Saturday, 20 March 2010

Things I'm going to be buying myself...

Marcia came up with the idea; a list of things I'm going to be buying myself at some point this year. A haul without a haul and with a completely foregone conclusion. A complete lack of surprise or whistling thrill for later when you click on my video and watch with an impassive expression as I parade my Pandora's Box of shiny delights that you've already opened. It's kind of like when a much more wide-eyed you opened those little tree ornaments shaped like Christmas presents and were disillusioned that they didn't actually contain anything inside (or was that just me?)

I guess you can count this as a 'current covets' post, too. Have at it.

YSL Teint Resist: Because this is where life is after Chanel Mat Lumière.

MAC Give me Liberty of London: After saying I didn't want much from this collection, I want I want I want.

Image property of Temptalia.

Lancôme Precious Cells Mascara: Because my disappointment over Lancôme mascaras is overshadowed by the ooh shiny.

Avon Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturising Peel: Mouthful. There's too many good reviews for me to say no.

MAC Art Supplies Lip Markers: Mark my words, I will be all over these.

Image property of Temptalia.

Addiction? What addiction? What are you currently coveting?


  1. I am also looking forward to the Liberty of London collection, but I don't know if it's just the name and packaging sucking me in! Haha...

  2. @Sophie I hope the products are good too! I bet it's just the packaging for me too, it's very cute - but I'm looking forward to getting a Beauty Powder so that when it's done I can depot my face powder into it and voilà! Cute compact. :)

  3. are you after any lipsticks from Liberty of London? I'm soo going to for Shell Pearl and Summer Rose, I love them both...I hope I go to MAC and am disappointed so I can afford a birthday present for my boyfriend! sucks, having birthday's which are 6 days

  4. @Simone I think I want the Blooming Lovely one and then the Petals and Peacocks... I like the look of the peachy shade but I'm not really sure - there's so many like it! I definitely want the Beauty Powders, the blue nail polish and two of the eyeshadows. So, I think it's going to be an expensive one for me :(

    Oh well. Only a couple of times a year does this happen...

  5. Same thing for me, Blooming Lovely and Petals and Peacocks, both beauty powders and birds and berries and Give me liberty of london, or the grey one...
    I love the blue nail polish, but I so rarely paint my nails! I do hope they don't bring out some amazing collection, although I am saving for the art supplies one too Lipstains and Grease Paint sticks...I hate the LE pressure!

  6. @Simone I never painted my nails before August, but then when I quit my job in waitressing, it was like my previous years melted away and I started wearing nail polish all the time! It's like a bit of an addiction now - and the blue nail polish coming out with Liberty of London is a lovely bluey-teal with a bit of grey and I am just so excited to try it :)

    I'm trying to not look at anymore collections - Spring Colour Forecast scared my bank manager into hiding and Liberty will too :(


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