Thursday, 15 April 2010

Recent Ins and Outs

Succinctly summing myself up in list form is my one of my favourite ways to tell you what I've recently been loving and hating; I'm so often caught up in being prolifically verbose that snippet-form is a refreshing break, as much for you as for me.

- MAC Greasepaint Sticks: WOW. These are so creamy, but once they set, they don't budge. And so unexpectedly versatile. LOVE.
- NARS Orgasm Blush: Just the ticket for the makeup look I've been rockin' recently: Naked lids, thick black liner, clean face and a coral-red lipstain. This blush just works for this look every time by brightening my face and flushing it just right.
- Laura Mercier Mineral Powder: Sadly, I am one of those girls afflicted by that awful wasting disease known as anal-retentiveness, and I have loads of half-finished makeup products which just need a little bit of love before they take up their lyres and head to the big makeup non-religion-specific resting place in the sky. I've been picking up this powder recently, because it's nearing the end of its life and I keep falling in love all over again. By teaming it with various products, I've managed to stop it making my skin so oily and instead it just gives my skin a beautiful finish over tinted moisturiser (Bobbi Brown - and I hate it) for a natural, everyday look.
- MAC Liquid Eyeliner in Boot Black: Poor thing, it's got a bad reputation. For me, it's working; it creates a lovely, unsubtle thick line and I'm loving it for the right now.
- Dresses: I've got Spring Fever and I found two dresses in my wardrobe I've never worn because they're too long and they make me look matronly. I'm going to take them to the tailors to turn them from a midi to a mini, and then I shall be rocking them.
- Espadrilles: The first sniff of sunshine and all us British go crazy for it. I want some lovely espadrilles, and I've got my eye on a particularly vertiginous pair from French Connection.

- Chocolate: I've never been a huge fan of chocolate (though by reputation, people seem to think I'm a fiend for it). I'm so glad Easter's now over. I received 2 chocolate eggs from Kiwi's family, both of which have been eaten by Kiwi because I just DON'T REALLY LIKE CHOCOLATE OKAY? Okay. That was your final warning, kind people who bought me chocolatey surprises.
- Winter: Damn. I'm gonna miss that sonofabitch. I prefer cold weather because it allows me to bundle up and not think about how much blubber I've acquired. Now it's getting to warmer weather, I'm being forced to confront it - it's too early!
- MAC Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl: What is this for, exactly? Idon'tgeddit.
- Short hair: I leave this sacrificial hairbrush at the altar of the Hair Gods. JUST PLEASE MAKE IT GROW A BIT FASTER.

Much love,
Cami x


  1. here's a link to my blog, you asked in a comment on your other post!

    Lovely picture at the top there! we seem to be having alternating summer/winter days up here, on Monday, me and my other cousin took all of our younger cousins to the park, made a little picnic and they had a great time, the next day we all stayed inside on the wii, because it was raining so heavily! I'm soo not a fan of the UK weather!
    I also don't understand shell pearl, which people seem to lovee but I don't get the fuss!

  2. It makes me happy to not be the only girl who doesn't like chocolate that much!!!!

  3. IN: Tyrannosaurus Rex that poops out espresso -

    Jeph Jacques is a genius!

  4. @Simone Thanks for the link! Obviously I've subscribed now :D I'm enjoying the weather as it is right now - I hate really hot summer but this is perfect for me. It's warm but still cool. Heat makes me grumpy ;)

    @JewlieMcK Kiwi's family think I LOVE it and every time I have some (which is rare) they give me knowing looks! Damnit.

    @Posey OH MY GOD when I saw that this morning it was like the universe imploded with epicness. Oh Jeph <3

  5. I've recently found Your videos and blog, and have been enjoying it very very much. You seem lovely, and I really like your sense of humour (had some actual LOL's). :)
    I know this in an 'older' post,but I just had to express my love for Shell Pearl bp. I use it to higlight mainly, over my corally/peachy blushes. I'm pretty fair too, so I can easily use it as a subtle blush. I really like that the shimmer in it is so finelly milled.
    Take care,

  6. @Petra Hey! Thanks for your compliments, and for your tip! I'm trying to learn to love it, but it's a bit of a difficult journey - I love the colour but it just doesn't love me :) I'll give it another go tomorrow though :)


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