Monday, 7 June 2010

FOTD #4: Kiwi's Confusion

Apparently I'm liking these FOTD posts recently - but it's all worth it for the look on Kiwi's face when I come out of our bedroom looking a bit more scary dramatic than usual. This post is so-called because it plunged Kiwi into confusion and left him most perturbed and I could almost witness the interior mechanisms clunk into action as he parsed my face (rather like when there's a surprise filling in his sandwich he can't quite identify). Eventually, he decided he liked it. But he wasn't sure about the blue, or the purple, or the combination. For some reason this look worried Kiwi.

He thought he liked it, but then he also thought he didn't.

A definite Kiwi-worrying look.

I wish I had a picture of Kiwi looking worried, but I don't. He generally is quite good at not looking worried, mainly because he never worries.

I, however, loved it. I am a complete dodger of any notion of colour near my eyes, so this was like low-cal colour for me - still jazzy but not too RAAAAH-waving-your-knickers-in-the-air crazy.

Please excuse the strands of hair - I'm not going to win photographer of the year any time soon ;)

Products used:
  • Clarins Instant Smooth Primer
  • Diorskin Nude Foundation
  • MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel
  • Usual concealers and powder
  • MAC Mineralize Blush in Daft Pink
  • Bee-Luscious Palette* Eyeshadow in Neo-Plum applied wet (medium-dark purple)
  • Pixi Eye-Colour Sealer
  • Shiseido Fine Eyeliner
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Electric
  • Diorshow Blackout Mascara
  • MAC Pro Lipstick in Violetta
  • MAC Lipstick in Pompadorable to mute
And, you know - for your annoyance viewing pleasure, here's something to get on your nerves:


* Bee-Luscious Palette provided me for the purposes of review (which I'm working on!) by Coco Beau Cosmetics.


  1. Gorgeous! You have amazing eyes :)
    Tonia xx

  2. I love the colour combo' Cami!

  3. You look fantastic, I love colorful eyeliner looks! xxx

  4. stunning! i love the subtle purple on your upper lashline xx

  5. I love it! and the animated picture is great!

  6. You look stunning :) I love the lipcolour x x

  7. I love this look, those little lines near your eyes really just make the whole look pop!

  8. *squeee* awesome, adore :)

  9. @Discombobulatedd Thank you :D xx

    @Tonia Aww, shucks. The eyes are short-sighted though, so they're not all good ;) xx

    @L.F Thank you lovely :)

    @Rocaille Eeh, I didn't until now and I love them now! xxx

  10. @Lisa Drives A Van Thank you! I LOVE purple eyeshadow, so I especially loved this :D xx

    @Simone The animated picture took a stupidly long amount of time to make, but I was determined :D

    @Fern Why thank you :) MAC Violetta is what makes it - everyone should own that lipstick!

    @Lillian Funny Face Thank you! I'm getting into bright liners now, it was just the right amount of colour for a noob like me :)

    @Jade YAY :D


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