Monday, 19 April 2010

Mission #1: The Fuchsia Lip

If you missed my post here, then you won't know what's going on, but I'll allow you a generous 5 minutes to catch up.

I'll wait. I'm very polite and won't harrumph or sigh loudly.

Okay, done? Good.

So we'll call this Mission 1: The Fuchsia Lip.

My arsenal for the day mainly includes nudes, which is fortunate as I wake up exhausted and I can do a neutral eye with my eyes shut. This, in turn, is also fortunate, because doing makeup with one's eyes open is certainly a challenge too far for today. My arsenal for today, then, is a mixture of blahs and mehs and all that kind of stuff in between - though there is light relief from the banality in my choice of blush and lipgloss:

  1. MAC Paintpot in Bare Study: I choose this to zing up my eye area - I look exhausted and my eyes are puffy and red. This brightens them and provides a lovely base.
  2. MAC Pigment in Naked: This evens the skin tone on my eyelid while subtly highlighting and reflecting light, making me look more bright-eyed and alert.
  3. MAC Eyeshadow in Copperplate: I use this to define and contour my eye area. It's the perfect colour because it's cool-toned and blends all nicey-nice.
  4. MAC Liquid Eyeliner in Boot Black: I go for thick, black eyeliner in the vintage pin-up style with a little wing to make me feel more perky.
  5. MAC Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom: PINK! I choose this blush deliberately for its purplish tones, which look great against my skin and which will accent the lipstick.
  6. MAC Lipglass in Electric Fuchsia: The blue reflects in this lipglass pick up on those in the lipstick - a perfect match and it makes me feel a little more confident about my lipstick choice.
And the beast itself, which prompted this whole series of posts? Why, it's only Petals & Peacocks from the latest Liberty of London collaboration with MAC Cosmetics:

Put all together, I ended up something like this:

The day starts off inauspiciously as I uncertainly apply a smidge of lipstick and Kiwi makes the saddest 'you look funny' face I've ever seen. I then trip over my own foot (yes, I'm a clumsy oaf) on the way to the station and limp the rest of the way. I've purposefully chosen a day away from Kiwi to wear my new lipstick, so that I can get used to it myself before foisting it upon him (and smearing it all over his cheek).

So, at 10:30am I am trotting to the station feeling hideous and sorry for myself. I spot this ridiculously huge dog which is the size of a bear (it had to be seen in person to get an idea of size). I surreptitiously take a photo to cheer myself up. I start to feel cheered by my new lip colour on the train; nobody is looking at me weirdly and when I check the mirror, I don't look half as ghastly as I thought I might. I consider myself off to a flying start.

Gigantodog, Savior of the Internets. He is not looking as big in this photo as he was in real life :(

By 1pm I am motoring around Topshop Oxford Circus, which is full of my least favourite thing: crowds of squealing girls. I realise, not for the first time, that I still hate going to London as it makes me greasy and annoyed and I have to dodge those tourists who stop suddenly in front of my in the street as often as I have to check Google Maps to find out where the hell I'm going. However, I snap a shot of myself in the fluorescent agony of Topshop's changing rooms - just to prove I even left the house at all. The fact that it looks like it's a MySpace shot is just a bonus:

No, I didn't buy the dress. And how moody do I look?!

I get more confident as the day goes along, and even dare to scare smile at the checkout girl without feeling self-conscious. I pet an over-excited spaniel puppy on the train on the way home and feel like my day has been a success. Gigantadog accompanies me for the entire journey; somehow we all got on the train to London together, and were leaving it together (in the very same carriage!). A happy ending?

- A lesson I learned was to start off small with something that scares you and build it up. Starting with a light stain of this across the lips definitely helped ease me in for the full whack.
- Colour isn't scary! Next on my shopping list is Show Orchid, and I even just bought Violetta - which is a deep purple lipstick!
- Although I still feel a little unsure when looking back at the pictures, on the day I totally loved this look and will definitely be trying it again.


  1. I think it's a great color for your skintone, and it's so true about starting with something small, when I don't feel brave enough to wear my brights opaque, I just dab some on for a lovely stain.

    And you'll rock MAC Violetta, I'm sure! xxx

  2. Yay! I knew you'd suit this colour! I love this series idea, I posted my fears but I didn't think of trying them all...I my start small on my coral-peach fear with NARS orgasm...

    and I agree, Violetta will look amazing on you.

  3. Wow Cami well done on the first mission :)
    It actually looks gorgeous!!
    That is such a myspace pic but stunning all the same! :P x

  4. Aaaaaaaah you were right! I should have bought that lipstick! :(

    It looks gorgeous on you!!

    Wow, exclamation marks overload :P

    Oh and *whispers* for a split second, I thought that dog was a sheep. Don't tell anyone.

  5. I think you look smashing with the fuchsia lip :)

  6. @Rocaille I'm so obsessed with weird lip colours at the moment! I managed to get my hands on Lavender Whip from MAC and I bought another purple lipstick from Barry M. It's like this challenge has opened the floodgates of weird for me :D xxx

    @Simone Try it - I bet you'll end up loving it. Coral is one of those colours which is universal for me - it's not as scary as red but it's not orange :) Ohh my, I've bought so many weird lipsticks since this mini-challenge - I bought two lavender ones and plus Violetta... what's wrong with me?!

    @missmascara1983 Thank you my love xx

  7. @Aoife Hahaha, it's been so long since I took a proper Myspace shot - I even closed my Myspace account because it made me cringe. Sadly that means I lost all the initial dating messages from Kiwi, but never mind ;) x

    @Suzy That's because the dog *does* look like a sheep! It's got a really dark face and it's all stocky and fluffy :D

    @Jade Thank you lovely x


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