Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Recent Ins and Outs

Tiring week. I am currently blogging this from my shoebox-sized hotel room (we could say 'bijou' rather than 'shoebox-sized', but then that implies that it's tastefully-decorated when in fact it's definitely much like something my Nana would have decorated. 40 years ago.).

Was that too long of a phrase in parentheses? Probably. I'm using the excuse that my brain is fried and I've eaten too much junk food...

But I've not fallen off the wagon! It's just much more difficult to get sustenance that I can actually either make in my hotel room, or that's tasty, where I'm currently at. I either have a KFC or Pot Noodle at my disposal, and since I'm a calorie-fearing hermit, I opted for the noodley snack in all its additive glory.

But, anyway, you don't want to hear about all that.

- True Blood: OMGOMGOMG. I actually haven't talked about anything else in days. My tweets are full of longing for the deliciously tall Eric. I have a thing for tall men, and it makes me look like an advert for Yellow Pages when I date them (you know, the one where the kid has to stand on the phone book to plant a mistletoe-fuelled smacker on his beloved?) But anyway, True Blood. I was mourning the loss of the Vampire Diaries to my busy schedule, particularly after the PHWOAR season finale which I greedily devoured on Megavideo. So then I found True Blood and hated it (and Anna Paquin's gappy front teeth) for at least 10 minutes. And then there was just this click and it was full of awesomeness and then I ordered the books and the boxsets and I've watched both series 3 times over each and and and. Obsessed. Count me in, yes please. ERIC OM NOM NOM NOM.
- Diorskin Nude Foundation: This is loveliness in a bottle. It's got a very light finish, lasts well and feels weightless on my skin. It blends perfectly and gives me this very natural and pretty look to my skin. It is perfect and I am in LOVE.
- NARS Multiple Tint Tubes: These look very offensive in the tube, but in reality they're lovely and sheer, easy to blend and not too sticky. Plus - multipurpose! I can always use more multipurpose. Plus, I like to take them out and gaze lovingly at their offensive candy-pop brightness.
- NARS Eyeshadow in Nepal: I've always been a huge fan of Nepal, but had forgotten about it until Lollipop26's post on it reminded me. It was like going back to an old friend - I love when I switch out of an old rut into a new one. My makeup looks fabulous for at least a week afterward (until the new rut becomes old again - what a vicious cycle!)
- Foundation primers: The worm has turned - who knew? I bought a small sample pot of a primer from eBay and have been blown away - makeup goes on smoother but my skin isn't oily! It's the first time this has happened to me, so I'm feeling victorious. Does anyone know where I can buy samples of primers online?

- MAC: It's like a clingy ex, and when they speak all you hear is 'blah blah blah' and then some more 'blaaah'. The constant sub-par collections they keep releasing, the thing about products selling out online when they've not even been 'officially' released, and then MAC's complete inability to actually contract a delivery company who deliver on the day I paid for them to deliver it on? BLAH, go away. Prêt-a-Papier sucked and To the Beach was disturbing average bar one product. How the mighty have fallen.
- NARS Sheer Matte: Yuck, yuck, yuck, waiter, please take this away. It's awful and lasts no longer than 4 hours before I get extremely oily. Always get a sample before buying is the moral of the story.
- Hot weather: I'm just a complete sun-dodger and my optimum temperature is about 20 degrees. Any hotter and I turn into a beetroot-faced grump.

Anything you're loving or hating this week? I have another driving lesson on Friday, eek eek eek!


  1. I knew mac was going to be an out, judging by your recent haul video. ;)

  2. So so glad you're an Eric girl. I was a little worried that you might be siding with Bill during your last video (the review for Sheer Matte) because we could no longer be friends if that was the case.

    Now we'll be "frenemies" because you'll have to fight me for Eric. And I'm bigger than you, remember that.

  3. Which primer did you get? I'm fancying the NARS one because apparently it goes nicely with sheer glow or Laura Mercier! and now I can strike Sheer Matte from my list of things which I may want to buy in the states.

    I so agree about MAC, villains looks good at hopefully digi pops and things will be nice but they're seriously lacking at the moment, liberty as nice and Spring colour forecast was too much at once

  4. Hahah, I really have to say this: I knew it. I knew you'd like True Blood, but most importantly, Eric ;) I'm waiting to watch the second season with hubs, it's our guilty pleasure. xxx

  5. Oh i am so with you on Mac! I do love their lipsticks but other than that their products don't any better (or in a lot of cases as good) as a lot of cheaper brands. And the last interesting collection i can remember was Style Black and then some of the products were unpigmented and a bit rubbish! I am looking forward to seeing what they do with the Disney Villains collection though.

  6. @Justine Pfft, you were right! So fed up with them and the way they create a false demand for their products by making them limited edition!

    @Posey ALWAYS ERIC, omg. I just read book 4 and I wasn't sure about the amnesia Eric, but he's ultimately cute and I can imagine the tasty Skarsgard bending his large frame around such a cute role. And you might be bigger than me, but I was a waitress - Eric seems to like those (in fact, everyone does. Sookie is kind of a slut).

    @Simone I got the Clarins Instant Smooth primer! MAC just did too much at once and then created a false hype around certain products like Marine Life highlight powder so that they sell out and people spend £50 on eBay. Ridiculous. Just fed up with collection after collection, especially since some of them have been so crap!

  7. @Rocaille OMG ERIC OMG. Seriously. I don't like blonde men, but I'm a sucker for tall men and oh my, he gets my heart a-fluttering. So. Tasty. Can't wait for series 3!

  8. @Lillian Funny Face ooh hello! I love your blog - somehow I never followed it until today though, but I always check it out as your looks are so awesome and different :) I am off MAC for the moment - but I bet I won't be saying that as soon as the new collection launches, haha.


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