Thursday, 20 May 2010

Mission #2: Going Natural

I reckon it's time for part 2 of my first 'Beauty 5' series I started over here - and that's the 5 makeup looks I'm scared to wear. Today's look (or yesterday's, as it was yesterday that I wore it...) is inspired by the natural look, which is definitely one I wasn't looking forward to (hence the reluctance on my part). I always figure, and hopefully quite rightly, that wearing makeup is about... wearing makeup! It's just that simple for me.

Wearing makeup in order to not look like you're wearing makeup just seems like a huge, swirling paradox and a whole pile of stupid.

But, I'm a gamely kind of girl, so here is Mission #2: Going natural.

As always, my ever-important arsenal/survival kit for the day:

  1. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation: The only way to fake it naturally is by using a superb foundation and making it look like you're 'glowing from within'. I pick Sheer Glow for the fact it gives great coverage, a flawless finish and it doesn't look too matte.
  2. MAC Pigment in Naked: Over my usual base of MAC's Paintpot in Bare Study, I use a big, fluffy eyeshadow brush to sweep over a light layer of Naked pigment, which is a beautiful pearlised nude to offer an even, brighter skin tone to my eyelid.
  3. NARS Eyeshadow in Mekong: To give my eyes a little sultry definition, I use a little (a very little) Mekong in the outer-v and crease, proceeding with extreme caution and care, as we don't want this to turn all lovely and smokey. We're keeping it real bland, people.
  4. NARS Multiple Tint Tube in Turks & Caicos: Not as scary as it seems. I only got this a couple of days ago and am itching to use it, so I daub some over my cheeks for a lovely pinky-peach flush. If I want my blush to stay longer, this is a good product to use as it's fairly sticky at first.
  5. Bee-Luscious Mineral Matte Blush in Rose Blush: For my main blush colour, I opt for a dusky pink blush (sent to me in a palette from Coco Beau) as my ADD kicks in and I veer wildly from an orange-toned blush to a dusky pink. I am pleased with the effect, however, as the nice matte finish looks natural and pretty.
  6. MAC Lipstain Marker in Tomorrow's Coral: I never, ever go natural with the lips, because that'd just make me look like I'm coming down with something. In the spirit of 'natural', I go with a lipstain which gives me a nice tint without being too loud, and that my lips are still visible through. Lipstick just felt wrong.
After lashings of mascara (because I feel I need more when I'm not wearing liquid eyeliner), and after adopting a sultry gaze into the camera, and we end up with something that looks like this:

Sultry gaze accidental, and also optional.

I feel like a soft, feminine Aphrodite, and I clip my hair up to let little pieces frame my face.

Sadly, the feeling doesn't last. Although I love what I see every time I look in the mirror, after a few hours of wear, I start to feel like I look tired and a bit peaky. This makeup look, for me, takes more work than what I'd usually wear, and I'm not one to remember to re-powder or add more blush. As the blush wears off, the forehead shine sweeps in and the once-curly eyelashes droop, I just don't feel as pretty as I did when it was first applied.

As I'm used to working my makeup hard throughout the day, when some products start to fade, I get by on the fact that my eye makeup is still going strong. With this, it's so natural that I feel like I need top-ups by lunchtime, whereas with my usual look I'd slick on some more lipstick and feel ready to go again.

In a direct inverse effect to Mission #1, I feel less confident as the day ravages my makeup, and I just feel older, and notice every shine-patch and blush fade.

- This look is far more high-maintenance than I ever imagined. Although it looks lovely and fresh upon application, to keep the natural look rolling, I need to re-apply blush and powder my forehead. I notice the imperfections more as I'm wearing less eye makeup, which is unable to compensate for the rest of my face.
- That said, the way to a natural face is definitely wearing a matte blush, whatever tone. I think dusky pink is a good start as it gives a lovely flush to the face. Cheek stains would work equally as well.
- Wearing my hair up really sold the look to me and it made me feel feminine and pretty with little effort.


  1. You look really pretty, love the blusher. x

  2. I think you look lovely. But then you always do, so...

  3. It looks very pretty on you, but I understand that this is actually more high maintenance than some other looks! xxx

  4. @missmascara1983 See, that was *just* after I'd put on my makeup. Fast-forward 3 hours and I'm all dewy with no cool eye makeup to carry the load :( x

    @legseleven7 Haha, pfft. You've not seen me first thing in the morning - I am quite the monster xxx

    @Rocaille I was surprised at how much more effort it was! The emphasis was on the face, so when it started to get dewy and there was no awesome eye makeup to carry the load and redistribute the dynamic, I just looked greasy and a bit tired. I much prefer darker eyes and forgetting about my face :) xxx

  5. This looks really fresh and lovely for summer although I agree about natural being high maintenance - whenever I go for minimal make-up I always really like it at first and then am shocked to discover a few hours later that I look totally washed out and that all my time and effort has been wasted! x

  6. I think you look lovely :) I love the look of the pigment, I'd like to try some MAC ones but don't want to pay for a full size because I know I'd not use it enough, haha! I'm so tight!

    Anyway, I look lovely, but I do agree, sometimes natural is more high maintenance!


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  8. Absolutely gorgeous Cami!!! The "natural" look suits you superbly :)

  9. @LilyLipstick Exactly! I was surprised at how quickly it all wore out and looked terrible - my eye makeup couldn't pick up the slack so I just felt sad when I looked in the mirror. Maybe it just needs refining :)

    @Laura Thank you lovely :) I've DMed you on Twitter about the pigment :) xxx

    @Jade Thank you lady :) I quite like it although it took way too much work to keep looking fresh :( x


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