Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Battle of the Scrublets

It feels infinitely ridiculous to say this, but I've found a new way to wash my face. It all involves the basic same mechanisms and machinations as before, but now incorporates the use of a magical little device known as the scrublet.

The word 'scrublet' is one coined fairly recently (at least in terms of beauty, as its definition on Urban Dictionary defies what beauty would have me believe!) and refers to a hand-held gentle (ideally!) exfoliator for the face. Now, exfoliation is important; we all know this, and unless you really like the rather more rough-hewn or rustic look, it's one of those beauty rituals that it's good to keep on top of. However, prior to this minor foray into the world of the scrublet, I was defiant-eyed and skeptical, peering worriedly into the mists of the unknown.

I suppose the thought, at the time of buying these overpriced little mitt-sized surprises, was one of incredulity: 'Are we in such a tragic evolutional free-fall,' I wondered, 'that we can't even wash our own faces without help?'

...How wrong I was. I picked up two of these things and I'm here to referee the Battle of the Scrublets, round one.

In the red corner:

Soap & Glory's Face Massage Mini Mitt

Fashioned from a lurid, pink rubbery feeling thing, this mitt features varying kinds of 'bumpy bits' to massage and exfoliate your face in an all-in-one kind of spirit. It features a convenient little handle with a suction cup on the end which, if it worked effectively, would be great for sticking to the shower wall for handy grab-it-and-go type morning rush behaviour. It stimulates the blood vessels in the face to provoke more radiant and happy-looking skin, and can be used with your usual face wash to exfoliate while you're helping your skin look its best.

Kiwi immediately plunders this one for his very own, loyally using it everyday in the shower despite its obvious... pinkness. Kiwi's skin is a little sensitive and dry, so it's easy to see why he likes this so much: it doesn't hurt and it's a no-effort option for great results, and it costs a purse-friendly £4 from Boots.

The Body Shop's Facial Buffer

Holly of Yummy Mummy Beauty Blog caused quite a sensation with the surprise announcement that this simple little thing was keeping her skin on the straight and narrow. Like many of the plenty-and-something numbers of avid readers of her blog, I went straight (well, not straight; it was kind of a meandering crawl) to the Body Shop and paid up my £3 with no purse-scrabbling necessary. This particular buffer (mistyped that 'bugger' then, which is a bit unfair...) is made from fibres rather than rubbery-plastic hybrids. This feels quite a bit rougher on the skin and there's definitely no messing about with this product; it can hurt if you're not careful. My favourite way to use this is wet with my face wash of the day (what can I say?! I alternate!) and buff in circular motions. It leaves skin silky smooth and exfoliated to a degree I've never felt before. It's available here.

The verdict:
  • Soap & Glory's offering feels like it is ideal for Exfoliation 101 - for those who don't need to exfoliate too often, or are new to the idea.
  • The Body Shop's Facial Buffer is possibly not one for the more sensitive of skinned, but you can vary the amount of pressure you exert on your face and consequently how hard you scrub.
  • The little handle and ineffectual suction cup of the Mini Mitt present no challenge to the simple design of the Body Shop's buffer.
So, in my eyes, the Body Shop's Facial Buffer wins; it's more purse-friendly, more widely-available in different countries and more effective for exfoliation purposes. The Soap & Glory Mini Mitt seems to be marketed more as a facial massager with a secondary purpose thrown in. The Body Shop has the last word, and their product is surprisingly reasonably priced.

Suffice to say, you don't realise how much you need this, and your skin will thank you.


  1. I have the Soap and Glory one, and I now want The Body Shop one too! xx

  2. I think I need to go and buy the Body Shop one! I have the loreal version of the soap and glory one that came with some below par face wash, and it does absolutely nothing for me!

  3. I'm starting to like these little devices as well. haha

  4. @missmascara1983 Haha, you should get it and cross-compare for yourself :) Kiwi LOVES his pink scrublet, he's so cute xxx

    @JewlieMcK You do indeed! You can use it with any face wash you like and it makes it work a lot harder :) Fantastic little buy :)

    @legseleven7 I wonder what the next must-have's going to be! Let's hope it's under a tenner because my purse is straining from all the other hypes recently :) xx

  5. Might have to put the body shop buffer on my list of things to buy... Have you tried any of the new L'Oreal Paris Perfect Clean face washes with the little scrublet thingy? I've heard good things about them! x

  6. The Soap and Glory one looks like the scrubber from L'Oreals Go 360 Clean facial wash. Have you tried it? It's really nice!

  7. @Nayo Do! It's really awesome and makes my skin so smooth. I've not tried the L'Oreal ones yet, but it's only a matter of time... x

    @BealeCheeks I've not tried it, but I'm sure I'll end up trying it one of these days :)


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