great colours for the summer (and beyond). I like to have all my makeup in one place, and this looks to be cost effective and convenient way of doing this. If these look half as good on me as they look on you, I will be a very happy girl!

  8. Thanks @Sammy, I'm always looking for MAC alternatives for my kit. Good to know they ship here as well. Take care!

  9. Well can I just say how amazingly stunning you are!I follow quite a lot of bloggers but you are just the most beautiful one of them.You are not generic like the rest of them tend to be and that is what makes your face so beautiful...

  10. @missmascara1983 I'm beginning to think anyone can pull off virtually any colour as long as you wear the appropriate makeup to match! When I reviewed the photos to post up here, I was surprised how not-awful it looked on me! Result :) x

    @Lily from Paris I've posted a couple already and have plans to post many more :) It IS an expensive product - especially because nobody would like to spend £70 in one go on one item, but you do get a lot for your money :)

    @Makeup Savvy I think you'd like it! The packaging is very iffy, but if there's one thing I've learned, it's to not judge a book by its cover (as the old saying goes). The blushes are gorgeous - I just wish I had them in separate containers so I could travel with them :)

    @L.F Thank you for the award :D I'm glad you enjoyed the review!

  11. @Lola Haha, I've found a few pictures of myself doing that face and find it so weird that I look like Kate Winslet when I do it! Worst of all, I don't even know HOW I'm doing it...

    @Lillian Funny Face Haha, I never really realise I'm doing that face until I look back at the pictures. It's just a bit freaky! I understand what you're saying about the palette - while it works out as excellent value in terms of the amount you get - I think a lot of people would say exactly the same as you... Such a lot of money to spend all at once :(

    @Sammy Thanks for jumping in there :) I really hope you enjoy the palette!

    @marikuska What a compliment! I don't know what to say - I disagree with you entirely, of course, but thank you for making me smile!

  12. Great review! Wow those lipsticks look really nice on you! x


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