Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday Five and my Friday Playlist

This week was one of adventures; Kiwi and I went up to London on Wednesday to have some good food with some friends and see Frank Turner play. He may be beardy and almost as old as my brother, but my crush for this man increases every time I leave one of his gigs floating on the happy glow and camaraderie he inspires. This gig, like all of his gigs, was a huge sing-along, with 3,000 of us singing our hearts out and knowing all of the words.
  1. Sleep Talkin' Man: This could well be an elaborate hoax, but it's the funniest blog I've ever read on the internet. It features the nightly ramblings of a very ordinary British man, as logged by his ever-suffering and diligent wife.
  2. The best t-shirt you'll ever find: The picture on it is of a robot riding a triceratops. If you don't think that's awesome then frankly I'm disappointed in you. Not only have you let me down, you've let yourself down and you've let your family down. (Not really.)
  3. xkcd: If you like a pictorial dose of geek, then consider this awesome web comic which is drawn entirely using stick figures. Some of the comics go totally over my head, and then there's the ones which make me spit out my morning tea with laughter (such as accidental flying sharks).
  4. Healthy breakfast muffins: These are awesome for a morning snack - they have very little added sugar and the sheer amount of fibre keeps me going until lunchtime. Unfortunately they are fairly high in sugar due to the dried fruit, but you win some and lose some.
  5. Auto-tune the News: The news. Auto-tuned. With a catchy tune and random people singing. Pure awesome.
This week's Friday playlist is all about the Frank. I'm going to allow myself this little indulgence, just this once, so all of these songs are penned by the illustrious Frank Turner himself oh Frank run away with me!:
  1. Long Live the Queen: This is a deceptively sad song which was written in memory of his friend, Lex, who was beaten by cancer.
  2. The Real Damage: The first song I ever heard by this man, and the first song I listened to on repeat.
  3. Reasons to not be an Idiot: If you're not double-clapping by the lyrics 'get up and get down and get outside' then you've missed the point.
  4. Once We Were Anarchists: A political tirade thinly-veiled by a rousing sing-song. This is one of the songs he's known for.
  5. Dan's Song: A song about Frank drinking beer with his friend Dan. Jaunty and jangly.

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    nobody i know likes him as much!



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