Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Beauty A-Z: C

The thing is, I'm not a very busy person. I get up leisurely, exercise, do some work, maybe tidy up a bit and then BOOM! It's time to cook dinner and then the evening's basically gone. Somewhere along the line, however, my days just run so fast they blur into one another, despite permanently existing in a status of Not Doing Much.

Recently, my time has been mainly consumed by worrying about whether or not Kiwi and I will get our new flat, exercising (1 hour a day and it kills me), worrying about going up to Nottingham for my 'academic review' (passed with flying colours!) and sitting down with every intention of swotting up for said meeting, and then aimlessly Googling pointless things on the web, like the new Zelda game, kittens, or rumours of the iPhone 4 in white (rumours of its existence are greatly exaggerated...)

So now I'm sitting down while my makeshift chorizo, prawn, chilli and ratatouille thing (the ratatouille was already defrosted, so now it's being - what's the phrase - upcycled) to just write, because if I don't, I'll just keep shuffling through these disused thoughts and unfinished sentences and never manage to write anything substantial. Ever.

So for today's post, I'm keeping it simple: I'm going to tell you (without the Sesame Street theatrics) my favourite products beginning with the letter C.

  1. Corals are the colour which led me into that first exciting purchase of a MAC lipstick - I remember keeping the MAC-branded bag and box for a little while and kept taking the lipstick out to look at it. Corals are a beautiful colour for summer, but are also for those days when you want to look polished and healthy without going for something more bright or wazoo. My first and favourite has always been See Sheer and it's perfect right now for those summery turns.
  2. I remember my first pair of eyelash curlers, a plastic, glittery pair from Accessorize, and how I became so addicted to the wide-eyed ingénue look that I broke them within a week from squeezing too hard. For me, there is no contest, no matter how little time I have in the mornings. I'd love to recommend you the Shu Uemura ones - but honestly, any pair is the same. Unless you're lucky enough to be blessed with naturally curly eyelashes, then these are an essential to make you look both flirty and awake, even when you don't feel it.
  3. Kiwi picked Copperplate eyeshadow by MAC on one of his many weary visits to the counter with his increasingly-expensive girlfriend. Whether he picked it out of boredom or whether he actually cared, nobody will ever know, but this is a staple MAC eyeshadow I can't do without (and nor would I care to). It's a soft greyish-taupe with no shimmer which is perfect for both definining the crease and making my eye colour (whatever it is as it changes far too much...) stand out. When I wear this shadow, I feel simply pretty. There's no flashing lights or bells on this shadow; it just does what it does, quietly and unpretentiously. No drama.
  4. My initiation into the terrifying world of Cleansing Oils came about by way of the January sales, quite by accident. There it was, a bottle of something I'd never heard of, much less tried, for half price. Half price! Who am I to resist such a bargain? The thing is, it's hardly revolutionary and there are only so many ways to take off your makeup (and I'm not even going to count those mechanical gadgets with 4 rotating heads and a price to match), but for me, this just works. It cleanses, it softens and it stops me from getting spots. My cleansing oil of choice is from Nude - an eco-conscious company who only put things in your products which aren't comprised of ominous-sounding suffixes. I can get behind that.
And here we are! Has everyone had a good week? I'm seeing Spamalot on Saturday - yay! I've seen it before - when the wonderful Tim Curry was in it - but this one's going to be a more local production. I'm hoping Kiwi will be swayed by the shiny lights and hilarity, and then he'll accompany me to more musicals. *rubs hands in maniacal glee*

Much love.


  1. Sounds like I have to get Copperplate on my next visit to MAC!

  2. Loved this post :) As ever you never fail to make me smile! I've never heard much about Copperplate e/s, but it looks and sounds lovely, so might be one for the birthday list ;)

    Enjoy your musical hun!


  3. I'm a sucker for corals these days too, it's a colour that just brightens up a face :) Copperplate looks so simple yet pretty I must keep an eye out for it, today I've been stalking yideo waiting for some more TRUE BLOOD!!!!

  4. I love Spamalot! Saw it 4 times in London and so sad it is closed now. :(

  5. Hi Cami!

    Have you ever tried Smith's Rosebud Salve? Or their Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm?

    Hello from Australia!


  6. @Rocaille You really do - how do you not have it already, woman?!

    @Laura I'm glad your birthday is only a week away otherwise I'd be telling you NO BUY IT NOW BUY IT NOW! And yelling, just like that. xxx

    @Jade Copperplate is one of a very short list of MAC eyeshadows which I consider family :D OMG TRUE BLOOD. Just get it on with Eric already (or Alcide, but I imagine the beard would be a bit scratchy).

    @Blog to be Alive Did you ever see it with Tim Curry in it? He was fantastic - just amazing. :D

    @Eve No, I haven't, but I really want to try it! I've heard it smells wonderful! x

  7. Cami - hi again. Just wondering what blush/lip/eyeshadow you're wearing in this video: Small Haul: Kurt Geiger (shoes!), MAC (To the Beach), NARS and Clarins

    You look so glowy and beautiful! I want to create this look (particularly the cheeks and lip).

    If you could please share which colours these are. Thanks!


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