Monday, 29 March 2010

Flash Review: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Today's flash review is all about one of the most anticipated drugstore products of this year: Revlon's PhotoReady Foundation, the website of which perkily informs me that it's for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. For the more impecunious of us, or the more fiscally-savvy, this foundation is supposed to be the answer to bridging the gap between low-end and high-end; the one quality product which won't break the bank. While I'm collecting my thoughts on this product for a full review, I thought a short review in 5 bullet points was a good way to go.

Photo from Ulta
  1. Disco dolly: Some people don't see it, but I'm used to having matte skin, so when I see flecks of glitter on my skin like I've bumped into a Glam Rock fanclub, I'm disappointed. I see what you tried to do there, Revlon, but the flecks of glitter (at least in my bottle) are too large and just end up looking like, well, glitter, instead of the dewy luminescence I wanted.
  2. Greased Lightning: I know, I know: this product is not designed to control those pesky oilies. However, an oil-free foundation should not make me more oily than any other kind. Even set with my Kryolan powder, I am dewy within 2 hours and oily after 7. After 7 hours it's anyone's guess - I can't sit with my face feeling that gross for much longer after that and end up cleansing my face off. Needless to say, this foundation is just not performing for me in the longevity stakes.
  3. Build me up, Buttercup: I was expecting medium coverage, and this is definitely not that. It's a sheer, buildable foundation which just disappears into my skin at first - I can go to town on the application of this and it still won't look heavy or cakey on my skin. I was only brave enough to try 2 pumps on my face (way more than necessary) and the result was even skin with a sheer foundation on it. However...
  4. Are you sitting comfortably?: This foundation, although at first blending effortlessly into my skin for the 'my skin but better' look, rears its ugly head a little later around the 4 hour mark, where it starts to look like it's sitting on the surface of my skin. It's not a good look and requires a kabuki and powder to fix it. Effort.
  5. Pump it up (sorry): Revlon have provided us with a pump for this foundation, and I'm happy - take note, NARS (and MAC).
Overall initial impression:
I like it. I'll cope. That's all I can say, really. With this foundation, I find myself having to think substantially more about which products I'm going to use on other parts of my face. MSFs are confined to the 'NEVER AGAIN' category after I was given a fetching metallic sheen which would never normally occur; matte blush seemed to be the only thing which would not exacerbate the 4-hour oilies. Bronzer was avoided and shimmery eyeshadows too. All in all, I don't think I'm going to be repurchasing - I don't especially approve of my foundation making a bid for freedom and sliding off my face around midday.

Stay tuned for a video review at some point!


  1. i like this foundation..its no colourstay but i like it. i personaly can not see the glitter...and believe me i have been looking at it very closley in many different lights but nooo i cant see it!
    I think it has been over hyped though. xx

  2. @Allthingshallow

    I so so agree! It's definitely over-hyped - it's an okay foundation. About the glitter - I can only see it in direct BRIGHT sunlight - and when the sun hits my face it looks like I have eyeshadow fall-out all over it! Maybe some bottles are more glitter-tinged than the rest, but for me it's definitely there :( I've never tried Colorstay, I reckon I really need to :) xx

  3. I secretly think Twilight is behind Revlon PhotoReady. The higher-ups at Revlon were clearly going, "Everyone wants to look like a sparkly vampire, right? LET'S THROW SOME GLITTER INTO A MEDIOCRE FOUNDATION!" And that's how PhotoReady was born.

    On a completely different note, my word verification is vilentsya, which sounds like valencia. Now I will be singing O Valencia by The Decemberists all day.

  4. @Posey Never a truer word! Maybe Edward will fall in love with us and spurn Bella if we all wear the PhotoReady...

    I wouldn't mind if it had micas or pearly pigmenty things in it. But I have CHUNKS of glitter. IT IS NOT RIGHT AND NOT PLEASING. I feel so let down - and goddamn drugstore foundations are getting very expensive nowadays.

    Hah, I was reading a bizarre text by a crackpot French traveller yesterday who went to Spain in 1680. She said anyone who wanted someone killing got their man from Valencia, a den the most awful men on Earth.

    Rather unfair, I thought.

  5. I love the way you write your reviews there great!
    No place near me seems to carry any shade lighter than 03 in photoready, but I'm not sure if it's worth trying!

  6. I didn't like it either, and I have combination skin. I agree it just sits there on the surface of skin, and ends up streaky. I don't like the coverage at all, and it burns my skin. I've never had that with any foundation... I feel like I wasted money.

  7. @Simone Thank you my love :) To be honest, PhotoReady is just okay - it's nothing I'd rush out to buy again. I can cope with using up this bottle though - it's not bad, just over-hyped.

  8. @Rebecca-Kristi It looks really awful for me come midday - literally like I've put my foundation on in the dark! It didn't burn my skin though - holy crap, that's awful :( Is your skin okay now? I also feel like I wasted money. It cost me £12.99 - which I feel is ridiculously expensive for just a drugstore foundation.

  9. oh how id love for edward cullen to appear when i wore this!

    i like this foundation, but only just like. i much prefer colorstay for the coverage and look!

    i can easily get the 'shimmery' look by adding an msf over my colorstay!

  10. @Kerry! You and a lot of girls ;) I like this foundation too - but I definitely won't be rushing to repurchase, it's just not good enough for that :)

  11. I'm a little late with this, but, I don't know if it has changed over the months or what, but it burns sooo bad when I put it on! it's crazy.

  12. @moanalisa OUCH! That is definitely not a good thing - maybe return it or stop using it, as that sounds awful :(


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