Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday Five and my Friday Playlist

I'm so glad to be home again; travelling leaves me feeling like a burnt-out firework where I've fired through my visit with aplomb and am thoroughly drained in time for the journey back. I generally don't have any objection to sitting on a train; laziness is definitely one of my fortes, but it's the time-wasting and waiting for trains and changing for another train which just leaves me craving a sofa and a cup of tea.

This week's favourite links are disparate and distant and have very little to do with one another - but isn't that what you've come to expect from me? :)
  1. Post Secret: Perfect strangers share their innermost secrets (some funny, some shocking) to the vast expanse of the internet, via the medium of sending a postcard to one man, who posts them on his blog. I look forward to this every Sunday.
  2. Two Thousand Trees Festival: Because I'm obsessed with Frank Turner at the moment, I'm even considering going to this festival - which involves (shock, horror) CAMPING (UGH) and an experience completely out of my comfort boundaries. I'm a pretty sedate (read: boring) person really, but this sounds like my kind of festival - slightly hippy and people even take their little indie children.
  3. BOB DYLAN!: Bob Dylan is still rockin' at age 68 and is playing a gig at the Hop Farm in Kent, which is right next to the village where I lived my whole life out until 2 years ago. It'll be weird to be back there again - but when I rang Dad he was as excited as me and urged me to book tickets for everyone. Family outing? Yep :)
  4. The Best Free Software of 2010: An article which starts with the question 'are you really still paying for software? ... wow' grabs my attention, especially in conjunction with the words 'best' and 'free'. This is one of the definitive lists and includes anything from the mundane data organisation software to video-editing.
  5. Trololo Cat: I'm not sure if I find this disturbing or hilarious. Judge for yourselves, I think.
This week's Friday playlist is sadly inspired by rain, because that's all it's bloody done irrespective of which end of the country I've been based in:
  1. Soko - It's Raining Outside: Soko is a ridiculously cute French singer who has many other awesome songs to her repertoire. She sings in English and has charming little misadventures with the English language... Sometimes her lyrics remind me exactly of the way my mum speaks (and after over 40 years in the U.K., my mother still can't pronounce the word 'squirrel').
  2. The Beatles - Rain: I was brought up on a diet of Bowie, The Beatles and various other 'old people' music artists. So where would I be without The Beatles in my list?
  3. Alphabeat - 10,000 Nights of Thunder: Jingly jangly happiness from a little Danish tweepop band. Just the ticket to cheer me up when I'm staring out at the unrelenting greyness.
  4. The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men: Don't tell anyone, but when the flat's totally empty and it's a Friday and I need to clean the bathroom, I totally put this on at full blast. I sense this week's Friday Playlist is descending into silliness. I'd better end it on a good note.
  5. Bob Dylan - Hurricane: Yeah, yeah. It's not strictly about rain. But I couldn't bring myself to end my list with B*Witched (who remembers them?!) with 'Blame it on the Weatherman'. This is actually one of my favourite Bob Dylan songs (another is Subterranean Homesick Blues) - I love the drama and building atmosphere of this song.


  1. Ha ha I remember B*witched, that was the first CD I ever bought! That's a bit embarrasing isn't it! Happy Easter xox

  2. @Sophie I never bought them but I remember making up a dance to C'est La Vie which was on my friend's Top of the Pops compilation. Oh, the 90's!

    Happy Easter to you too, dear xxx


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