Friday, 30 April 2010

Flash Review: MAC Studio Moisture Tint

After suffering for a year at the hands of Bobbi Brown's simply awful tinted moisturiser, which smelled revolting and gave me that kind of sweaty sheen you get when you're very unwell, I bit the bullet and bought a new one to see me through this summer. This, however, was only after months of rationalising and bargaining with myself that before I allowed myself the luxury of a new product, I needed to finish the old one.

I snapped, however, after one greasy sheen too many. So, here is a flash review of the MAC Studio Moisture Tint, my new favourite thing.

  1. Thick as thieves: The first thing that struck me about this product was that it's a very thick formula, in comparison to the decidedly more runny Bobbi Brown counterpart. Should you choose to apply your tinted moisturiser with a brush, this product makes it very easy to do so and won't run everywhere. It's got a lovely, moisturising feel and a texture which makes my skin happy.
  2. Cover girl: The coverage of this is pretty good for a tinted moisturiser, and for those are secure in their skin then this is a nice option with a bit of concealer. I like to use this in conjunction with the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder, but were I confident enough/able to use just one product on my face, then this would be my pick for summer. Unfortunately for me, I feel guilty about just using one product on my face, as the others in my medium-sized collection just sit getting lonely.
  3. Shiny happy people: In complete contrast to the heading (but you try searching for maxims/songs with the word 'matte' in them), this tinted moisturiser does not leave me in the least oily. It has a matte, silky texture which leaves my skin happily shine-free. I definitely do get dewy around the 6-8 hour mark, but who doesn't? I just tidy it up with blotting sheets and some Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder, or MAC's Blot Powder if I'm on the run and I'm good to go.
  4. Sunny afternoon: We do have some SPF in this tinted moisturiser, but only a factor 15, meaning that if you're outside a lot or live in sunnier climes, it's not enough to skip your regular sunblock. I'm a little surprised that MAC didn't capitalise on this and incorporate more into the product, but some is better than nothing.
  5. Even keel: Though this product might be sheerer than a foundation, it's actually great for evening out skin tone and concealing minor imperfections.
Overall initial impressions:
For the first time in a long time, I left the house the other week without a full face of slap on - instead I used the MAC Studio Moisture Tint on my face with a little concealer and setting powder - and I felt great! I had a huge confidence boost knowing my skin looked great, but that it wasn't due to foundation fakery. I approached this product without many expectations and it's completely wowed me. It's definitely going to be great as the warm weather approaches, and the squeezy tube means it's ideal and fuss-free for the festival season (one of which I'm going to, eek!)


  1. I definitely prefer light (lighter feeling too) foundations, face products in the summer. I want to get this, for now I am loving my MAC Face and Body, it's like foundation suspended in water, very light.

    Great review!

  2. This sounds brilliant. I really love using a TM in the warmer months, and I'm especially looking for something fuss free for once my bubba arrives :) Bundle of joy I KNOW it will be, but babies are notorious for changing the old morning routine ;)

    I think I might have to check this out :) Fab review, thanks sweets xxx

  3. Hey my lovely I've heard good things about this too what is the colour range like and what colour did you get?

  4. What's the colour like? I was considering the Bobbi Brown one because the alabaster colour seemed right, how does this one compare

  5. @Productrater I've always wanted to try Face and Body! How is it on combination skin - does it hold up?

    @Laura Definitely do :) It's actually brilliant and marvellous and I can't believe how much I love it :) xxx

    @Louise It only comes in a few shades - like generic light, medium and dark and maybe a couple in between. It doesn't matter so much as it blends in very nicely - and I got Light :)

    @Simone The Bobbi Brown one is great for colour match (I had Alabaster), but it leaves you with this greasy corpse-like sheen which, in conjunction with the colour, looks just awful - ashy and not nice. :(


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