Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday Five and my Friday Playlist

Busy week again this week! I need to manage my time more efficiently so I can make more blog posts instead of starting with a fizz and then petering out like I've been doing recently. So, as I wait for my nail polish to dry, I'll try and start the ball rolling with a Friday Five post.
  1. Pixlr: If you've not found this yet and you have a blog, you need this. It's PhotoShop without the ridiculously expensive and large download, and best of all, it's free. It's really user-friendly for complete noobs like me who once got a D on a drawing of a lemon in Art Class, aged 11. Indispensable.
  2. List of MAC eyeshadow combinations: If you're feeling uninspired with your makeup, this section of the site MAC provides a list of lovely eye combinations organised alphabetically by eyeshadow name. You may need to settle in with a cup of tea and a snack; it's a very long list.
  3. Pomplamoose Music: If you haven't found this little duo on Youtube, then you definitely need to check them out; they make lovely covers of awesome songs and make you jump about with glee at how happy everything is.
  4. Cocosa: For those of you ladies in the UK who'd like an invite code to this fabulous site, please drop me a comment with your email address and let me know! It's an invite-only fashion and accessories sale site often featuring well-known designers with up to 60-something% discount. I know, I know, a discount designer site makes everyone think 'Hmm...' in a skeptical manner... But this one's excellent!
  5. Cake Wrecks: A blog about terrible cakes. If you're not already on this bandwagon, you definitely should be. Start from the Classics and work your way forward. If you're not crying with laughter by the time you get to either the carrot-straddling babies with mohawks, or the 'It a gril!' cake, then I must question your sanity.
My Friday playlist this week has been very happy and upbeat as my mind was preoccupied with organising the 4th anniversary of Kiwi and I (I know, vomit...) So I apologise unreservedly for those cynics out there, or those who had a bad week...
  1. Karen O and the kids - All is Love: This was the song used for some trailers of 'Where the Wild Things Are', a story I was never read when I was little and a lot of people find that strange. This song, however, is uplifting and cheerful and sickeningly wholesome. That doesn't stop me smiling whenever I hear it, though.
  2. Hall & Oates - You Make My Dreams: This song echoes how I've been feeling this week. I've been happy and jubilant and exactly like how Joseph Gordon-Levitt dances in the film '500 Days of Summer'. If you've not seen that dance scene, watch it now. And smile.
  3. Flight of the Conchords - Foux Da Fa Fa: This song is ridiculous and the melody is infectious. It's basically an amalgamation of every phrase you learned in high-school level French shoved into a song. With a bit of shimmying, casual jibes aimed at the French and one of my favourite (sadly lapsed) comedy duos.
  4. The Boy Least Likely To - Be Gentle with Me: I've seen this band only once (before they were really famous and their ticket prices doubled) and the gig was magical. They had bubbles and glitter floating around while we were wooed by ridiculously twee and sweet songs. This video features little stuffed animals playing xylophones and a jaunty, happy disposition.
  5. The Libertines - Don't Look Back into the Sun: This is 'our' song. It's my ringtone for when Kiwi calls me. I don't know why it's ours or how it came to be ours, but it's ours. I don't think it's a very good 'first dance' song, though...
Kisses, everyone :) Hoping to get some photos of our afternoon tea to post up for Sunday! Fingers crossed :)

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