Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday Five and my Friday Playlist

Phew! It's been a little while since I dusted off this old thing - I feel like I've been so busy - too busy to think about wording beauty-related posts! I have a little beauty project which I'm working on for the moment, so I'm looking forward to sharing all my findings with you on that front, but for now I'll do a Friday Five.

Just like those posts I do every so often on a Sunday (not every week because I want them to be good and I hate forcing a deadline on myself), I may do one of these every so often. It's basically an amalgamation of 5 links from all over the internet that I've been particularly enjoying recently and not necessarily beauty-related. I also purloined an idea from someone who I will link below to do a little playlist of my favourite weekly tunes, too. So, Friday Five:
  1. Young Me Now Me: People recreate photos from their childhoods later in life - funny, touching and lovely.
  2. Pretty Little Posey: This has been one of my favourite beauty blogs of late; Posey is witty and articulate and clearly puts a lot of effort into her blog and its content.
  3. This is the only level: It's no secret I like to game, but this game is a little different to what I'm used to. There's only one level to this game, which involves guiding the little blue elephant safely to the other side, but it gets harder and harder and you begin to get more frustrated as the jolly music continues to play on loop.
  4. Web Urbanist: Web Urbanist is fascinating and focuses on the idea of list-type posts bringing you the world's abandoned cities, weirdest animals and coolest art. It's one of my all-time favourites for nerdy reading.
  5. Astronomy Picture of the Day: APOD is one of NASA's creations and gives you a picture of the deep void that is space everyday. Just because not all people who like space go to conventions and dress up like Spock :)
Aaand Friday Playlist:

This week was all about travelling, packing, studying and trying to chill in between :)
  1. Neon Neon - Dream Cars: The first time I heard this, I realised I loved it precisely because it sounded like someone else: David Bowie. It's a lovely chilled Bowie-inspired number which makes me want to don some shoulder-pads and kick back in an 80's dreamworld.
  2. Regina Spektor - Edit: This is one of those few songs which I find it really easy to work to whilst bopping in time. It's a beautiful song with a lovely sort-of Tango of a piano solo in the middle.
  3. The Stranglers - Skin Deep: This song always motivates me and makes me walk with a spring in my step; I love the chords and melody. So euphoric.
  4. Frank Turner - Love, Ire & Song: Frank is one of my favourite musicians; his music is feeling without too much melodrama and at gigs he always encourages us humble audience members to sing along. This song is almost lullaby-like and chills me out after a long day.
  5. Gogol Bordello - Through the Roof 'N' Underground: I first found this song through the film Wristcutters: A Love Story, which is a really great film where people who commit suicide go to a sort of purgatory where you're not allowed to smile and everything is grey. It's the love story of Zia and Mikal, who meet there. This song puts a smile on my face with its hilarious frontman's singing whilst chilling me out.


  1. The Stranglers!!! I absofruitly love them!!!! I'm gonna go listen to them now.

    P.S. I spent like a half hour on that Young Me Now Me site...totally makes me wanna recreate some old photos. Howevs, I'm lazy and probably won't :/

  2. @raspy I know what you mean! I spent ages on that site just clicking through forever and everrr. Some of them are creepy, but the effort people have put in is great!


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