Thursday, 22 April 2010

Shred Update

Oh... You wanted to know about the Shred, and how I did? Oh.

Well, after the first day, I had two glasses of wine with dinner and decided shredding was a decidedly bad idea.

The day after that, I had astonishingly doubled-over ladycramps.

The day after that progressed in a logical fashion.

And after that, I became adept at making excuses.

So now, I need to start afresh with a week one: the redux, after this week's epic fail.

I can't let Jillian Michaels win, and I'm determined (not least because my ex is going to the same festivals and gigs as Kiwi and I are this summer) to be looking my best - because feeling like a sack of potatoes, even when you're totally over someone (who your parents said was a 'loser') is still not going to make you exude confidence and sass.

So, not this coming Monday, but the one after that, I'll be starting again. Starting this Monday would be stupid as I'm in Nottingham, and I can't imagine what the other hotel guests would think if they heard me grunting and sweating whilst a scary lady shouts things - it'd sound like some kind of disturbing S&M fixation, I'd have thought.

So, Monday in a week's time. Bring it on. Whimper.


  1. Ah I really need to do this too, I find I'm getting flabby with age, damn gravity, etc

  2. Psh, I bet you're fine really :) I think women are their own worst critics.


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